Tech Log – A/a Qrh – From the QRH.. A/ USE the LDG DIST factors “ without REV” when: 1. All reversers are inoperative or 2. Maximum. A/A Flight Crew Training Manual. The content of this document is the property of Airbus. It is supplied in confidence and commercial. completion of the actions, the Table or QRH checklist should be read aloud confirming CHANGES TO SOFTWARE FOR A AND A

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A/a Qrh – PPRuNe Forums

To fulfil its objectives, the QRH reflects a high degree of presentation ergonomics in order to be error-resistant in the challenging context of the simulator during training or real world during line operation. All told, this presentation is better than Airbus’ last attempt, where they ignored the possibility of a reverser inop at dispatch altogether.

Retrieved from ” https: Find More A33 by spannersatcx. This applies to the A, but I assume it’s the same philosophy: Do I multiply the factors together or just take the highest one etc Find More Posts by syedo.

Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Dispatch with rev 4 inop and fail 2, and there you are Not the same at all Maximum reverse thrust on all available reverser s is not selected or 3. In flight I suffer a problem that leads to the failure of the reverser on Engine 2. The design and development of the QRH is critical to the proper response to appropriate situations.


The Quick Reference Handbook QRH contains all the procedures applicable for abnormal and emergency conditions in an easy-to-use format. Find More Posts by heavy. Tech Log The very best in practical technical discussion on the web.

Find More Posts by Network. As you can see, if you dispatch with an engine reverse inop you must use the “Without Reverse” figures because the QRH has no qgh of knowing which reversers were inop when you dispatched.

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Welcome to Airbus World. The QRH is a stand-alone document. At least one reverser is operative and maximum reverse thrust is selected at landing Am I missing something is A- 3 and B- 1 not the same thing?? This will allow the early detection of a possible action slip or omission.

Or what are you talking about, anyway?

More than in any other document, clear and unambiguous layout ergonomics is paramount in the QRH in order to avoid any:. You may not post new threads. No they are not the same, one is with max reverse the other is with no reverse selected.


This strategy may include successive phases and each phase includes action steps that may be linked to a pre-condition i. BB code is On. Qru a Poll to this Thread. The aircraft has been dispatched with one or more reverser s inoperative and reverse is not selected.

I wouldn’t bother ever applying the with reverse correction, because: In addition, performance data corrections are also provided for specific conditions. OK so number 3 means I hope i can come back to boeing one day. Thanks Syedo, Simple once you know it, like everything!

A330/a340 Qrh

Why would you not get some english technical writers to re write these manuals so that they are user friendly. Find More Posts by jb If you wish to contribute or participate in the discussions about articles you are invited to join SKYbrary as a registered user.

Ok, so on the A, I’m dispatched with 3 engine thrust reversers inoperative. All reversers are inoperative or 2. Find More Posts by Honkozzie.