GE Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions GE EVS Part B Important Questions common for all Departments GE GE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTIONS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. GE GE Environmental Science and Engineering Two Mark With Answers 2 Mark Question with answer List the important causes of water conflicts?.

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Define genetic diversity and species diversity? The contamination of the air with dust, fumes, gas, mist, odor, smoke, or vapor which causes harmful effects on living organisms is called air pollution.

Environmental science and engineering Questions B What is bio diversity? Red Data Book is a book that provides data on population status of the endangered species of plants and animals. Composting is a process in which biodegradable materials are broken down by micro-organisms in the presence of oxygen. Land degradation refers to loss of fertility or productive capacity of the soil. What are land slides?

Air pollutants can be classified in to two types namely primary and secondary air pollutants.

GE Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions. ~ Au – Zone

Primary air pollutants are those which are emitted directly to the atmosphere Example: What do you understand by the term smog? State the significance and scope of environmental education? What do you mean by desertification?


Give few examples of endangered and endemic species of india? What is global warming? Post a Comment Note: Newer Post Older Post Home. Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan.

The contamination of soil by chemical or other waste materials resulting in the reduction of its fertility is called soil pollution.

The gradual fnvironmental of change in an ecosystem b rought about by the progressive replacement of one community b y another envronmental a definite order until a stable community is established ove r a period of time. It is managed by Balaji MC Admin. Define food chain and food web? Define photo chemical smog?

It has been an awesome experience to reach out to so many students. Define flood and cyclone? Sciience recycling from reusing? Watershed management is the process of creating and implementing plans, programs, and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions 9.

Addition of excess of undesirable heat to water that makes it harmful to aquatic life is called thermal pollution. D— Biochemical Oxygen Demand The amount of oxygen in water consumed for chemical oxidation of pollutants is called C. Particulates are dispersed solid or liquid particles of microscopic size in gas media. Recycling involves collecting used and waste materials from waste streams and using those materials to manufacture new products.

Define Green house effect? Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth which causes more changes on the climate.

GE2021 Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions

Optical Communication and Networks Question Bank Which calculator is allowed in Anna University exams? Genetic diversity refers to bio diversity due to genetic variation with in each species. Anna University – B.

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Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Our aim is to provide everyone access to quality study materials and contribute our part to education for a better world. Environjental is watershed management? It is a treatment technology involving destruction of waste by controlled burning at high temperatures.

What is Noise pollution? Pollution f rom a single identifiable source such as a factory or a sewage – treatment anr is called point pollution Pollution that does not come from a single, identifiable source is called non-point pollution. If you are viewing this content from our Nokia Appthen click “See original story” to get the download link. Low cost Hearing aid. Anna University rules for University Examination.

Water pollution is defined as any physical,chemical or biological change in quality of water which causes harmful effects on living organisms. About EEEcube provides you access to several study resources that help you to excel in your Electrical and Electronics Engineering course.