Title: Catalogo Fixadores, Author: Belenus Belenus do Brasil, Name: Catalogo Fixadores, Length: pages, Page: 93, Published: 9 jun. Title: Catálogo de Ferramentas BelTools, Author: Belenus Belenus do Brasil, Name: Catálogo de Ferramentas BelTools, Length: pages. Title: Catálogo de Ferramentas, Author: Belenus Belenus do Brasil, Name: Catálogo de Ferramentas, Length: pages, Page: , Published: .

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Continuously invests in intelligent storage system, a major difference is the Stacker System, which allows greater storage capacity, thus generating greater cost-effectiveness and practicality. With an infrastructure adequate logistics, Belenus carries out its deliveries with our own fleet or through logistics operators.

The goal is always to create convenience and speed in product delivery. Quality is our highest certification. From production to distribution, products are offered in wide range and cargo capacity. The company produces and distributes fasteners hardware, tools and other equipment, which undergo rigorous process to be qualified for the market.

Technology focused on results: With a solid trajectory in the market, Belenus invests to be bigger, better and more bwlenus. The Belenus, concerned with the satisfaction of its customers and partners, search every day to improve caalogo products and manufacturing processes for the preservation of the environment.

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With investment in the Stacker System, acquired during the growth phase of the distribution center, production increased significantly, from 22 to 32 pallets and 35 thousand to thousand plastic boxes.

Company Belenus | Belenus

Featured as the wholesaler distributor fastest growing in Brazil, the company received in the award for “Best National distribution” cayalogo “Best Performance in the Southeast,” according to research conducted by the magazine “Reseller”. It has more than 10, items and sales representatives spread across the country.

Fast and safe deliveries and exquisite cataloyo, the Belenus has become one of the largest fasteners, hardware and tools in Brazil. The laboratories are certified and able to meet national and international standards. The company has a line of pallet jacks and high-performance electric forklifts.

The Belenus offers over 30, items in its catalog, its facilities are state of the art distributed in modern and functional layout. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals whose mission is to develop cutting-edge products that meet the requirements of customers and partners.

The whole process is carried out taking into account the principles and values?? The company develops actions to minimize damage to the environment. Leader in fasteners division, Belenus gained notoriety as one of the largest manufacturers in Latin America. The Belenus offers more than practical solutions for industry and construction, offers reliability and satisfaction of our customers and partners.


With its new plant located in Vineyard SPthe company will double its capacity, starting to produce tonnes daily of nuts and bolts.

Believing in the importance of providing leading products and services, Belenus invests in successful partnerships with logistics companies that extend delivery coverage for the entire national territory. Belenus continually invests in its Intelligent Storage System, caatlogo large differential is the Stacker System, which allows greater storage capacity, thus generating greater cost-effectiveness and practicality. Concerned about the quality of its products and services, the company provides its clients with innovation, economy, speed and security.

Exceeds three decades of professional achievements and handles more than belennus, tons of products per month.

Company Belenus

The company’s efficiency has been attested by more than 20, customers across the country. It has an extensive network of service throughout Brazil, as well as stock of spare parts.

It facilitates the distribution of products in various parts of the country and trades.