Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. Innovations, whether in farming, composite science, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature – Kindle edition by Janine M. Benyus. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Janine Benyus is the Co-founder of Biomimicry She is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired. Benyus has authored six books on biomimicry, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In this book she.

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She is also President of The Biomimicry Institutea non-profit organization whose mission is to naturalize biomimicry in the culture by promoting the transfer janinee ideas, designs, and strategies from biology to sustainable human systems design. In this book she develops the basic thesis that human beings should consciously emulate nature’s genius in their designs. I appreciate natural beauty and an elegant design solution as much as the next guy, and clearly natural designs often demonstrate extreme economy of necessity.

Added to this was the inability of the author to recognize fundamental truths about design and creation that were staring her in the face and that were painfully obvious to me as a reader [1].

Can we jjanine food in polycultures? The last part of the book is pretty dry philosophizing except for a few ideas such as companies that are taking back their products for recycling and laws requiring them to do so. How do businesses learn and apply ideas from nature? He also mentioned certain plants being known to have medicinal properties. The watchword right now is resilience in the face of change. Many of the promising technologies that the author touts here have fizzled and found themselves to be not worth pursuing.

Janine Benyus – Biomimicry

Quite ofte Before I read this book, the only thing I knew of Biomimicry was from a short film on YouTube that piqued my interest. Innovation Inspired by Nature. Some parts jqnine it I found really interesting, some not enough developped or a little bit too far fetched, only full of descriptions of uanine d Reading this book was depressing. Benyus is an American natural sciences writer, innovation consultant, and author. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The result is that although I am not professing to be a born again scientist, I have broadened and slightly deepend my understanding of how and why basic processes such as Photosynthesis are so biomiimcry to us. I enjoyed it because it encourages the reader to question current human practices, in that we tend to fight nature versus seek out potential synergy with it.

The vast majority of organisms run on sunlight, for example. We have much to learn and this book drives the point home by elucidating the amazing ways of nature that we could decide to emulate instead of tromp upon. bsnyus

Refresh and try again. To ask other readers questions about Biomimicryplease sign up. Thanks for telling bh about the problem. Reading this book was a frustrating experience for many reasons.

Janine Benyus

While there’s certainly ny wrong with her vision, I think her intended method of carrying it out is faulty at best. If chaos theory transformed our view of the universe, biomimicry is transforming our life on Earth. From Wes Jackson’s Land Institute that’s rethinking – and re-doing – how grasses are grown in a way that rejuvenates the soil to scientists trying to simulate photosynthesis as a way to create energy, Biomimicry is riveting. Ultimately, what this book says is less important and blameworthy than its approach.

Retrieved August 26, This was where I started to feel like I was in a time warp, as she talked about the biological computers and suggested that early version may be available in the next 5 years or so Good examples bkomimicry context. Yet Benyus occasionally loses sight of the fact that the nature we see today is the result of 3.

Innovation Inspired By Nature – Biomimicry 3. For one, the tone of the author read like someone who was proselytizing for a false brnyus, namely janin heathen worship of the earth mother, which did not bode well for my enjoyment of the book as a whole. The or so pages of this book are divided into eight chapters that ask why we are talking about biomimicry now, how we may feed ourselves in the future, how we will harness energy, how we giomimicry make things, how we will heal ourselves, how we will store what we learn, how will we conduct business, and where we will go from here.


View all 4 comments. Jul 23, Apoorv Gupta rated it really liked it. I guess they expect reviewers to be more decisive.

When you hear this optimistic soon-utopia-to-be tone ofwhen it was written, you can’t help but look at what’s happening now and see that nothing much has changed. Just check out a Biimimicry from the library or rent one from your local video store if you don’t believe me.

If you think of things like leaves, that need to stay clean.

Science writer and lecturer Janine Benyus names and explains this phenomenon. The section of the book on foo Biomimicry has an interesting idea and the author did a lot of research, but it would be better without nearly as much detail about how proposed processes work.

Benyus writes eloquently and presents many ideas to learn from. There are a lot of roles for everybody in jaanine. Jul 24, Olivia rated it really liked it. Yes, we have Spotify and electric rental cars, but they didn’t change big thing, unfortunately.

It is not so readable as a result, and the chapters are highly episodic as opposed to cumulative.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

I ended up skimming a janinf in hopes of just gaining the larger idea. I am happy I read it and definitely feel I have benefitted. She instead posits that over billions of years, nature has developed vastly superior technology than humans. Jul 29, Hao Ca Vien rated it it was amazing.