Administrative Processing – (g) is given in this category when visa officer Hello I applied from South Africa I’m a Nigerian I got a g green form it’s a. Consult officer keep my passport but did not take 2×2 photo and gave g slip( light green colour).because i need joint sponcer. They told me. Chances vary from case to case and depend upon the submitted documents. Processing time also varies – some cases are completed within.

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Step 2 Go to the nearest Collection Centre.

The Green Paper is specific, just submit what are being requested. Why it is not changed to AP? Once you submit your stuff, and they review it.

I am French and Venezuelan dad french, born in France, mom venezuelan, lived 10 years in Venezuela. You are commenting using your WordPress. What are the possible documents to be sent and what are the likely questions to be asked.

I have not get any reply back not even automated message green, I am worrying now about documents received or not. Hi all i have below query— I have a approved petition till Posted February 2, Register a new account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Your inputs will be highly helpful. Hope you the best for your case.

g green slip – Bringing Family Members of Permanent Residents to America – VisaJourney

I was stunned because I wrong for a top tech company as a full treen employee. Posted on July 17, Also, you can check out our g tracker that has anonymous data with users like you, who added the details for community benefit.

Sorry for the delayed response, it seems based on what you stated there is some inconsistency in your application as your daughter has been added, that may 2221g triggered it. I just want to know that is this letter fall under administration processing or just some additional documents required??


Aman, If you have received your visa, in my case they ask me for same set of info but initially VO said your visa is approved and keep my passport but next day they return my passport through pickup location and ask for last 15 years of details. This is a green slip option. Wanted to check if someone is in same boat or if someone can shed some light on how long this will take. What documents they asked? No, my husband applied for me. I wanted to ask if I should take following steps.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

She thought about it for a couple of seconds and replied: I am on the same boat…Did you hear back from consulate? Returned petition is sent to the local USCIS service center where the petition was originally filed and approved.

What type of visa? Do we need an immigration lawyer?

I thought after giving finger priny it wont take more than 23 days but now it is more than a week. Hopefully wait is over now. Please bear with us while your case undergoes administrative processing.

Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website and Consular Post websites are the definitive sources of visa information. Should there be discrepancies in content, the Consular Affairs website and Consular Post websites take precedence. I also got g after submitting for dropbox. Is there any way to know the current Status? Please log in or register to add a comment. I received the same email is there any hope please kindly help me.

To solve this, do you think he should come back to the United States and stay for a short time to get all this paperwork? Here are most recent timelines for Delhi. If possible can you please also suggest what kind of questions can be asked in such interviews? Most popular tags h1b h1b-visa h1b-visa-transfer visa h4 h1b-visa-stamping rfe h1b-cap-exempt change-of-status h4-visa h1 f1 h1b-transfer h1b-extension response time stamping h1b-lottery to transfer ms-in-usa h1b-amendment f1-visa l1b opt extension l1b-visa-to-h1b-cos h1b-visag h1b-visa-travel green-card study-in-usa dsform h1b-visa-transfer-while-in-india h1-b h4-ead h4-to-h1-cos g – review travel cos f2 l1 h1b-filing ead h1b-visa-rfe-response passport h4-h1 h1b-cap h1b h1b-receipt premium-processing lca petition b2 l2 dropbox ds dependent status opt-h1b i94 opt-extension interview denied l2-visa i change ds b1 usa in change-of-employer h1b-premium-processing expired h1b-visa-rfe gc h1b-visa-sponsor h1b-amendment-travel f1-opt h1b-stamping name cpt l1a employer h1b h1b-approval b2-visa masters i processing h1b-visa-processing l1b-visa-to-h1b-visa h1bquota b1-visa india perm h1bg-adminprocess h4-visa-to-h1b-visa work-in-usa.


What is (g) – Reasons ? Processing Times ? Delays ? FAQs, Tracker

Hey, I am in the same situation. For my F1 interview, it was also very short… My number was about to be called and I noticed that the lady called a guy and they started reading the screen for a couple of minutes. Calling the organization School, University, Company, Financial institution that issued the document Using an agency or third party of verify the documentation Request to provide further documentation 6.

My interview was on 6th sept Case created: It asked for FP.


What happens gren case of rejection? I am still waiting on my medical result. In general though color schemes do not give enough information about what is needed to clear g. May 1, at 8: Embassy xxxxxx will resume action on your application after we are informed that this review is completed.

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