Family Name: Araceae. Synonyms: Caladium x hortulanum. Common Names: Heart of Jesus, Angel Wings, Fancy Leaf Caladium, Elephant’s Ears. Common Name: Angel Wings. Caladium bicolor. One of the many leaf forms and colour variations of this species. Photograph by: Kor!An (????????????). Caladium bicolor (Araceae) is a horticulture plant also used by some traditional medicine practitioners in the treatment of diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal.

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The probable mechanisms of action of C.

Besides fungicides, different botanicals and commercial botanicals also seem to be promising treatment options. It is predicted that global LA market demand to reach 3. However, historic populations were probably of mixed origin, including feral domestic pigs.

This article is about a plant whose common names include “Angel Wings”, “Heart of Jesus” and “elephant ear” For other uses for those terms, please see Angel Wing disambiguation and Heart of Jesus disambiguation. Scions from both precocious and non-precocious ortets were grafted onto a series of related seedling rootstock sources. In this study, we investigated the social structure and genetic bicokor among workers from eight natural and six manipulated colonies of M.

Estimation of in situ mating systems in wild sorghum Sorghum bicolor L. The bidirectional reflectivity was then measured from low signals. Sign up for our e-newsletter.

Dig and uproot the Caladium plant, cut its onion-like base and apply its sticky whitish substances on the affected swollen part of the hand. In recent years, bicklor new varieties have bjcolor available through breeding and are now largely disease resistant. The presence of lignin within biomass impedes the production of liquid fuels.


These results demonstrated that the reinforcement of blue light could induce more antioxidant of secondary metabolites, but depress the effective growth of G. De novo assembly of the reads resulted in approximatelyunigenes.

The former is the more commonly seen and is the traditional caladium of cultivation; the leaves are more heart-shaped. Blastomycosis was fatal to a wild wolf in Minnesota, and serologic evidence of vicolor was found in a Wisconsin wolf.

How to Grow and Care for Caladium Plants

In addition, the apoptotic rate significantly increased as well as DNA fragmentation and western blot analysis revealed that the essential oil induced apoptosis in the MDA-MB cells via intrinsic pathways due to the activation of Bax, caspases 9 and 3.

Mammalian species at greatest risk of exposure include those that consume a high percentage of their body weight on a daily basis e. Seventeen of the 26 shared repeats are found in all the grass chloroplast genomes examined and are located in the same genes or intergenic spacer IGS regions. This accumulation is closely correlated with the disappearance of the CHS mRNAs, indicating caladiium the bicolor floral phenotype is caused by the spatially regulated post-transcriptional silencing of both CHS-A genes.

The theoretical framework of the method is introduced and the principle of the measurements at two wavelengths is detailed. These findings support that leaves of G.

Wild turkeys Meleagris gallopavo were once abundant throughout the southeast, but unregulated hunting and habitat destruction greatly reduced populations to a few thousand birds by Hust and Dickson Sporophore genotype variability was assessed for inoculum treatments by using the isoenzymatic marker leucine aminopeptidase. The efficiency with which a plant intercepts solar radiation is determined primarily by its architecture.


An international group of 32 scientists has critically reviewed the scientific literature on exposure and effects of environmental contaminants in wild mammals. Tree swallows Tachycineta bicolor were used as a sentinel species to monitor the contamination and bioavailability of polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs in the Hudson River watershed. Many universities feature caladiums at field trials, you may also find displays at Arboretums and many public gardens.

Of the various mammalian taxa, ecotoxicological data is most noticeably lacking for marsupials and monotremes. So, the aim of this study was to determine the cytotoxic and apoptotic effect of the essential oil of Decatropis bicolor against breast cancer cell line, MDA-MB Transmission of both trypanosome species, their potential risk to this endangered species and the role of wild primates as reservoirs for trypanosomes infective to humans are discussed.

Sorghum excised leaves and stalk pith Sorghum bicolor L. Blight, in the form of leaf and fruit blight, has been observed to infect bell pepper crops cultivated at the horticulture farm in Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur, India.

Caladium – Wikipedia

Few transcription factors have been identified in C4 grasses that either positively or negatively regulate monolignol biosynthesis. Publisher Timber Press; Portland, Oregon. Colletotrichum sublineola is an aggressive fungal pathogen that causes anthracnose in sorghum [Sorghum bicolor L.