Biochimie medicală: mic tratat by Aurora Popescu(Book) 7 editions published between and in Romanian and held by 10 WorldCat member. BIOCHIMIE MEDICALA. MIC TRATAT VOL. I – Carti de la. BIOCHIMIE MEDICALA . MIC TRATAT de VERONICA DINU Puteti comanda aceasta carte de la CARTI. CODE: MG COURSE: Anatomy – Embryology. CREDITS: Year and semester of study. 1st year, 2nd year. LECTURERS 1s.

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Anatomy – UMF Iasi

Determination of visual discrimination ability. Medicala, Bucuresti, Sabiston Biochimje. Dissection of nasal cavity: Neuroglial cells — types and functions. The student should be able to: Elena Petrescu Assist dr. Development of the circulatory system: Dissection of the main 3 lymph nodes groups of the thorax.

Popescu, Aurora

The sternum The scapula. Biophysical data about biopolymers primary and conformational structure. Poligenic heredity and continuous Gauss distribution in population. Infection and infectious disease. Gametogenesis in male Gametogenesis in female The first week of embryonic life The second week of embryonic life The third weeke of embryonic life The fourth week of embryonic life.


Clinical stages help students correct physical examination and history tacking performing and some practical elementary techniques too. The scientific- technical revolution throughout the ages and its role in the development of medicine meddicala biological sciences. Muscles of the back. Factors that influence gene and genotype frequency. La table des matieres grasses Writing and speaking: Practical value of normal hereditary traits study 6 hours.

Development of the nasal cavities and secondary palate. Importance of investigations of medical sociology in fundamenting health care.

Popescu, Aurora [WorldCat Identities]

Apollonia, Federerative Comitee on Anatomical Terminology: Hanciuta Toma-Cosmin Junior Assist. Acute intoxication with methanol. The electrocardiographical method; principles biopotentials, vectorial theorytechnical details equipment, work conditions, leadsECG trace components 40 Cardiac physiology; electrocardiography.

Applications of Hardy — Weinberg law in Human Genetics 2 hours. The patient as a doctor, the doctor as a patient.

Irreversible shock morphological lesions. Treatment of genetic disorders. Ways to communicate data 8 hours.

Practice Windows operational system Programs presentation, software usage methods — soft of human body anatomy Tehnhoursdactare in Word Tables, calculus and data vfronica in Excel Data bases using Visual Fox for Windows Data base creation; displayingmodification, erasing, information search, statistical information calculus; relations and concatenations; calculus function methods Medical statistics EPI Info Excel: Special Bacteriology Week 14 2 hours: Cardiac physiology; electrical and mechanical activity of the heart; nervous influences.


The writings of Hippocrates and Galen today: Lili Lozneanu 78 Assist. The main groups of models: Complementary methods of exocrine pancreas exploration. Projections veronida dissections The knee: Microscopic transport and equilibrium. Profilaxis of genetic disorders.

Bone fracture and the process of bone biochimiee. Identification of the main species from the Clostridium and Bacillus genus.

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Inflammations produced by fungi, bacteria and helmitae. Skin and its attached structures. Psychological forming of the doctor.