For more than 2 decades beginning in , University of Vienna anatomist Eduard Pernkopf labored on his anatomical atlas, which he published as the. The first order of business is to review these two books for what they are: an anatomical atlas. As countless others have remarked since their publication over Results 1 – 12 of 35 Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy, Vol. 2: Thorax, Abdomen and Extremities (v. 2). Oct 1, by Eduard Pernkopf and.

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Medical school libraries handling of articles that report invalid science. One of atlzs first acts as dean was to purge the medical school faculty of Jews and other undesirable members.

The youngest of three sons, he seemed to be considering a career in music upon his completion of the Gymnasium in Horn.

It is well known that some of the artists who painted the illustrations for the Pernkopf atlas were themselves active and loyal members of the National Socialist Party in Austria.

For example, are scientific data tainted by their associations with Nazism, or should such data including the atlas be assessed on their own merits, separate from the persons and ideologies involved in their creation?

Nazi Origins of an Anatomy Text: The Pernkopf Atlas | JAMA | JAMA Network

Fosterhe sees the anatomist’s fundamental crime as a violation of his subjects’ dignity. Atlas of Topographic and Applied Human Anatomy: The original Pernkopf work contains more than detailed paintings of dissections.

Only after the body had been selected did the committee who chose the body realize that they had selected an executed prisoner convicted of murder [ 59 ]. One month after Nazi Germany invaded Austria inPernkopf was made dean of the medical faculty in Vienna. He served in the military as a physician for a year during World War I. The Visible Human Project at the U. Currently, it cannot be excluded that certain preparations used for the illustrations in this atlas were obtained from political victims of the National Socialist regime.


What should we do about Eduard Pernkopf’s atlas?

When medicine went mad: He returned to Vienna where his Anatomy Institute had been largely destroyed by Allied bombing. In Pernkopf and his atlas came into the focus of a controversy in scientific ethics following the publication of a paper by Professor Edzard Ernstwho had recently been chair of Rehabilitative Medicine at the University of Vienna[8] that outlined the Nazi takeover of the university and highlighted the human experimentation that followed, including the role of Pernkopf himself.

Our duty is to ensure that when we are aware that the data in an article or a book has been derived through unethical experimentation, that patients have been denied informed consent, or that data has been deliberately falsified, that all potential users of the data are aware of its origins. Untersuchen zur anatamischen wissenschaft in Wien — A recommendation for the continued use of the Pernkopf atlas”. A few years later, the publisher brought out a condensed two-volume set with all the color plates, removing most of Pernkopf’s explanatory text and, later, airbrushing out the Nazi symbols Lepier and the others added to their signatures.

Revisiting the infamous Pernkopf anatomy atlas : historical lessons for medical law and ethics

They make us reexamine and again repudiate the Nazi beliefs that created a society that killed them [ 25, 26 ]. Retrieved 11 November The Visible Human Male is, after all, a rather heroic, perhaps even a noble, figure. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Many are reluctant to reject work they believe is unethical as long as the violations are not excessive or flagrant. He argues that rejecting the hateful beliefs of Pernkopf and his fellow Nazis does not necessitate rejecting the elegant anatomic images they produced.


During his time there he became a member of the Student Academic Fraternity of Germany, a student group with a strong German nationalist persuasion. In this case, the ethical questions concern the origin of the cadavers used for the dissections from which its anatomical illustrations are drawn.

As he attained his full professorship he was offered a contract to expand it into a publishable book, and he eagerly accepted. Adding such statements directly to material in public library holdings is ethical and especially important when works may contain material that may have violated the ethical standards of the medical community.

As he had begun his speech with “Heil Hitler!

Pernkopf began his atlas in Sign in to access your prenkopf Sign in to your personal account. Lepier became the leader of the other artists who followed, of which the most important were Ludwig Schrott, Jr. In his new position, in a supportive political environment, Pernkopf put his Nazi beliefs into action. Pernkopf was born in in the Lower Austria village of Rappottensteinnear the border with Bavaria. This occurred at about pernkpof same time as the AnschlussGermany’s annexation of Austria into the Third Reich.

He began his studies at the University of Vienna ‘s medical school in Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign atlad for alerts, customize your interests, and more.