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Advertisements or commercial links. The recovery in the construction industry in is expected to be [ Van Merksteijn Staalbouw BV: Please submit your review for Adets. The first alleges infringement of Article 85 1 of the Treaty and the second infringement of Article 15 2 of Regulation No Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. AFCAB is an independent body settled in to deliver certificates of conformity to companies that manufacture or fix on site concrete reinforcing steels or their accessories.

A deep litter house with [ Findings of the Court 99 It follows from the text of Article 85 1 of the Treaty that the only relevant questions are whether the agreements in which the applicant participated with other undertakings were capable of affecting trade between Member States Enichem Anic v Commission, cited above, paragraph Since the applicant did not avail itself of that opportunity, it cannot use the allegation of inaction by the Commission as a pretext for setting up secret agreements contrary to Article 85 1 of the Treaty.

Where an undertaking participates, even if not actively, in meetings held by undertakings with a view to fixing the prices of their products and does not publicly distance itself from what occurred at them, thus giving the impression to the other participants that it subscribes to the results of the meetings and will act in conformity with them, it may be concluded that it is participating in the restrictive arrangements resulting from that meeting.

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Select type of offense: About AFCAB AFCAB trsillis an independent body settled in to deliver certificates of conformity to companies that manufacture or fix on site concrete reinforcing steels or their accessories.

The applicant considers that that increase is arbitrary and can be accounted for only by the Commission’ s wish to discourage applications to the Court.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

European Court reports Treillia II The exchange between competing undertakings of information that might be used to set up a cartel constitutes a concerted practice within the meaning of Article 85 1 of the Treaty. The Commission may, under Article 15 of Regulation No 17, impose a single fine for several infringements.

Made from o u r welded mesh p qdets ne ls in 5mm [ Their object was to set prices and quotas with a view to limiting imports of welded steel mesh into France. For the exploration ramp, we will install resin [ The Belgians said that they were observing the German market prices, and it was better to talk about a market percentage rather than tonnes.

The recovery in the construction industry in is expected to be.

They ensure that the level of quality of the certified products meets the needs of all the members involved in the construction. Moreover, the telex of 24 May from Mr Chopin de Janvry, a representative of Sacilor, concerning a meeting of 19 May annex 30 to treillis statement of objections, point 55 of the Decision was not disclosed to the applicant and cannot therefore be relied on against it.

As regards treilliz alleged failure to act, the Commission states that only two years passed between its receiving notification of the cartel treills the Federal Cartel Office and its initiation of investigations. These panels are filled with. The Commission adds that the arrangements at issue were not crisis cartels, which necessarily involve a restructuring plan and can be authorized only after notification with a view to obtaining an exemption under Article 85 3. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.

Please click on the reason for your vote: The applicant’ s complaint must therefore be rejected. Need more search options?

In that regard, it must be observed that German, Belgian, Italian, French and Dutch producers participated in those agreements. It insists that it never agreed to be or considered itself bound by the price or quota proposals put forward at the meetings and moreover those proposals were not complied with and were not in practice the subject of penalties.

However, Article 15 of Regulation No 17 requires the Commission to specify the components of infringements and the criteria adopted for the imposition of fines.

That applies particularly where several infringements were concerned with the same type of conduct on different markets, in particular the fixing of prices and of quotas and exchange of information. These panels are filled with [ You are logged in as. The Commission was therefore right to find that the agreements in which the applicant participated were liable to affect trade between Member States. Nevertheless, as a result of the regulation of the individual sub-markets this complex of agreements had the effect of producing far-reaching regulation of a substantial part of the common market”.


A concrete engineers and computer scientist’s team, lead by Jean-Jacques [ Findings of the Court The Court points out that the agreements in which the applicant participated had the object and effect of fixing prices and volumes of exports and imports on the market of the original Member States of the Community and that, contrary to the applicant’ s assertions, the effects of those agreements cannot in any circumstances be regarded as negligible.

The Commission states that, when calculating the fine, it took account of the economic impact on welded steel mesh of its relationship with wire rod and concrete reinforcing bars. Consequently, the choice of that year, which was not disclosed until after adoption of the Decision, merely exacerbated the disproportionate nature of the fine imposed on the applicant.

According to the Decision point 22the restrictions of competition derived from a set of agreements or concerted practices fixing prices and delivery quotas and sharing markets for welded steel mesh. Those agreements, according to aets Decision, concerned different parts of the common market the French, German or Benelux adetxbut affected trade between Member States because undertakings established in various Member States participated in them. The rate of interest imposed by the Commission in the event of an application to the Court Arguments of the parties The applicant states that the registered letter from the Commission accompanying the Decision indicates that, in the event of proceedings being instituted, the amount due will bear interest at the rate of Consequently, the question whether the applicant treilliss partitioning the markets, thereby infringing Article 85 of the Treaty, is irrelevant.