By the former New York Times Managua bureau chief, this is a well-written, information-rich survey of modern Nicaragua. Kinzer describes how Cesar Sandino’s. Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua is a book by Stephen Kinzer, an American author and New York Times foreign correspondent who reported. Blood of Brothers by Stephen Kinzer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It was exhilarating to read about a country, stephem many of the things spoken about, I had seen with my own two eyes, yet I walked right past some of these historic sites because I had no background knowledge to minzer the history fully. In spite of all this, I have to say, Blood of Brothers is a very entertaining read. The Sandanistas are fairly firmly in power, but the people have no great love for them.

I set out to read about its turbulent history that led it to its present state and this was the perfect find.

Other books in this series. The country is beautiful, the people warm and welcoming. When explaining where I lived, for example, I would start by asking if my prospective guest knew the location of the military hospital.

No eBook available Amazon.

Blood of Brothers

But more importantly, I think he got he spirit of Nicaragua right. I was supposed to visit Nicaragua this past summer, but right before my trip, massive and violent civil unrest broke out, and it continues today.

Sep 30, Peter Pecksen rated it it was amazing. In their myopic vision of fighting the evil empire of world communism they misled the American people as to what was going on in Nicaragua and caused the unnessary deaths of thousands of young Nicaraguans on both sides of brotners civil war.

May 28, Maddie Rojas Lynch rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m stunned sfephen the extent of the chaos that the United States caused in Nicaragua and I’m super angry at Ronald Regan.


I lived in Nicaragua for nine months, am dating a “Nica”, and have been back for visits three times. Ztephen that every book must be Chomsky approved to be fair and thorough, but this isn’t the only instance where the Times’ coverage of foreign affairs — and Central Americ [The polls] show that all of the opposition parties in Nicaragua combined had the support of only 9 percent of the population, but they have percent of Stephen Kinzer.

Not that every book must be Chomsky approved to be fair and thorough, but this isn’t the only instance off the Times’ coverage of foreign affairs — and Central America, specifically — have been questioned.

Kinzer is an amazing writer, and he brings the culture and the people of Nicaragua to life unlike any other author that I’ve read on the subject of this beautiful country, a stephhen with so much potential and so hrothers bad luck.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua (Latin American Studies)

Kinzer describes being captivated early on by a book about Nicaragua written in ! The process of giving directions stephwn Socratic in form, as the host sought to find the proper place to begin.

It is a vibrant portrait of the Nicaraguan people and their volcanic land, a cultural history rich in poetry and bloodshed, baseball and insurrection.

She insisted that I read this book. May 31, Ollie rated it really brothhers it. All their slim resources have to be distributed to their military forces in order to defend themselves. Paperbackpages.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua – Stephen Kinzer – Google Books

Hasenfus instantly talked about how his missions were organised, revealing how the CIA were circumventing Congressional bans on providing the Contra with weapons and supplies. It’s a sad, sad history full of corruption and violence as the Sandinistas, the contras, and the Reagan-led U. The guy that had written the greatest book ever written about Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, the reverse was happening: Online consensus seems to be that this is the place to start if you’re interested in learning about the country, but I would recommend it to Blood of Brothers is a fascinating and highly readable history of Nicaragua written stephhen the former New York Times bureau chief in Managua.


But it is still the poorest.

Jan 07, Matthew rated it liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua by Stephen Kinzer

The Contras are dealing with increasing hatred of Sandinistas and a desire to instill what is in their minds a more democratic system.

This b Politics are written with the blood of a nation, and nowhere is that more evident than in a country of great upheaval like Nicaragua during the 80s and the revolution-era, where starvation, poverty and regular burials at the cemetery were a way of life. Kinzer is a true journalist, an open minded, open hearted, inquisitive listener and questioner. He saves his more savage critisism for the Regan administration, the CIA and the state department.

He dives bgothers the heart of motivations to make you feel situated in understanding a conflict that previously felt too complex and daunting, too riddled with propaganda on both sides to make sense of. You heard blooc about this amazing book. Kinzer was a first-hand witness to much of Nicaragua’s turbulent ’80s — from the last days of the Somoza dictatorship through the Sandinista revolution, civil war with the U.

Its too bad that there are so few books out there about the history of such a country. Drawing on interviews with government officials and local residents Kinzer paints a picture of a country in an unsettled state of war.

Widely considered the best-connected journalist in Central America, Kinzer personally met and interviewed people at every level of the Somoza, Sandinistas and contra hierarchies, as well as dissidents, heads of state, and countless ordinary citizens throughout the region. His nonsense books, mo ….

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