Art as Technique by Victor Shklovsky. Victor Shklovosky, a founder of the OPAYAZ group in Russia, occupies a significant position in Russian Formalism by. Art as a Technique by viktor Shklovsky. Shklovsky brings out that there comes a point were perceptions become habitual thus becoming. Art as Technique” () is the most important statement made of early. Formalist According to Shklovsky, the chief technique for promoting such perception.

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Art is a means of experiencing the process of creativity. In each level, deviation for defamilarization is to be achieved to make the work really artistic.

Viktor Shklovsky – Wikipedia

He gives the example of holding a pen where we no longer have to cognitively think on how to do it, we just unconsciously do, this act of holding a pen now is very different to the first time we try to hold a pen, which we do at a very early age so we might not remember but it does remind me of the first time I tried using a chop stick and once you get enough practice it becomes natural to you. So as art becomes an institution, or better said, something proposed as art makes it into a museum, there is exclusion.

And art exists that one may recover the sensation of life; it exists to make one feel things, to make the stone stony.

What kind of existence does Ginsberg identify as one defined by habitualised behaviour, habitualised perception and automatism? Anna Stankova rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Alice Herondale rated it really liked it Oct 11, In this sense, the work of art is an artistic use of language where in we can invent newer and newer literary devices to create defamiliarization in literary devices to create defmilarization in literature so that the result in literary work is the experience of new satisfactions and perspectives.


Art is a way of experiencing the artfulness of an object; the object is not important. Shklovsky then demonstrates his point with the works of Tolstoy and popular erotica, where the former describes events zs if he saw them for the first time, and the latter utilizes euphemism and figurative language to heighten our expectation of pleasure.

The argument cleverly begins by quoting the still accepted maxim that poetry is economy of imagery, allowing the reader to consume big feelings or ideas in a small amount of space. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shklovsky was one of the very early serious writers on film. Shklovsky is perhaps best known for developing the concept of ostranenie or defamiliarization also translated as “estrangement” in literature.

Shklovsky explains that the technique of art is, the process of making objects different and difficult; and shklovksy is a connection; the more different the more difficult and object is, the more time you will spend perceiving it.

Eva Lucia rated it liked it Dec 01, He was a close friend of director Sergei Eisenstein and published an extensive critical assessment of his life and works Moscowno English translation.

Art as Technique

The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. Saint PetersburgRussian Empire. Marbled Intentions rated it liked it Oct 15, He is one of the major figures associated with Russian formalism. Art as Technique by Victor Shklovsky Victor Shklovosky, a founder of the OPAYAZ group in Russia, occupies a significant position in Russian Formalism by introducing shjlovsky literary concept of art as technique, thereby making the notion of defamiliarization as a central tenet of the Russian Formalism.


The technique for him is not automatic and static. Instead, technique is always unlimited, dynamic and volatile. Second of all, the name isn’t hard to explain. Kostas Lopsaitis rated it liked it Dec 30, The exploration of art as technique helps writers to ae artistic estrangement by tfchnique new devices and deviating the common and habitual devices.

Refresh and try again. During the First World Warhe volunteered for the Russian Army and eventually became a driving trainer in an techniqe car unit in St. And the third — is processing me at this very moment. In the case of art, it becomes an institution. An excellent essay that centers on the technique of defamiliarization, how artists make everyday things feel new again. Maria rated it really liked it Aug 26, Have read before but now am able to appreciate it as a work of Art in itself.