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These types belong to the family of extrusions which has been used with Mullard power devices requiring special heatsink considerations, such as thyristor stacks and power rectifiers. The thermal resistances required are given assuming these lower dissipations. The devices on which full da162 are given in these books are those around which we would recommend equipment to be designed.

Since this is a class A amplifier, 2W will be dissipated in each of the output transistors during the quiescent condition, and this will be the d. Rectifier Diodes adtasheet Thyristors The group of figures indicates the rated repetitive peak reverse voltage, Vrrm, or the rated repetitive peak off-state voltage, Vdrm, whichever value is lower, in volts for each type.

Instantaneous value of varying component of emitter current. These values are chosen by the device manufacturer to provide acceptable serviceability of the device, taking no responsibility for variation in equipment or environment, and the effects of changes in operating conditions due to variations in the characteristics of the device under consideration and of all other devices in the equipment.

Tj max continuous operation Tj max intermittent The datasheett permissible instantaneous junction operation temperature usually allowed for a total duration of hours. Drain is 6V positive w.

These readings were recorded every 20[xs through the complete cycle of xs. A general expression from which the total permissible steady state power dissipation dagasheet be datawheet is: When using a soldering iron, transistors may be soldered directly into the circuit, but heat conducted to the junction should if possible datzsheet kept to a minimum by the use of a thermal shunt. SB 7. A general relationship for the approximate second harmonic distortion, d 2gen- erated by current gain mismatch, is given by the expression: List of Symbols for Light Current Semiconductor Devices This section gives the main symbols used in quoting ratings and characteristics of Semiconductor Devices.


This curve is then converted into a series of equivalent squarewave pulses having the same peak power values as the actual pulses.

AD , Tube AD; Röhre AD ID, Transistor

Thus a closer approximation to the true conditions is necessary. Data sheets for these types may be obtained on request.

The data contained in these books are as accurate and up to date as it is reasonably possible to make them at the time of going to press. Definition of TjT mbT case. Under these circumstances the leads should be re-tinned using an activated flux. Front View Scale 3: TO-1 construction with av162 isolated.

AD Datasheet PDF –

Operation is allowed under all base-emitter conditionsprovided no limiting values are exceeded. Thermal calculations The maximum permissible mounting base temperature is now determined as follows: The same curves apply to— and — – when external capacitances are used.

Care should be taken not to bend the leads nearer than 1. The BD with- its n-p-n complement BD is specially suitable for use in output stages of car radios.

Alternatively, knowing the power dissipation which will occur and the ambient temperature, the necessary heatsink thermal resistance can be calculated. This rating is very dependent on circuit conditions and collector current and it is necessary to refer to the curve of Vce versus lc for the appropriate circuit condition in order to obtain the correct rating Vce max Cut-off The maximum permissible instantaneous voltage between collector and emitter terminals when the emitter current is reduced to zero by means of a reverse emitter base voltage, i.

The BD may also be used with the BD to form a complementary pair for push-pull, audio output stages. JU r— e Millimetres Min.

  EN ISO 9934-1 PDF

Conversely, for matched pairs with a higher gain, the resultant negative feedback is increased and a higher h pE ratio will maintain the necessary protection against distortion. The three sets of books, easily identifiable by the colours on their covers, are as follows: These values are chosen by the device manufacturer to provide acceptable serviceability cf the device in average applications, taking responsibility for normal changes in operating conditions due to variations in supply voltage, environment, equipment components, equipment control adjust- ment, load, signal or characteristics of all other devices in the equipment.

V e When the common terminal is understood the second subscript may be omitted. Item 1 must then be mounted upside down.

AD162 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

A further decrease of the collector -emitter voltage results in a rapid increase of the distortion of the signal. With their p-n-p complements BD and Dwtasheet they are primarily intended for use in hi-fi equipment delivering an output of 15 to 25W into 4 or 8J2 load.

The reference terminal may then be designated by the third subscript. Care must be taken to ensure good thermal contact between the transistor and heat sink. The total maximum permissible continuous power dissipation in the transistor and includes both the collector-base dissipation and the emitter-base dissipation.

AD162 Datasheet

This example describes how the SOAR curves are used to check the suitability of the BD power transistors in a television audio amplifier application.

The transistor has a very low feedback capacitance and is ad126 intended for use in the output stage of television video i. TO-1 AC J. The maximum value of Tj— Tmb is to be the greater of the two values given by the equations 5 and 6 below.

A further linear interpolation between the two 1 -7ms areas is then needed to approximate to the 1 -7ms SOAR at duty cycle of