Absinthe Flamethrowers has ratings and 36 reviews. Amanda said: There is a small but growing sub-genre of books into which this one fits quite neatly. photo by Scott Beale My friend writer William Gurstelle, who writes for Make Magazine and is one of the producers of Make: Television, has a. In “Absinthe & Flamethrowers,” Mr. Gurstelle burrows into the difference between what he calls “Big-T types” (genuine thrill-seekers) and.

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Mar 14, Mihaela Chantova rated it it was amazing Shelves: This daring combination of science, history, and DIY projects will show you how. All of the projects – from throwing knives, drinking absinthe, and eating fugu to cracking a bull whip, learning baritsu, and building a flamethrower – have short learning curves; are human-focused, as opposed to technology-centric; are affordable; and demonstrate true but reasonable risk.

And now, “Absinthe and Flamethrowers. What’s more, it’s useful for those of us who want the learn to make gunpowder, but don’t see doing so as a life-affirming way to reassert our manhood. Feb 27, Clint Flatt rated it really liked it Shelves: Dispatched from Australia in 3 business days When will my order arrive? That out of the way, I feel like this is a useful resource to have in a home library.

This was not the book I wanted it to be. The most interesting thing that doesn’t involve explosives is his very glancing section of bartitsu, the martial art practiced by Sherlock Holmes. Now I can make my own charcoal.

Paged through this one. I’m waiting anxiously for my son-in-law’s visit to try some of these out. I love this book dearly, it means a lot to me, and the nostalgia goggles are definitely in full force.

Flamethrowers, rockets, gunpowder, it’s all there.

And I have got to applaud his citations, lists, and excellent references. Chicago Review Press Written for reasonable risk takers and suburban dads who want to add more excitement to their lives, this daring combination of science, history, and DIY projects explains why danger is good for you and details the art of living dangerously. How can you not like a book that guides you through the steps to make black powder? Part of the book is fantastic — a ad and handy guide on how to make gunpowder and solid rocket fuel.


Oct 05, Chris rated it liked it. I’ll admit that I skipped most of this and spent a lot of time on the flamethrower instructions, and I have to abbsinthe they are unclear, inconsistent, and imprecise.

This is the adult equivalent of the ‘Dangerous Book for Boys So awesome. Those who are “Risk Takers”. At its core you have a man who just wants people to get the most out of life. All of the projects—from throwing knives, drinking absinthe, and eating fugu to cracking a bull whip, learning bartitsu, and building a flamethrower—have short learning curves, are hands-on and affordable, and demonstrate true but reasonable risk.

Absinthe and Flamethrowers

That, flamethrwers with a section on how to smoke to convey charact Gurstelle talks about the purpose of risk taking before offering a number of fairly safe ways to indulge in things that get one’s adrenaline pumping, like model rocketry and homemade flamethrowers as well as thrill eating pufferfish and drinking absinthe. He’s going to help me!

I might try Absinthe now, though.

Even to the actual title, flamethrowers look fun, and I can see that as a risky, fun activity; but I do Didn’t finish this. Written for smart risk takers, it explores why danger is good for you and details the art of living dangerously.

And taking the thrill and experience seeking evaluation was informative. This is the kind of book that makes me long to own a farm, so that I have an out building or two and some space to tinker with interesting projects.


Mar 18, Desiree rated it liked it. Nov 18, Bryan Mcquirk rated it it was ok Shelves: As it turns out, I am either a dyed-in-the-wool little-t, or to lazy and apathetic to go to the trouble of becoming a big-T. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Absinthe and Flamethrowers

It is, to the best of my knowledge, purely an American male phenomenon, but if you’ve found something else, please let me know.

Now I know how to make gun powder among other things. I’m not trying these experiments out ‘on’ him! This book is intended to help risk-adverse people little-t into reasonable risk takers big-T.

Absinthe Flamethrowers: Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously

I don’t even turn the volume up on my headphones past halfway. In general, if you don’t have the mechanical inclination to0 fill in the gaps or improvise a bit you probably won’t be able to make a working flamethrower from his recipe, but on the other hand, if you can’t do I’ll admit that Absiinthe skipped flaethrowers of this and spent a lot of time on the flamethrower instructions, and I have to say they are unclear, inconsistent, and imprecise.

Check out the top books of the year on absinths page Best Books of But this was entertaining if occasionally hypocritical live dangerously Risk takers are more successful, more interesting individuals who lead more fulfilling lives. It had too much detail I’m some areas and not nearly enough in others. I just started it yesterday, but so far, it is enlightening.