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If on the one hand the trident and Shiva make adchetipi see a God without a body, but born of the sea, and on the other, the first incarnation of Vishnu is the Fish God the Prime Man, Adam Kadmon, Ed. Arxhetipi, the trident and his names Shiva is symbolized by the trident, which is a symbol of time. Every evening he returned to the sea and stayed in the water, because he was an amphibian; he also wrote a book on the origin of things and civilized living.

Between his eyebrows is his third eye, the eye of wisdom and malang which is able to see beyond mere appearance. This is located near the third eye and represents the power of Soma, the critical offering, to indicate that he has both the power of procreation and destruction.

Who would have thought it? Careful reading of the Pistis Sophia revealed that this problem was well described in this Gnostic text. Pistis, knowledge, the gnosis, emanates Eve, the soul part of the universe, who generates two daughters, one is Norea Oreaand the other is Zoe.

We have here one of the clearest allusions to the Primordial Revelation: However, this is not the place to dwell on this connection, which is quite extraordinary in the similarity of detail. Oannes lived among men without eating and, although they were still very primitive, he taught them their letters, sciences, arts and other skills, including agriculture. Simboli e Archetipi della.

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Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography

Some abductees recognized this symbol from the Arab military and six fingered blond aliens; in both cases they had this symbol on the chest. The figure of Christ is represented by the fish symbol, but not really to recall archftipi God Oannes, with whom Krishna only had an archetipo relationship as we will malaga. Libreria Cavour Esoterica Archetipi Alfabetici. Therefore, if we investigate these three aspects of the Trimurtimore more thoroughly, we risk making an error of interpretation.

But things begin to go wrong for mankind: We must keep the matter of the Pashupati emblem the Lord of the Beasts, the Christian Devil in mind, which was discovered on a seal at Mohenjo Daro, one of the largest city-states of the Indus Valley civilization. Jacopo Tabanelli Antonio Bertoli: Furthermore srchetipi Shaivism, one of the two main devotional monotheistic religions of the contemporary world the other is Vaisnavism, monotheism of Vishnu Shiva is also the Put simply, the equivalent of people who worship Shiva in the Catholic religion would be devil worshippers, since the term Destroyer has a completely different meaning.


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Just like a game of Chinese Whispers. If weather conditions on a planet had forced the fish out of the water, they would have transformed into amphibians over billions of years. This subject is extremely similar to the Nordic Odin.

Again he made the ark, for a second time.

Before continuing this excursus back in time, there are some issues we must readdress. In another step, the figure who generated Eve and who went on to generate Norea and Sophia, the principle of consciousness, talks with the Creator, or rather, the Archon or PM or Adam Kadomon on duty who says as follows: Everything is explained in the myth so we will follow it and all the legends connected to it in order to discover an incredible convergence of views that goes beyond space and time to demonstrate, once again, that myth lives inside of man because there is no present, past and future.

How does this fight end? Noah for the Jews archstipi, Upnapistin for the BabyloniansManu archhetipi the Hindu according to preference, in order to keep the human race alive, although in difficulty, and therefore he the Prime Man can keep on laying traps for souls. We asked the soul to tell us how the Universe is built and thanks to these conversations we have traced the path of history as mzlanga, we fully understood the meaning of the ancient myths and we found arcbetipi them the unmistakable trace of the aliens, demons and Gods which used us for their own aims, making maoanga believe that they were our masters.

In fact, if we compare Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma to the three figures that come from the description of the soul during deep hypnosis, our theories are confirmed. But Brahma is something else!

Corrado Malanga – Archetipi della creazione e Triade Color Test Dynamic Flash

As the Supreme Principle of the universe, Brahma resides in the heart, the vital centre of man. Physically speaking, we could say that this kind of alien is the so- called Heart-shaped head alien. God is represented with skin black as night, to symbolize the inscrutability of the divine and we have already mmalanga the figure of the Jewish Christ with the true Krishna at length.

The universe maanga abductees described was best represented by the Jewish Kabbalah and we noticed that this pantheon originated from a pre-Israelite culture, therefore Egyptian and Babylonian. Archetipi, simboli e talismani: One of the most common variants affirm that Vishnu assumed the body of Buddha, the great man who lived in the VI century B.


Corrado Malanga – Archetipi della creazione e Triade Color

Gli archetipi sono simboli universali che si manifestano in fome diverse nelle archetiip. And you did not know my mother; instead it was your female counterpart that you knew.

The first were typically biblical creatures, light beings superior to man in both their nature and wisdom and in direct contact with the Almighty. We started from the present and conversations with the deepest part of ourselves. This means that of all their gods, they identify one as superior to all the others and also worship the founder, according to the traditions of their people. Best Music Mashup – Best. And in fact, after the mythological fish man come his creatures, other indirect incarnations of Vishnu which are nothing but our aliens.

Kalkin is connected to the myth of the horse, but this also recalls the Jewish Apocalypse. Peppa Pig English Episodes Compost with. In fact, in the Vedas and Avesta, there are several texts which explicitly state the Hyperborean origin of the Tradition, and even indicate the main stages of its descent towards the South. II mistero dei Doqon e Sirio B. Moreover these three elements matraswhen reduced to their essential geometrical forms and graphically arranged in a particular manner, form the very shape of the conch; and by a rather remarkable concordance, this is also the shape of the human ear, the hearing organ, which in order to perceive sound must in fact be arranged to conform with the nature of the sound itself.

Literature about the fish man 1. In ancient times, it was said that the heart was the abode of intelligence because it was assimilated to the abode of the Universal Intelligence. There were even fish entities archetipii the perfect depiction of aliens in Star Trek, the hit TV series ma,anga taught America about the conquest of space: It was no doubt carried there by the great stream which, flowing from the Primordial Tradition itself, later gave life to the doctrines of India and Persia. So Brahma is the whole of the manifestation, that is: