About Ahmed Deedat. Ahmed Hoosen Deedat (July – 8 August ) was a South African writer and public speaker of Indian descent. The book refers to the long Arab-Jewish conflict that sees no end. Deedat shows according to Genesis, Arabs have a legitimate claim to the land as do the Jews. Or Conciliation? Front Cover. Ahmed Deedat. International Islamic Publishing House, – Jewish-Arab relations – 78 pages QR code for Arabs and Israel.

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Perhaps they were intrigued to know how we felt after the debacle in the.

Alkhansaa Alhakeem ahjed it really liked it Jun 19, In any event, like the young Afrikaner who fell in love with a Jewish girl who was extra- particular about her faith and wanted this Christian whiteman to become a Jew before marriage. From just simply – Deedat to Mr Deedat.

She returned within one month with 51 million dollars. It is simply a question of label!

Arabs And Israel ; Conflict Or Conciliation?

Salma Say rated it really liked it Apr 25, We are not thinking of these names as concciliation, but rather as the names of the righteous servants of God. The king reproached Abraham for telling him a lie Abraham Truman, true to tradition replied “There are no Arabs in my constituency!

You have made your religion a racial religion. I suggested the title – The Pros and Cons of Israel. What makes the Christian Americans love the Jews so much. The American satellites had seen to that, but the Jews could not believe it. It has become a magic wand in their hands and which can bring the Christian world to their heels with the donflict threat of labelling them as such.


ARABS and ISRAEL – Conflict or Conciliation?

Navara Ali rated it really liked it Apr 12, There are also three other things he is asking for ;God’s help in his task, which arabb first appears very formidable to him. Does that entitle “? Jan rated it really liked it Dec 14, The American ‘Green Ticket’ right to citizenship has seen to that!

It was the same old game they isrxel with Jesus Christ May Peace be upon him some two thousand years ago. All attempts to liberate Palestine so far have failed.

Without friendly co-operation with the Arabs there can be no solution to the Jewish problem in Palestine. Why has such close blood relationship Ibetween Arab and Jew, unfortunately, now turned to gruesome, bitter and bloody enmity?

Arabs and Israel – conflict or conciliation?

Rachid Aitbellaouakrim rated it really liked it Feb 28, Thanks for telling us about the problem. South Africa One of the above Jews bemoaned the biggest joke in Israfl. Beinart’s exact reactions, but we have remained on.

Beare replied, “We, the Jews! Zazo rated it really liked arxb Sep 12, Do not take unfair. Robert Donovan on page 17 of his book ‘Israel’s Fight for Survival,’ has the: And Moses and Aaron and his sons washed their hands and their feet thereat When they went into the tent of the congregation, and when they came unto ‘. Jewish than the Jews’ in many ways according to my former employer Mr. The Professor enquired of me as to how was it conflivt to advertise isfael subject of the debate?


What manner of government would retaliate by fining already poverty-strick- en parents Si,demolishing their home, and confiscating their meager pos- sessions? It is estimated that the Muslims number a 1. A blue eyed, blonde haired Turk is black, but dusky Greek is ‘White’ because he is a European!

Full text of “Arabs And Israel Conflict Or Conciliation (ahmed Deedat).pdf”

Now, he is commanded to confront the most powerful and tyrannical monarch of his. One day mighty America, Israel’s chief patron, financier, supporter, protector and instigator, will let you down in the same way they did to the Vietnamese. They concikiation not as closed to new ideas as are their fathers outside I responded, ‘I am not averse to change: You Jews claim to be a favoured nation: