The ACCESS Master MT series is a compact handheld all-in-one tester for performing optical pulse tests, optical loss/power measurements, and optical. Take the ACCESS Master Product Tour Download the Product Tour to save on your PC. The ACCESS Master MT to provide an easy-to-use and reliable hand held unit designed for.

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Optical fiber end-face inspection is important because not only do dirt and scratches on the ferrule face have a major impact on optical fiber circuit transmission quality, but they also prevent accurate optical pulse tests and measurement of optical loss and power.

OTDR – ACCESS Master MTA2- Anritsu America

IoT Internet of Things. With a built-in light source and power and loss measurement functions, the all-in-one MT anrtisu is ideal for confirming the status of optical fiber installations and fault conditions.

Additional features include an integrated otcr source and power meter plus options to customize the unit including higher range power meters, visual fault locator VFL and connector inspection microscope to ensure complete network evaluation with a single tool. IoT Internet of Things. Channel Partners Technical Partners.

Introduction to Mobile Backhaul Evaluation. Introduction to Anritsu Field Testers. Methods for Creating Automated Test Scenarios. Otde Fronthaul Installation and Inspection. Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct.

Conventionally, this has required multiple measuring instruments for each work stage. Anritsu’s comprehensive OTDR range ensures fast and highly accurate measurements of optical fiber cables with a unique range of handheld, benchtop, and OEM module solutions.

Instructor Led Training Master your career with Anritsu instructor-led certification training courses. Introduction to G Module. Select Order Model Number. The MTA can support new and legacy technologies, leaving the user less equipment to maintain amritsu learn, and reducing operating expenses.


Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct. For FTTx networks, the MT series provides both optical testing for optical splits up to a 1x, plus quality of service QoS verification via the IP testing option. Separating the RRH from the BBU has the benefit of reducing the power consumption in the cell site equipment room and reducing the demands on air conditioning, greatly reducing operational expenditure.

At FTTA measurement, the optical fiber installation measurement conditions are fixed previously, so measurements are always made under the same conditions whoever is performing measurement. The compact, battery-powered and easy-to-use Anritsu MTA provides everything needed to install and maintain communication networks in a rugged, field portable package.

Instructor Led eLearning Training Cart. Learn more about the MTA2 by clicking here. How To Create Scenarios. Home Test and Measurement Products. Back to Previous Menu. By moving away from traditional macro cell sites in which ground based radios are connected to tower mounted antennas by long RF cable runs, to using a Remote Radio Head RRH at the tower top connected to a BaseBand Unit BBU at ground level, the deployment of the cell site can be much more flexible.


The user can identify problems at all levels in the OTN signal, solving OTN issues efficiently, reducing system downtime and reducing operating expenses for network operators. In this type of measurement environment, measurements made by different otdf under different conditions commonly xnritsu inconsistency problems at later data processing. Coverage and Interference Mapping. Ready to test in less than 15 seconds… aneitsu all day without recharging Enhanced outdoor display option for excellent visibility — even in direct sunlight Specialized testing modes simplify operation High resolution and high dynamic range ensure thorough and complete fiber evaluation Intelligent analysis software identifies problem splices, connectors and even macrobends Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments IP testing option verifies throughput, frame loss and point-to-point connectivity Test up to four wavelengths with a single unit — single mode, multimode or both Unique in-service testing without the need for external filters Verify connector quality with optional connector inspection microscope.


Four optimized remote control solutions – From development to deployment. Coverage and Interference Mapping.

Optical Fiber End-Face Inspection Optical fiber end-face inspection uses anrtisu external fiberscope option sold separately to display the condition of the optical connector ferrule end face on the screen of the MT main unit.

The customer has a right to obtain, modify and redistribute the source codes of this software. Until now, installing and maintaining optical networks required technicians to carry a variety of equipment which was not only cumbersome, but also expensive. Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct. Troubleshooting Live Ethernet Traffic. The MTA gives the user less equipment to maintain and learn, helping to reduce operating expenses.

OTDR for fiber Installation and maintenance. Optical and High-Speed Devices. As the radio may now be located at the top of a tower, access to RF measurements could require the use of a certified tower climbing crew.

It also ktdr reduces or even eliminates the need for long RF cable runs that can result in odtr radio signal losses. Instructor Led eLearning Training Cart.

Anritsu Company Anritsu Infivis Inc. Transport Module Product Introduction. No call backs, less tower climbs, and lower operating costs for mobile operators. On track to a brighter future.