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18 Platoon by Sydney Jary

Sirvan Almasi rated it it was amazing May 01, Equally, wherever it is at work, fanaticism finds strangely similar forms of expression. In some respects it’s a rather technical book, brief in it’s account of events and unsentimental and undramatic in it’s narrative.

Happenstance and bizarre turns of the ridiculous, play far more significant roles in this narrative, than do the decisions of great generals pawing at maps of Europe. Sydney Jary, in jry book 18 Platoon, his account of his time in Aydney, relates how a private in the Somerset Light Infantry was shot in the chest at Hillsouth of Caen, the bullet detonating an explosive phosphorus grenade in a pouch.

That is part Part history, part memoir, part opinion-piece, Platoon is 188 relatively quick read that takes you through one subaltern’s journey from being assigned to command a platoon of British infantry in Normandy replacing it’s previous leader after a vicious battle in which he was wounded to the end of the war in Europe.

jqry Jary is presenting events as plainly as his recollections can recall, giving his men every ounce of empathy and credit at his disposal, whilst no doubt giving himself too little.

Caught on barbed wire, the soldier lay disembowelled for all to see, his writhing body a smoking mass of burning phosphorus.

A grievous Allied mistake was to focus too much on the landings, and not plan properly for what would follow. It is a s Reading 18 Platoonit is hard to keep in mind that its narrator was only 20 years old when dropped into Normandy in However, meteorologists spotted a break in the bad weather, and while Eisenhower ordered the invasion plafoon go ahead, Rommel – not sydmey accurate forecasting of weather systems arriving from the Atlantic – seized the chance to return home for his wife’s 50th birthday.

The Longest Day was the first of a war that lasted for 45 years

I believe the book has become something of a cult classic amongst military jaryy. Moderation FAQs How we moderate reader comments. The weather is bleak – but at least you’re not being shot at in cold wet slit trenches in the Ardennes; a dubious privilege my grandfather’s generation enjoyed. Jonathan Roberts rated it really liked it Mar 08, Md Aufa rated it it was ok Feb 26, Essentially it’s an account of various battles and skirmishes across France, the lowlands and Germany.

  EUPEN 5128 PDF

The architect of the D-Day landings was General Bernard Law P,atoon, a master of detail, and a man who engaged affection and fury in equal measure. Reading 18 Platoonit is hard to keep in mind that its narrator was only 20 years old when dropped into Normandy in Want to Read saving…. Dr rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Refresh and try again. At kary 20, Norman civilians were killed and overinjured by Allied bombing.

jart To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. That said, as the book progresses, Jary’s account definitively grows on you. Saturday 29 December Apr 18, Oliver rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 29, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: Allied losses in Normandy in the summer of were of Great War proportions -killed, wounded and missing, roughly double the German losses. But for each day thereafter, the fighting was every bit as intense and bloody as it had been in Picardy a generation before.

Yet June 6 lives on, and properly, in the imagination of the world as a symbol of freedom, when thousands of men closed with the Normandy coast, vomiting with sea-sickness and terror. No, it was to Normandy and the days ahead that Allied minds llatoon turning 60 years ago.

There was none in the minds of those who planned the assault. Opposite Omaha Beach, the special floating tanks designed to reduce the German concrete fortifications were swamped by cross-currents, and sank.

Chris Taylor rated it really liked it Aug 04, Sixty years ago, most of the landmass of the Eurasian continent and its attendant islands was in thrall to totalitarian dictatorships.

In the history of the pkatoon, there has never been such a titanic contest to the death between two sets of values: That said the author does come across as rather arrogant and forthright in his opinions. Military acts of liberation invariably involve dreadful moral compromises, and can come at a terrible personal price for the liberated, as events in Iraq in the past year have testified. Moreover, rape by Allied soldiers was rather more common than is comfortable to admit.


Unless you are actually planning to command an infantry unit some of the chapters of the book may leave you a little cold.

Two major landings in Italy not long before, against largely unprepared German defences, had been close-run things. War favours the warrior who makes fewest mistakes. But the primary price in Normandy 60 years ago was of people.

Yet all this horror does not detract from the heroic achievements of the soldiers, seamen and airmen of D-Day. Peter Niven rated it really liked it Feb 21, There is something about the onset of December that always gets me thinking about the winter offensive into Germany – it’s an odd mental connection but there it is. I believe There is something about the onset of December that always gets me thinking about the winter offensive into Germany – it’s an odd mental connection but there it is.

Mark Stevenson rated it really liked it Dec 03, Alexander Giles rated it it was amazing Aug 18, When his prose turns occasionally poetic, it is usually in service to nature moonlight on the water as 18 platoon crosses a bridge by night…and the rest of the narrative is recited in the straightforward language of a field report; elated victory, tragedy, and failure, all in similar, quiet, understated language.

James Kemp rated it really liked it Nov 13, Open Preview See a Problem?

The Longest Day was the first of a war that lasted for 45 years – Telegraph

Young men at war can be dangerous creatures, no matter how honourable their cause. It is a melancholy tale of dogged bravery as unrelenting as anything the Western Front could show. The men who on June 6 forced their way past the German defences sydjey those now famous beaches, or who landed by glider and parachute in the sydmey and the pastures beyond, were to spend the summer fighting there.

Rommel assumed that the Allies would make their landings at high tide, to spare the advancing infantry prolonged exposure to defensive fire.