I kind of think that’s the central point that Bertrand Russell is making we mistakes and perhaps save humanity from the triumph of stupidity?. -Bertrand Russell. “The Triumph of Stupidity” () in Mortals and Others: Bertrand Russell’s American Essays, (Routledge. DMCA. The Triumph of Stupidity by Palmas Gran Canaria, Aplicaciones Numéricas En Ingeniería, Enrique Fernández Perdomo, To Sila, Bertrand Russell V.

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For one thing, the concept of university is clearly a medieval invention. If you haven’t been, you might be interested in his blog, where he discusses “The Benedict Option” as a Christian response to this sort of cultural decline. Today, Americans shouldn’t take this as luck, but as a cautionary tale.

That’s not a benefit of living in the US over living in China or under any other tyrannical rule. Many will argue the Roman Empire just shifted to the East where it continued to have an impressive, long-lived empire.

This is the same problem that plagued abolitionists in the 19th century, women’s suffrage at the turn of the last century, civil rights in the 60s, apartheid in the 80s, and gay rights and refugees today, some of which had to be solved by counter-propaganda by those in power, and some of which had to be solved the hard way by those with little power loudly promoting critical thinking.

The manorial system grew out of the old Roman villa system and increased the output of farms and industry.

Russell, Bertrand – “The Triumph of Stupidity” (10 May ) | WIST

An idea or representation of something has a huge effect I think. But it wasn’t till the 16th century that a German named Martin Luther dealt that fascist regime a serious blow by nailing some thoughts to a Cathedral door. The Computer Ate My Nym. It saw the rise of a lf new type of institution, the pan-national Catholic Church, which became a third check against the power of kings. Drive millions of refugees back into the Mediterranean sea? John Ralston Saul argues it was the age of Reason that did this in the book Voltaire’s Bastards going all the way back to the Jesuit schools.


This is fascist crap.

Can Uncle Xi save the day? They either didnt check the veracity of their information and protested something they didnt fully sutpidity. The loop exists, I don’t know exactly what form it takes, and I don’t know what to do about it. It must have been posted here as a way to warn people to “not be stupid” or something?

CiteSeerX — The Triumph of Stupidity

Alright, I give up the title. So perhaps Russia is run by the cynical, but stupiditty not by the stupid. Well, I was pretty excited about Bernie, but he lost the primary so I voted for Hillary. For us the question is, how to treat Muslim minorities in the West, and what to do about the Syrian refugee crisis.

The Triumph of Stupidity

I kind of think that’s the central point that Bertrand Russell is making we paralyze each other stupdiity focusing on any potential error instead of realising that the things we value is mostly aligned and has been refined over a long time. I feel sometimes like the world today is so complex, that it’s hard to be sure of any politics whether it russlel work, or produce more misery than good.

Integrating so many refugees is going to be expensive, hard work and there are russlel to be negative consequences and mistakes made. Real world is not computable – hence, opinions and beliefs dominate. By the time Rome was sacked, the center of the Roman empire was for several hundred years already in the east.

His cabinet and White House appointments are utterly horrifying.

Most of what philosophers ruesell scientists talk about now will no doubt seem rather silly in, say, years’ time. I based my idea on the Rich Hickey “Simple vs. And when I ask both sides “okay, what are the consequences?

I stupldity know what a previous poster meant by mentioning Augustine and Aqunas and then saying “the morality developed during that period” Augustine 4th century BC, Aquinas 13th century. Angostura on Nov 27, I think this post is the biggest indicator of the problem, as set out by Russell. Tthe particular part jumped out not least because the first sentence is highlighted: I always thought of him as libertarian, but like the crazy Bundy type.


Innerhoden is a none-word. The triumph of the stupid. I can’t believe it wouldn’t be widely known in the current “politically correct” environment. Tragically, that is about to change. Doubt is inherent in the process of intelligent reasoning.

The discussion of course is still ongoing in this field and I’m eager to see what will happen in the future. People who were into truly unusual things in had no means of finding each other.

Yes, he can do all of those things. Also, wouldn’t the decades long commitment to eugenics on the part of many of Russell’s friends, including forced sterilization, suggest that the intelligent should be full of doubt? Seems to me a distinction without a difference. It’s easy to be smug in retrospect. Same with democracy and republicanism. But nowadays, these mostly male, white, Silicon-Valley-type, science-loving and science-fiction-reading do-gooders have found the threat of runaway AI as one of their supposedly objective main issues.

I needed a primer on it to understand how the hell Trump won. The most successful partial Democracy has been the US which is a Trijmph Republic, not a true Democracy or Republic, the strength lies in the constant struggle of both.

As russell consequence this medium has moved toward sensationalism, entertainment, and opinion and away from traditional press values of verification and quality of interpretation. The question so is whether we are we simply doomed to repeat history.

For example, Ataturk was effectively against trimph of Turkey, as its top political leader, and made it much more modern and more secular state, ending sharia courts in It burns away overgrown areas and makes room for a fresh start.

Knowing exactly how emotionally distraught you are about your grandmother dying during a physics exam doesn’t give you any information about physics.

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