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Reliable service life and convincing brightness. The core statement is clearly visible as a picture. We manufacture major prematerials, develop our own production processes and construct complex, computer-controlled production plants. Philips Outdoor UK Documents. Safety is the top priority on the roads. The cabinet is available under the following EAN: To meet our obligations arising from this directive, we provide information ;hilips our products cztalogo the products themselves, on the packaging and on the leaets enclosed with the products.

When it comes to light, we are the experts.

Each blister pack has pictograms that are understood throughout the world to indicate all the benets and technical data. Optimised automotivs integrated high-voltage igniter in the protected lamp base.

OSRAM provides its retail partners with extensive advertising material as part of sophisticated holistic concepts to catch the attention of end customers. For more information on lamp recycling go to www.


Our counter displays are real eye-catchers and great at selling.

The lamps remain within the prescribed safety margins right to the end of their lives. Think of the environment, act responsibly. The key to its success is its commitment to research. Our redesigned packaging for the self-service range provide even greater clarity for you and your customers.

Published on Jun View 1. The label tells you what the kit contains, together with technical data. The D3 and D4 products are mercury-free but still have the same output. Twice the life of conventional 24 V lamps. Article reference see pageBase stamps and symbols. Heavy artillery for greater safety. Philips tv brochure eng Documents.

Poor visibility is pilips of the most frequent causes of accidents on the road.

Via Lus – Lâmpadas Automotivas, Acessórios e Fusíveis – São Paulo/SP

It is our aim not only to provide our oampadas with products and services of the highest quality but also to make their day-to-day working lives as easy as possible. Wim van GilsJanuary 24, 2.

Height h in mm Length l in mm Shipping unit Shipping unitLamps for interior lighting and reading lights 24 24 24 24 24 philpis 24 24 24 24 24 24 2 2 4 5 10 3 5 5 10 3 15 18 W2.

This is the radiation between and nm, a tiny fraction of the known spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

Integrated in the cabinet is a lamp tester so each lamp can be easily checked before it is installed. Consumer unit Article no. Reduction in high voltage on the connecting cable by a factor of more than 20 compared with a D2 system. Take a look at the neat lighting effect this staircase from Homedit creates between each step and even on the side walls. One of our principles lakpadas to develop as much of our own production facilities as possible by ourselves.


For starters the stylish lamp xutomotivas pretty much every element that you are looking for in a sleek contemporary table lamp that blends in with the current urban landscape.


Automotivsa can be stocked as required supplied empty. To meet these demands OSRAM offers its innovative technologies and solutions for the benet of its customers. Operating voltage on a suitable ECG. In summary, M2O Excellence will bring a step-change in terms of how to winwith customers in their marketsProvide customers with a more coherent customer experienceUnderstand what is happening at a customer level x-sector Identify sales opportunities due to increased visibilityShare best practices in sales across PhilipsDrive improved and more predictable business resultsIncrease sales efficiency with less administrative work8.

Philips Annual Report Documents.

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