Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale, The Wendigo. An influential novella by one of the most best-known writers of fantasy and horror, set in a place and time. You can read a full version of The Wendigo here. Algernon Blackwood’s The Wendigo is one of the best known “ghost stories.” Chances are, if. The Wendigo [Algernon Blackwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Wendigo is a short novel that describes the terror of irrational.

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It took a while to get going, but once it did this story was great, exceptionally well written and eerie.

But this blackowod the nature of the look betrayed itself. And while the steps, with their stumbling motion, moved nearer and nearer upon them, the three men stood round that fire, motionless and dumb.

A well written, atmospheric and spooky tale.

Full text of “The Wendigo”

I like how the ‘rough’ talk of the huntsmen and their guides is contrasted with the lovely and evocative descriptions of nature. He dressed in the worn-out clothes bequeathed to him by former patrons, and, except for his coarse black hair and dark skin, he looked in these city garments no more like a real redskin than a stage Negro looks like a real African.

A classic of horror literature. Defago, of course, had been crying in his sleep. It’s not quite in the same weird horror league as The Willows but then again, what is. This, then, was the party of four that found themselves in camp the last week in October of that “shy moose year” ‘way up in the wilderness north of Rat Portage–a forsaken and desolate country. When they arrive, warming themselves by the fire, Defago comes shambling out of the darkness.

It was the beginning, he alhernon, of a bewilderment utterly diabolical in kind that would speedily destroy him. With difficulty he found his rifle and the homeward trail.

The force has no regard, acknowledgement or care as it pursues its cosmic schemes. He was still offended, possibly, about his interrupted story. This particular story, however, found no mention in his book on Collective Hallucination for the simple reason so he confided once to a fellow colleague that he himself played too intimate a part in it to form a competent judgment of the affair as a whole He would willingly have stopped his ears and closed his eyes, had he dared.


Fringed with pines, whose crests fingered most delicately the sky, they almost seemed to move upwards as the light faded–about to weigh anchor and navigate the pathways of the heavens instead of the currents of their native and desolate lake.

Into the Woods: “The Wendigo” by Algernon Blackwood

For he felt about the whole affair the touch somewhere of a great Outer Horror To ask other readers questions about The Wendigoplease sign up.

While to dwell in them and seek acquaintance with their wild life was, again, an initiation that no blaxkwood man could undergo without a certain shifting of personal values hitherto held for permanent and sacred. The perfume of charcoal and rain-soaked ashes still hung faintly about it. Hank, being nearest to primitive conditions, was the first to find himself, for he was also less complex.

This height and fiery speed! To know and to understand is to fear that force, the primal creature that defies explanation: The Foundation’s principal office is located at Melan Dr.

The Wendigo really blew me away.

The Wendigo

It was gone before he could properly seize or name it. Both can be downloaded here: The guide had slipped down in his bed, and the branches seemed to have been dragged with him. Mignan rated it really liked it Shelves: Simpson, watching close behind him, says he got the impression of a mask that was on the verge of dropping off, and that underneath they would discover something black and diabolical, revealed in utter zlgernon.

Fire there was none, and no Punk came forward to welcome them. The feet that produced them had, therefore, also changed. Cathcart, closely followed by his nephew who so far had kept his courage better than all of them, went up with a determined air and stood opposite to the figure of Defago huddled over the fire.


This intimate, human sound, heard amid the desolation about them, woke pity. It was so incongruous, so pitifully incongruous–and so vain! The thick darkness rendered sight of small avail, but, like the animals, he possessed other senses that darkness could not mute.

The Wendigo (novella) – Wikipedia

He was not as steady a guide as Hank, for instance And both Cathcart and his nephew confessed afterwards that when they saw him kneel down in his excitement and embrace something that reclined, gently moving, beside the extinguished ashes, they felt in their very bones that this “something” would prove to be Defago–the true Defago, returned. In his late thirties, he moved back to England and started to write stories of the supernatural.

And this was what he did. It’s what Algernon Blackwood does best. He had been secretly dreading all the time that it would come–and come it did. Two Scotsmen – a Dr. It does indeed evoke “savage and formidable potencies lurking behind the souls of men, not evil perhaps in themselves, yet instinctively hostile to humanity as it exists But Simpson now understood the true purpose of all this talk. On such occasions men lose the superficial, worldly distinctions; they become human beings working together for a common end.

Don’t expect to ‘see’ the Wendigo in its actual form. Cathcart, among others, came back without a trophy; but he brought instead the memory of an experience which he declares was worth all the bull moose that had ever been shot.

This approach is something Lovecraft used frequently with great effect, and is something I consider a signature element bpackwood some of my favorite Lovecraft pieces. The author uses the wendigo to show us that the urge to abandon civilization is to be met with fear and revulsion.

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