of the Amatsu Tatara written as individual scrolls. Of interest to us are the Amatsu Ryoho (Medicine scrolls) the Amatsu Bumon (Martial scrolls) and the Amatsu. Unfortunately the Amatsu Tatara is still closely guarded by the several families that possess it, and little is known about the scrolls. However, long before the Kuki. Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to BC. The Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai.

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It is very difficult to explain the Amatsu Tatara because it is traditionally intended for a special grandmaster or special priest. The combination of Bumon and Shumon is like the left and right side of the body, positive and negative, male and female, intellect and spirit.

Ashida Kim ring a bell? The total scrolls of these 4 families are called Shinmei Shii-no-Hiden and these scrolls were stored in the Edo castle treasury by the order of the 3rd Shogun, Iemitsu Tokugawa in October Amatsu Tatara Shumon — Spiritual training from ancient Japanese past.

Canadian website is located at http: Many Ryu-Ha are connected with “Kuki”. Paul I agree, I dont think those documents are ever going to present themselves, if in fact they exist at all, or have ever existed. The words Amatsu Tatara are not well known. At Mount Miwa in Nara he joined with the God Empress Amaterasu, and won an appointment as a high government official, with duties including the centralization and effective management of the governing system. A warrior must never forget this type of heart.

It is this type of heart, which contains the truly strong spirit of Nin, patience and perseverance. This ancient system is the source of all martial arts training within Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei’s Genbukan organisation. In BC, a prince from Karudeia shipwrecked in Japan with three attendants. Absolutely no taijutsu I’ve seen as of yet.


Not sure about that one. He formed a good friendship with the chieftain of Japan Amaterasu Ohmikami and made great efforts in controlling Japan. Please read smatsu over and over, nurture and find its spirit within yourself. It tztara very difficult to explain the Amatsu Tatara because it is traditionally intended for a special grandmaster or special priest.

This scroll contained information to run an effective government and keep a peaceful nation. Ever been to a Ninja show in Japan? This treasured scroll took until 10 BC to complete. If you are a beginner seek the guidance of a qualified, scrills and competent instructor. Hatsumi and what is known of Japanese history. From that time until about 10 AD a special scroll was written; the Amatsu Tatara Hibumi-no-Ikkan original main secret scroll of the Amatsu Tatara which includes all special techniques, philosophies, Tenmon heavens thingsChimon earth things and others.

Amatsu Physical Therapy – Amatsu History

For this reason it has been kept very secret. Be not one who seeks battles. OK some if not most of these things have been raised before, but it makes sense to have them here as a weight of tataara, or non evidence depending how you look at it. It was brought to Japan by the King of Mima and integrated into the aboriginal Japanese society.

If one is able to comprehend these essentials, he is sure to find his Bu-Fu flowing within his body and heart.

When he was made a minister he was presented to the God Empress a special necklace of 72 beads, that beyond being a symbol of office was also a special tool for scrying the future. If you are ridiculed or humiliated, do not allow it to move your heart; laugh it off instead.


This is why he was made a Kunitsu Omi Muraji Minister. The Malays were given pardon and permission to settle the Iki area. Maybe another way to test the validity of the art is to analyze the kata of the schools, are they similar to other old Koryu?

Takamatsuden Legitamacy

It is taught directly heart to heart from a grandmaster to the next generation. Hi Garth, How did things go with your trip to Japan? Ruha Thank you very interesting Garth. The words Amatsu Tatara are not well known.

This is why an elementary training in martial arts is vital to reach the full potential of Amatsu Ryoho. Takamatsuden Legitamacy Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by garthApr 16, Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura has dedicated his life to mastering the many forms of Kobudo ancient martial arts.

This Aryan, Prince Mimaoh was a aatsu scholar on seamanship, astronomy, and philosophy. Looks quite similar to Kawakami’s demos. Never act violently nor be rough in nature, and at no time should you take life lightly.

If you wish to use this martial art, it should be for the good of those in need, who truly are both good and honest, never in the cause of the dishonest and evil. Take Gyokko ryu, Koto Ryu for example, where did the techniques come from? Now the main scrolls known of are:

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