You can find the manual for your Bremshey Cross Trainer below. Bremshey Orbit Ambition Cross Trainer · Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer · Bremshey. Check the reed sensor also known as the speed sensor. It is located on the front roller pulley. It is mounted to the frame and looks like a small. 18TSFC_Star Fit C HR i-Plus Crosstrainer_OMpdf . _Bremshey Orbit Ambition C_User Manual. pdf. MB.

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The spring can be discarded as it is not absolutely required. E7 Instruction in the owner’s mwnual Otherwise, call the dealer for service. Reverse the removal procedure.

Before starting the update procedure make sure you have all the following: Owing to specification variations some of the information is generalised to cover the complete range. Enter Settings menu as described above.

Manual – Bremshey Orbit Fit (b) Cross Trainer

The software compares ratio of supplied PWM voltage and current and if required amount of current remains too low pllus to what it is supposed to be, the error will appear. Most treadmills will be grounded against ESD with grounding pls going from the electronics to the frame of the machine. See diagram 17 above Warning! Figure 4 Lift motor potentiometer adjustment and how it affects on readout value Error can be reset also by re-inserting the safety key. Latest versions of software and version histories are available on Tunturi extranet.


Slacken off the nylok nut on the non drive belt side of the flywheel axle by around 2 turns. To re-fit new bearings push one bearing into the frame housing and tap lightly with a soft faced hammer until the bermshey of the bearing is flush with the top of the frame. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Curved washer position in folding models Footplates correct orientation and position we suggest front position for manua. Then the outer nut should be tightened so that the joint is correctly adjusted.

To access the internal components of the Orbit it is necessary to remove one or both sides of the main cover sets. With an anti-static strap, any electric charge that builds up around the user, is immediately directed to the frame of the machine.

Run the elliptical for 10 second so the computer can reset the motor. At minimum setting check that the braking resistance is minimal and that there is a 2mm gap between the bottom of the slider and its case. Bre,shey lower board has been replaced with a new spare part. The parameters will be used only until next start-up, unless separately saved in the memory with ‘Save’ function Please refer to chapter 3.

For example, the running belt seam overlaps a roller twice per revolution, should this be the frequency of the noise, the belt needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Remove the circlip and washer located on the end of the axle projecting through the right side and then pull the left side unit away. In such case the correct plks parameters are on the user interface memory and should not be overwritten with the ones from the EEPROM.


“service manual”

The board in turn supplies power to the electromagnetic brake coil to increase the magnetic field in order to apply the resistance. This operation can be assisted if the floating wheel assembly is removed from the machine by unscrewing the securing nut.

From there the machine is grounded using a three-pronged plug into the wall. TV and mobile phone, and electric network can generate interference. The joint must be isolated to check mamual performance by either detaching the lower swing arm tube from the upper or detaching the foot-tube from the rear drum See earlier It is important that the combination of components is correctly assembled and adjusted. These are controlled mechanically by the rotation of a control knob or electromechanically by use of a servo-motor.

Action to rectify 1. Thereafter the console lights will flash indicating that the engineering mode has been entered. Remove locking nut, washer and spacer. While an anti-static strap will eliminate static discharge, it can be annoying to the user.