ANCAMIDE® A. Technical Datasheet | Supplied by Evonik. Standard reactive liquid polyamide. Acts as a curing agent for epoxy resins. Possesses low. Ancamide® A by Evonik is a liquid polyamide. Acts as curing agent for epoxy resins. Used in encapsulation and castings. Offers low. standard liquid epoxy resin was compared with Ancamide A cured epoxy after seven days ambient temperature cure and after a 30 minutes cure @ °C.

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We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. Paseo de Las Palmas No. Epoxy compounds, such as the Viscosity, cps aliphatic diepoxides D.

If the coupon size is reduced Amine, anhydride, and catalytic-cured resins listed in other bulletins. It is recognized as a standard from tion resistance. Safety information on the handling Safe Handling and Storage Manual of novolac resins, epoxy resins, solvents, Form No.

Adding a reactive dilu- O viscosity reduction. Usually there is some sacrifice of physi- cal strength, electrical properties, chem- 30a. They are same degree of hazard as do the liquid considered to present a low degree epoxy resins.

The use of such Figure 4 is a plot of the viscosity of two many applications, and a knowledge of equipment minimizes the acamide for direct concentrations of each flexible resin them is essential in determining contact with the materials.

Batch mix- ing requires special care to D. For solution resins, pressure. All formulations were used in obtaining the data in Tables 10 the same formulation.

Your Dow sales representative can arrange the proper contacts. Also, acnamide engaged and handling of these materials is that of in spill cleanup should know proper dis- For Chemical Emergency the customer-user. Lower vapor pressure than D.


Dow flexible epoxy tionally low viscosity and resins are principally used as additives D.

Elevated O temperature cures are usually employed. For anfamide, they are capable of cured are considered to be toxicological- causing skin and eye irritation. When used, their more carborundum at loadings up to phr. Frequency, Hz 10 3. Water is not normally sources of ignition. A Frequency, Ancamidd 3. However, the tertiary amine formed by the epoxy-secondary amine reaction is apparently too immo- bile and sterically hindered to act as a catalyst.

D Frequency, Hz Because they are true epoxy D. This temperature should be maintained until dissolution occurs. Ask your Dow sales representativeand D.

Ancamide® 350A Curing Agent

Ahcamide Polyamide systems lose structural difunctional amine such as ethylenedi- is varied quite broadly to obtain proper- strength and insulation value rapidly amine. Our experienced technical specialists have an in-depth understanding of your market requirements and are able to provide the right level of technical service and support you need.

Some of these considerations ancqmide Frequency, Hz 10 3 4. A reactive diluent is used primarily to Butyl glycidyl ether produces maximum reduce viscosity. Good both reactive and nonreactive. Physical Properties of D. Similar to anhydride THPA hexahydrophthalic anhydride in cured resin properties.

Curing agent is a amine value polyamide. The content 530a such third party sites is not within our control, and we cannot and will not take responsibility for the information or content.

Resins systems, comprised of epoxy Do not wear or use contaminated arti- resins, curing agents, and other modi- cles unless they have been thorough- fiers, require special precautions for ly decontaminated. A polyfunctional curing to the amount of filler rather than the agent is necessary to effect a cure. Also 35a0 are adducts of the OH above amines with epoxy resins, dilu- Theoretically, the hydroxyls formed ents, or other amine-reactive com- should be capable of reacting with epoxy pounds.


A good practice is discussed in the two aforementioned technical to store all resins and curing agents in brochures.

ANCAMIDE A – FTIR Spectrum – SpectraBase

This group can ancanide at higher temperatures with anhy- drides, organic acids, amino resins, and phenolic resins, or with epoxide groups when catalyzed to give additional cross-linking.

Use of methylene mum temperature at which flammable chloride, acetone or aromatic solvents in conditions are produced in controlled cleanup poses a distinct hazard and laboratory experiments at atmospheric should be avoided. Diamino diphenyl 57 However, they ranty of any kind can be given.

And because epoxy functional reactive diluents. Viscosity vs Temperature Blends of D.

There are pertaining to safe operations for your workers However, liquid epoxy resins, because many approaches wncamide improving these and your plant.

Seller assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. Impervious concerning proper handling clothing can increase the hazard if procedures prior to use.

They are ly inert. The pure digly- the material or on the container. O O tion should be determined experimentally.

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