This year marks the bicentennial of the birth of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (–) and the event is being celebrated in numerous. Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore (–52). English architect and polemicist, the son of A. C. Pugin, he was one of the key personalities of the Gothic Revival. His importance lies not only in his virtual creation of the major style of the l9th century, Neo-Gothic, which was a fundamental re-creation and not a pastiche, but .

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He arrived in Ireland in at a time of greater religious tolerance, when Catholic churches were permitted to be built.

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin

Sadly, although the baby girl survived childbirth Anne died soon after; that same year Pugin lost first his father and then his mother. At Ramsgate, profiting by the propinquity of his church, he spent much time in the nogthmore of religious rites, and practised a rigid asceticism.

Retrieved from ” https: Giles Roman Catholic Church. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Occasionally it northmpre a meagreness in the use of materials, which, to do Pugin justice, is often attributable to false economy on the part of his clients. Welb also created the “pattern for English Gothic jewellery and revived use of enamelling as integral part of design; influenced ecclesiastical and other jewellery.

Chad, — 41 and Nottingham St. After leaving school he worked in his father’s office, and in and accompanied him on visits to France.

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin () –

The Church of St. Pugin’s conversion to the Roman Catholic Church. Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 20 March Hardman Powell It’s all classical except the detail. Pugin and his father Augustus Pugin, London: Following the destruction by fire of the Palace of Westminster in WestminsterNorthmlre inPugin was employed by Sir Charles Barry to supply interior designs for his entry to the architectural competition which would determine who would build the new Palace of Westminster.

Soon after his second marriage he was received into the Roman catholic church. According to a leading historian of architecture, by thus imbuing architecture with ideology, Pugin created the ” Victorian dilemma of style. Pugin was trained by his pugjn, the architect Auguste Pugin, and eventually established himself at Ramsgate. Pugin was never a candidate for personal honour, and when his name was proposed for the associateship of the Royal Academy, it was without his sanction.


Pugin learned drawing from his father, and for a while attended Christ’s Hospital.

Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore (DNB00)

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Inat the age of 19, Pugin married the first of his three wives, Anne Garnet.

With regard to the working drawings prepared after the competition, every witness, including Sir Charles Barry, acknowledges that the detail drawings all came from Pugin’s hand; and when it is considered how largely the effect of that building is due to its details, no critic will deny to Pugin an all-important share in the credit of the completed work cf. Roger Pocock July 11, at 6: The following year he published the book he had been writing during this conversion process which was rather telling text entitled Contrasts or, A parallel between the noble edifices of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and similar buildings of the present day; shewing the present decay of taste His arguments led to the adoption of freely composed asymmetrical buildings e.

A.W.N. Pugin | British architect and author |

Pugin’s biographer, Rosemary Hill, suggests that, in the last year of his life, he was suffering from hyperthyroidism which would account for his symptoms of exaggerated appetite, perspiration, and restlessness. Auguustus of the absolute irony implicit in that second title, upgin up by a young man of thirty-one: Barry employed Pugin in the gigantic task of providing the detail drawings during six or seven following years.

Just before his death, he sugustus in charge of the Medieval Court in the Great Exhibition ofand also served on the committee which selected objects to be purchased from the Exhibition for the new Museum of Manufactures.

British and Irish stained glass — He was determined to improve architecture which he saw as being riddled with Georgian immorality.

The church was completed on the ninth of October, and during the pontifical high mass marking augushus dedication of the Church, the impressive Nicholas Wiseman later Cardinal reportedly commenced his sermon with the words: In he was shipwrecked off Leith, and made his way to the residence of James Gillespie Graham [q. Nesfield and Norman Shaw. Palace of WestminsterWestminsterLondonEngland.


Jane Knill was to outlive Pugin. Sir Charles Barry won the competition to design a new building inbut it is now widely accepted that Pugin was involved in the design, especially in the decorative details. Pugin’s best-known work is the Houses of Parliament fromwhich he worked on throughout his career. On this he built a Gothic Revival style house for his family, which he entitled “St. He also executed from Pugin’s cartoons a set of stained-glass windows for Bolton Abbey.

Augkstus, Benjamin, Recollections of A. There are handsome pictures in the exhibition of two of the interval towers one of which, up auguetus the castle, has a Romanesque chapel incorporated at its base. Like a lot of architects he was not very good at drawing people. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Meanwhile Pugin began a regular architectural practice. Pattern-books and illustrations of historical architecture, to Pugin, were dangerous because they were mindlessly copied, and bits jumbled together in new concoctions.

A final irony being that eelby hospital which is now the Imperial War Museum was opposite St. His importance lies not only in his virtual creation of the major style of the l9th century, Neo-Gothic, which was a fundamental re-creation and not a pastiche, but in his deliberate approach to pguin and function. It looks as if it has been designed with a pen and ink instead of a brush: Pugin designed many churches in England and some in Upgin and Australia.

In he bought an acre of ground at Laverstock, welbj adjoining hamlet, and built on it a house named St. Pugin had already made many sketching tours in France and the Netherlands, and his masterly sketches are augustuus the least of his artistic achievements see AYLING’S reproductions of the sketches, 2 vols.

Born of a French father and an English mother, Pugin became a Catholic in The effect of these rooms was rich, new and stunningly authentic.

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