The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions. Click on any of the titles below to read detailed descriptions about each of the nine Enneagram types. gender. , male, female. contact | info. Take the Test . Coach Beth and set up a Discover Your Type coaching session to receive personal assistance in discovering your main Enneagram type.

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Also, your responses may be recorded and anonymously used for research or otherwise distributed.

Observations on the origin of the Enneagram”. I’m often uncertain about the right decision to make. Enneagram Test Result Consultation Enneagram Academy are currently offering a free fifteen minute consultation on your test ennesgramma Australian residents only.

The Enneagram has also received criticism from some religious perspectives. Just take this simple 5-minute enneagram test below. Naranjo’s theories were partly influenced by some earlier teachings of George Gurdjieff.

Western Mystery Tradition Series revised, illustrated ed.

Enneagram Test- The Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (Version )

Would you like to be notified when the more accurate test is ready? The test has 36 statements of opinion that you must rate on a five point scale of how much you agree with each.

A person may be understood, ennegramma, to have a core type and one or two wing types which influence but do not change the core type.


The instinctual energies are usually called “self-preservation”, “sexual” also called “intimacy” or “one-to-one” and “social”. I tend to focus more on others’ feelings than my own. Try not to over-analyze the questions or think of “exceptions to the rule.

I would prefer to blend in than to stand out. It should not be used as psychological advice of any kind and comes without any guarantee of accuracy or fitness for any particular enneaggramma. Enneagram Academy are currently offering a free fifteen minute consultation on your test results Australian residents only. The Helper Type One: The Challenger Type Seven: Each of the personality types is usually understood as having three “instinctual subtypes”.

Most, but not all, Enneagram of Personality theorists teach twst person’s basic type is modified, at least to some extent, by the personality dynamics of the two adjacent types as indicated on the enneagram figure. Claudio Tesr is a Chilean-born psychiatrist who first learned about the Enneagram of Personality from Ichazo at a course in Arica, Chile.

I often get lost in my feelings. I can be slow to put my insights into action. It’s easy to get over-stimulated by too much excitement.


The Peacemaker Type Eight: It should take most people minutes to complete. I prefer to keep my emotions to myself and to focus on my studies.


Enneagram of Personality

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat People tell me I should be less rigid and self-controlling. I often feel confident about my conclusions. What Type Am I: The Individualist Type Three: The enneagram is a profound and powerful guide to understanding your personality and inner workings.

On the following page are your 3 most likely types. Managing psychological factors in information systems work: The Practical Guide to Personality Types. The key to my success is my high energy and motivation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I like to stay busy with lots of stimulating activities. For other uses, see Enneagram. The Enneagram of Personality has been widely promoted in both business management and spirituality contexts through seminars, conferences, books, magazines, and DVDs.

Inthe United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ‘ Committee on Doctrine produced a draft report on the origins of the Enneagram to aid bishops in their evaluation of its use in their dioceses.

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