The Apology of St. Aristides of Athens (translation by M. R. James). On Early Christian Writings. Aristides also, a believer earnestly devoted to our religion, left, like Quadratus, an apology for the faith, addressed to Adrian. His work, too, has been preserved. Here follows the defense which Aristides the philosopher made before Hadrian the King on behalf of reverence for God. All-powerful C├Žsar Titus Hadrianus.

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And to it there belongs by comparison a part in common with the rest of the stars in its course; and though it is one in its nature it is associated with many parts for the supply of the needs of men; and that not according to its own will but rather according to the will of him who rules it. According to aristives Chronicon of Eusebius we have the following date for the Apologies of Quadratus and Aristides:.

He is neither male nor female. There is no sign of the hostile tone aritsides we find towards the Jews in the martyrdom of Polycarp, and nothing like the severity of contempt which we find in the Epistle to Diognetus. The Jews then say that God is one, the Creator of all, and omnipotent ; and that it is not right that any other should be worshipped except this God apologu.

And those who believed of the men of the past, that some of them were gods, they too were much mistaken.

Apology of Aristides – Wikipedia

For the worship of the Barbarians and the Greeks did not suffice them, but they introduced also the nature of beasts, and said concerning it that they were gods: At the time we have a passage which is found only in the Syriac, but which is shown by internal evidence to contain original elements: And he contended with Typhon his uncle, and killed him. There are one or two points in which we may get some authority from the Armenian for the original text.

But the rest of the nations err and cause error in wallowing before the elements of the world, since beyond these their mental vision will not pass. Justin Martyr takes the same ground and implies that it is a part of the regular Christian teaching. The work contained a systematic statement of our doctrine, that is, an Apology for the Christians, which is still extant and is regarded by philologians as a monument to his genius.


The mistake made by Eusebius need not have been a double error, and the correct reference to Hadrian for Quadratus’s Apology would have furnished a starting-point for the incorrect reasoning with regard to Aristides. And they say that he is a warrior, and jealous, and covets sheep arishides things which are not his.

And it is trodden under foot of aristieds and beast, and receives the bloodstains of the slain; and it is dug open, and filled with the dead, and becomes a tomb for corpses. The book is made up of a number of separate treatises and extracts, almost all of which are ethical in character.

Aristides the Philosopher is a Christian who has preserved the philosophic manner, aristiees probably the philosophic dress, with a view to future service in the gospel. Now when I say that he is apologg, this means that there is not in him any defect, arisides he is not in need of anything but all things are in need of him. The Jews, again, trace the origin of their race from Abraham, who begat Isaac, of whom was born Jacob. And they say that he took to him among his wives Rhea, and begat many children by her.

Aristides, a most eloquent Athenian philosopher, and a disciple of Christ while yet retaining his philosopher’s garb, presented a work to Hadrian at the same time that Quadratus presented his. But God, as I have said, has none of this in His nature, but He is unmade and incorruptible.

Apology of Aristides

English-language translations of Apology of Aristides by Aristides. The Apology of Aristides: He will not hear of such a statement as that the sun and stars serve man, much less what Aristides affirms, that the sun was created to serve the multiplicity of human need.

And yet they see their gods in the hands of their artificers being sawn out, and planed and docked, and hacked short, wpology charred, and ornamented, and being altered by them in every kind of way. For it is of serious consequence to them that they should worship the true God rather than worship a senseless sound.

Once also, Aphrodite was wailing and weeping for the death of Tammuz, and they my that she went down to Sheol that she might redeem Adonis from Persephone, who is the daughter of Sheol Hades.

And they say that some of the females disputed about beauty, and appeared before men for judgment. Perhaps it should be taken as an epithet of ‘truth,’ for in the original it precedes the word ‘illuminating.

Take, then, their writings, and read therein, and lo! If then it is proper that we should admire a god who is visible and does not see, how much more is this wpology of admiration that a man should believe in a nature which is invisible and all-seeing! The ethics shew a remarkable continuity with Jewish ethics: For example, it comes over and over qpology the Apocryphal Acts of John, a Gnostic document which Wright edited and translated from the Syriac.


And since Minucius Fundanus and his predecessor Granianus were consuls suffect in the years andit is not unreasonable to suppose that they held the Asian pro-consulate in the years A. But, before going further, it will be best to describe a little more closely the volume from which our text is taken. And he makes gain by his arms.

And lastly he changed himself into the likeness of an eagle through his passion for Ganydemos Ganymede the shepherd. Catherine’s in the Sinai. And how, prayis he a god who does not save himself? And hence, as they say in fable, there was engendered Aphrodite, who is called Astarte.

Apology of Aristides

And being checked by skilled workmen through the restraint of aqueducts, they flow and are diverted against their inclination, and come into gardens and other places in order that they may be collected and issue forth as a means of fertility for manand that they may cleanse away every impurity and fulfil the service man requires from them.

Moreover the wind is obedient to God, and fire to the angels; the waters also to the demons and the earth to the sons of men. Feast of Orthodoxy Intercession of the Theotokos The four fasting periods: De Deo sapienter loqui ab ipso Deo mihi datum est, et pro meis viribus locutus sum, quin tamen altitudinem imperscrutabilis magnitudinis Ejus comprehendere possem.

The Barbarians, then, as they did not apprehend God, went astray among the elements, and began to worship things created instead of their Creator; and for this end they made images and shut them up in shrines, and lo!

And in their imagination they conceive that it is God they serve; whereas by their mode of observance it is to the angels and not to God that their apologu is rendered: But these nature-poems, even if they be made as they say, still those are not gods who do such things and suffer and endure such things.