Additional Rules: Q: What happens when it is my turn and I don’t have any. Bakugan in my unused pile? A: Return all of your Bakugan from your used pile to . Read Rules of Bakugan from the story Bakugan Battle Brawlers by Hydrath ( Silvally) with reads. cardgame, bakuganbattlebrawlers, fantasy. “Hey Alice. BAKUGANĀ® RULES. This is a 2 player game. Each player has a team of 3 Bakugan and each is trying to be the first to capture 3 Gate cards. When ready, each.

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G-Power is absent, replaced by a health bar. During any game of Bakugan, ability cards are usually played during a battle after the gate card is opened. More success stories Bakguan success stories Hide success stories.

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Only one Gate Card is in the field rluebook a time. The player who won the gate card lays it face up in front of them. Can I use those Bakugan again?

Roll your second Bakugan, trying to land it on the card your opponent is on. If this difference is more thanthe rluebook Bakugan is kept by the other player.


They cause varying effects, such as causing opponents of certain attributes to take more damage or do less damage to the replicator.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful Retrieved from ” http: Remove used Bakugans and cards from the play area.

Pick gate cards with high numbers in the circles that match the colors of your Bakugans. Gameplay consists of placing down metal Gate Cards then rolling the Bakugan onto the cards where they spring open when the magnet inside the Bakugan hit the metal inside the Gate Card.

FREE: Bakugan Rule Book

Players start with three Bakugan any threethree Gate Cards one of each color: The life gauge starts at ; this number drains according to how many Gs the player’s Bakugan loses a round by. These cards give an increase marked on said card to the user’s Bakugan. Each Bakugan has four Abilities, two of which can be used per battle.

The player may pick one of the six Bakugan from the second half of New Vestroia and control them.

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If a Landmark is destroyed, the player loses the battle. Gate Cards can now be set at any time, as in the anime, whereas this is not allowed by the official rules of the real game. Do ability cards return to the unused pile when Bakunin are returned to the unused pile? The reason there are highlighted G-Power bonuses on gate cards is because some ability and reference cards refer to a highlighted bonus on a gate card, like cancelling or benefiting from it.


If your G-power score is and the gate bonus is 50, your current total is Did this summary help you?

This article contains the details of the Gameplay of the card game, Bakugan. Together, they cited information from 11 referenceswhich can be found at the bottom of the page. TT Tom Talon Nov 30, Get a pen and piece of paper for each person.

Bakugan Rulebook –

Ruldbook Bakugan are sent out in waves and follow a fixed path on a 2D map. Not Helpful 9 Helpful This card allows the user to send in either a Fire-attributed or Wind-attributed Pyrus and Ventus, respectively at a Gate Card with only an opponent’s Bakugan on it.

Pick three ability bakuhan. When opposing Bakugan Stand on the same card the gate opens and a “battle” occurs with the winner determined by the highest G-power total.

Select three gate cards to use in the battle. This is known as the “Big Game Rules” in the reference texts.