in Vicenza/Italy. BT Mechanical Seals S.p.A. was established in a new industrial plant in Arcugnano (Vicenza). BT joined the German Burgmann. BT-Burgmann in profile. BT-Burgmann•S.p.A.•was•founded•in••to•satisfy• the•requirements•for•mechanical•seals•of•italian• pumps•manufacturers. Norton Wells stocks and supplies a full range of Eagle Burgmann mechanical seals and other pump spares.

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Eagle Burgmann Mechanical Seals

EA Single seal Loosely inserted seal face provides self-adjusting capability In-house manufactured sliding parts. In comparison to rival seals this technology leads to a reduction in the number of parts involved and lower sensitivity to unexpected mechanical influences such as, for example, pressure surges. In addition, this series also comes with service-proven EagleBurgmann shrink-fit technology for carbon seal faces.

Oil and gas industry. No less than 60 subsidiaries and further locations underline our presence in the leading economic regions. AX5 Unbalanced Independent on direction of rotation.

SeccoMix R For top, side and bottom entry drives Dry running Nitrogen pressurized dual seal Rotating seat at product side Balanced Independent of direction of rotation.

EH Single seal Stationary spring-loaded unit enables operation in high-range loads area Balanced In-house manufactured carbon seal faces. The byrgmann are clear: SeccoMix For top entry drives For steel vessels acc. EagleBurgmann has established the high performance SHF mechanical seal for use in multi-stage high-pressure boiler feed pumps in power sral.

Learn more about our new eMG1 and eMG! Case Studies Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication more Case Studies. And because they prevent getting water into the bilge, no elaborate actions are required for its disposal.


The new generation of elastomer bellows seals for pumps.

Pulp and paper industry. Carbon floating ring seals. Solutions for Innovative Energy Production.

This prevents harmful contamination and increases operational reliability, especially in applications where the media contains solids. H12N For stepped shafts Single seal Balanced Dependent of direction of rotation Torque transmission sael conical spring. Type Pneumostop The water-lubricated stern tube seals type from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution. Products Mechanical seals Mechanical seals for pumps Pusher seals Standard cartridge seals Elastomer bellows seals Metal bellows seals Engineered seals Split seals Gas-lubricated seals.

Type The water-lubricated stern tube seals type from EagleBurgmann are not alone an environment-friendly solution. HRN Single seal Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Stationary springs Dual seals in tandem as well as back-to-back arrangements also in combination with H10 seal.

Mechanical seals for pumps – Sealing Solutions

MG1 For plain shafts Single and dual seal Elastomer bellows rotating Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation No torsion on bellows. Wide sliding faces ensure high gas film stability.

DF- P DGS6 DiamondFace DiamondFace bonded primary seal faces Safe cupped retainer for rotating ring Fully operational in both liquid and gas phases Bi-directional Ready-to-fit cartridge unit Single, double, tandem and tandem seal with intermediate labyrinth arrangement available. HA Single seal Unbalanced Independent of direction of rotation Positive torque transmission due to bayonet drive between seal head and drive collar O-Ring groove for ventilation prevents solids build-up and enhances flexibility.


Years seql experience in the design and practical use of a multitude of high-pressure feed pumps come out in this sea, seal.

SHF Mechanical Seal

mechsnical The SH series is particularly valued for offering high sealing gap stability with no compromise on minimal leakage rates. Oil and gas industry. EA Single seal In-house manufactured carbon seal faces Three different impeller connections available.

Cartex Dual seals Dual seal Cartridge Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Double pressure balanced Integrated pumping device Variants available: LP-D Integrated seal for Sulzer A pumps Dual seal, balanced Semi cartridge unit Independent of direction of rotation Double pressure balanced Internal barrier fluid circulation Static springs on both sides No dynamic O-Ring on shaft Rugged design Shrink-fitted seal faces Seal faces have a large clearance to the shaft Wear part cost minimized Optimized design for Non-Flow use.

U grooves are a standard feature and enable bi-directional operation of the burgmnn. Designed to withstand critical situations during start-up and shut-down or if a fault occurs in the buffer gas supply. Find the burgmannn product. Splitex Fully split single seal, 2 x 2 segments, pre-assembled Semi-cartridge Balanced Stationary springs Bi-directional External pressurization Built-in flushing connections Installation and wear control. Contact our experts for more mechanicl.

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