Blindsighted: The First Grant County Thriller (Grant County Thrillers) [Karin Slaughter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gillian Flynn says. Blindsighted: A Novel (Dr. Sara Linton) [Karin Slaughter] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. The sleepy town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is jolted. Gillian Flynn says, “Karin Slaughter is simply one of the best thriller writers working today.”A small Georgia town erupts in panic when a young college prof.

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Sara meets her younger sister for lunc This book was voted as krin June Book Read by our group ” A Good Thriller” Happy this book was voted as have enjoyed quite a few of Karin Slaughter books, although good to read this book as her debut book and the introduction of her character Sara Linton. Karin Slaughter is an American crime writer. Other books in the series. Thanks blnidsighted telling us about the problem.

Karin Slaughter – Wikipedia

I love the research she puts into her books. Your subscription to Read More was successful.

I quickly settled into the intensity once again of discovering who the predator was. Karin Slaughter has had a long and successful career and I am slakghter that her skill improved as she gained experience. If you love gritty suspense thrillers, you really must give Karin Slaughter a try.

I’ve loved everything I’ve ever read of hers, and this was no exception. Sara’s autopsy reveals that Sybil was also raped and sodomized.

She finds Sybil Adams dead apart from being viciously raped two deep knife wounds have been carved across her stomach. Having said all slaughtre, of course I already have the second book in the series.


Karin Slaughter

This was nominated the Barry Award for Best First Novel and it was certainly good enough to have won it. Steve Mann owns the hardware store. So, blnidsighted stars for Blindsighted.

View all 56 comments. The crime Sarah goes to the local diner for lunch with her sister. The trail quickly leads to a missing co-ed, and suspicion falls upon her druggie boyfriend.

ksrin It’s like the woman lives in a different world than we do and sees things I overlook on a daily basis; the tiny details are what really set these stories apart from others in the genre.

I did the opposite and read her books first and when I was looking for something similar I found …more I would suggest Tana French’s Murder Squad series. Jun 13, Sue rated it it was amazing Shelves: I admit I like it when the good guys win. She’s been brutally stabbed and assaulted and Kaein tries but can’t save her.

Actually, Jeff wouldn’t mind patching things up. Obviously the central case was graphic, both violently and sexually, so it sllaughter be for everyone, but I was so pleased that it remained a concrete 5 stars for me without all the flashy twists blowing my mind from the first go around.

Billy and Bob are her dogs. Sara Linton leaves her pediatric clinic to meet her year-old younger sister for lunch at a campus eatery, she receives a postcard picturing Atlanta’s Emory University, where she interned. Despite all of the positive elements, the novel did not feel complete. I lsaughter so many people are die hard fans of the Will Trent series, but if you skipped ahead without reading Grant County first I urgently insist that blindsightwd backtrack and take the time to experience where it all started.

Or how she was cradling the victim when the cop came, blindsifhted if she were really close to this person, but she wasn’t, s Well, this didn’t work for me at all – I haven’t even wanted to pick it up for two days. Georgia uses a Medical Examiner System. I’ve been eagerly anticipating my headlong dive into Slaughter’s backlist and knew to expect.


View all 10 comments. Sara and chief of police Jeffrey Tolliver find themselves dealing with an experienced sexual predator I don’t know what it was about it that just did not grab me. Will Harris is a black man who helps Pete out. Ben Walker was chief of police before Jeffrey.

Want to Read saving…. She was also a lesbian. I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. I read the first of the Grant County series after having read several of the Will Trent books. This is Ms Slaughter’s debut novel so maybe I should cut her some slack. The sleepy town of Heartsdale, Georgia, is jolted into panic when Sara Linton, paediatrician and medical examiner, finds Sibyl Adams dead in the local diner.

At times, it was very extreme if fictional violence against women bothers you STAY AWAYbut if you can handle the extreme, the details make it all the more suspenseful. One thing I must acknowledge. Here’s the order in which they should be read: Hello I am new to goodreads so this may not be the place for this question, but now I have finished all of Karin’s series’ and then Tess Gartiners’ series, I am looking for something similar:

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