Build a Magneto Magnetizer, Gingery, David J, ISBN Build a Magneto Magnetizer Many people collect and restore old engines and in the process discover that the old iron magnets in the magneto. How to Build a Magneto Magnetizer by David J. Gingery available in Pamphlet on , also read synopsis and reviews. Many people collect and.

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Once the magneto is positioned, charging is accomplished by closing the switch and letting the current build to a maximum as indicated on the ammeter. Also my friend is a electronic genuis so he did all the real work.

What Dave has done is show you how to build a proven device from currently available materials, and at low cost. An ordinary automotive ammeter reading 50 amperes is sufficient.

Air is a poor conductor of magnetic flux and we want to put magnetic energy at the pole pieces rather than waste it in cracks and gaps due to poor fits.

With the price of copper wire, it is not cheap. And beside these newer magnets usually don’t go “dead” like “plain” ones. Magneto’s are something dear to me but this smacks of SPAM or at least underhanded advertizing The north seeking compass needle should point to the north charger pole as the compass is circled around it.

This takes only a few seconds. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. Do not use tool steels, cast iron or other high carbon steels, they have too much magnetic loss. Construction of magneto chargers is not a new subject for GEM. What Engine for Clutch Pulley?

Build a Magneto Magnetizer / Imperfect

The winding for this recharger is for use on 6 or 12 volt direct current, from automobile storage batteries.

Once the current has built to a maximum, the switch may be opened because a full charge has been delivered to the magneto magnets. These may be welded or bolted to the hand truck frame.


John using the charger at a local Buold England engine show.

The design The main criteria for any charger design is core area, number of wire turns, and amount of current flowing through the coils. Try to keep the layers uniform with adjacent turns touching tightly.

The Square Magnetzer Subscription Program is designed as a paperless transaction with automatic renewals at a preferred low rate. Dave will show you how a magneto works, how to test magnto, how the magnetizer works and will show you in detail how to build one.

Therefore, do not connect or disconnect the lead wires from the battery when the recharger is turned on. Just saw some good info maybe and tried to pass it on. Be sure to take advantage of the Square Deal Subscription Program. Materials 2 each 3-inch diameter x 6-inch-long bars Mageto steel maggneto the magnetic coil cores 1 each 3? Mount the recharger on a wooden base large enough to also hold a single pole switch and a binding post. Gas Engine Magazine is your best source for tractor and stationary gas engine information.

The actual winding is started by scraping off a half inch of insulation and poking the wire through the start hole in the insulating end washer and soldering it to a lug on the terminal marked ‘1’. Subscribe and connect with more than 23, other gas engine collectors and build your knowledge, share your passion and search for parts, in the magnetizzer written by and for gas engine enthusiasts!

To prevent shorts, the core must be insulated. It is sufficient to saturate and charge most fully assembled magnetos used on antique engines. Additional time does nothing but drain the battery. The expense can then jagnetizer divided among the group.

How to Build and Use a Magneto Magnet Charger

If a lathe is not available, coils can be wound by attaching a crank with bolts threaded into each end of the core. Connect the leads to magneizer volt automotive battery observing polarity and close the switch.


The core ends and top surface of the bottom bar should be faced or ground flat to minimize the air gap losses.

I used C steel for all components in the magnetic path. As winding progresses, it will be more and more difficult to prevent the winding from becoming scrambled. Knife switch The choice of a knife switch has one big advantage.

A compass needle points north, because the end of the needle is charged south. He’ll give you q the tricks on building the base, winding maggnetizer coils, building and testing the power supply, and, of course, on using the machine.

Description The charger described here is designed to operate from a volt automotive battery, has a core area of seven square inches and provides 20, ampere turns of energy. The pole pieces of the charger should be adjusted to concentrate the magnetic field across the magnets while on the magneto.

Wico AX or PR with top cover removed-ready for charging. If not, check the wiring, paying special attention to proper battery polarity and diode polarity. Applying three layers of No. Mqgnetizer the wire through the notch on the insulating washer, scrape the insulation off and solder it to a lug at the terminal marked ‘2’.

You can actually see if it’s open or closed. Wind the coils on a lathe using back gears and clutching.

How To Build a Magneto Magnetizer

Plus our Flywheel Forum column helps answer your engine inquiries! As everyone knows, opposite magnetic poles attract while like poles repel.

Arc suppressor diodes The purpose of arc suppressor diodes is to reduce the high voltage arc produced by the coils when the switch is opened. Starting at a distance of about 12 inches, slowly lower the magneto magnet. Another great how-to manual from master builder, Dave Gingery.

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