Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Il più Compatto e Leggero* nella Storia degli Obiettivi – Tamron · Catalogo mm F/3,5 (Model B01) – Tamron · Catalogo. Grazie alla tecnologia proprietaria incorporate negli obiettivi Tamron, attrezzature di fabbrica calibrato Specifiche è tenuto a servizio molti dei nostri obiettivi e. Vendita e noleggio di prodotti e materiale fotografico professionale, nuovo e usato. Sala di posa e workshop in sede.

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A high-power zoom lens that features exceptional mobility in a compact design, producing Special Glass for Better Performance and More Compact Lens Designs By minimizing the overall length of the optical system, Tamron has succeeded in drastically reducing lens diameter and reducing overall lens size for the same focal length and same maximum F-number.

An all-rounder high-power zoom lens, fit for everything from super-telephoto to full-fledged macro shooting. Indeed, polycarbonate oviettivi this caliber is the material of choice whenever we produce high-precision components that require the strength to withstand rigorous use.

Accessories for tripods Bags and straps for tripods Dolly Tripods photo Small easelstablestand, special Tripods video Monopods and accessories Plates and Accessories for heads Novoflex QuadroPod slides micrometer.

Page 1 of Compliance with legislation relevant to environmental conservation 2. Accessories – Filter holders — Rings Solid squared Filters mm. Prevention of environmental contamination 4. Photo accessories for Smartphone and Tables Other Accessories Various accessories x medium format Accessories x video footage with Reflex Battery Grip – Battery Pack Bubbles – Levels Backs datas – various handles lens correction Magazine-backs x medium format viewfinders Engines – Winder and Accessories Eye cups Lens Hoods Screen Protectors Reproduction and accessories Display remotes shutter release Wired shutter release Wireless remotes shutter release Mechanical remote shutter release Screens slide – focus bellows plugs Wireless data transmitters extension tubes.

Please check the lens specifications on pages for mount availability. Tamron catalogo obiettivi Less. Continued promotion of an environmental conservation program 5. Remote controls – Controls IR triggers accessories Slides – joints – brackets – supports. In combination with LD elements, XLD elements are used to achieve sophisticated lenses that deliver the highest possible contrast, the finest detail, and superior imaging performance throughout the entire zoom range.


The Key to Attaining the Highest Image Quality Tamron uses advanced multi-coating techniques to suppress reflections and light dispersion on lens element surfaces that result in reduced light transmission and may, under adverse conditions, cause flare and ghost images that reduce contrast and can diminish image quality.

Tamron also uses flower shaped hoods for models that employ internal focusing, including wide angle lenses. An extremely compact fast standard zoom lens that combines astounding picture quality with superior versatility and cost effectiveness. Principles enabling more compact sizes at the same lens brightness XR glass, with its superior light-bending power, makes it possible to design a short-barrel lens with the same light-gathering ability aperture value as a long-barrel lens—even with a smaller lens diameter.

Sublimation Paper for printers. Combining a wide range of shooting scenarios with high definition, high performance and high quality, this lens will continue to open up new possibilities in photographic expression.

Illuminatori portatili e accessori. AD Anomalous Dispersion for Better Color Correction AD Anomalous Dispersion glass is a special type of optical glass that is used to achieve more precise control of chromatic aberrations, thereby enhancing overall imaging performance.

Only the MF mode is available. Enjoy a more comfortable video shooting experience, with expanded shooting options. Paper backgrounds up to 2. This high-quality telephoto macro lens truly comes into its own when producing significant background blurring to highlight subjects beautifully, and also performs superbly under shooting conditions with hard-to-approach subjects.

OBIETTIVI Ob. Non originali pag.1

Enjoy shooting at telephoto end or capturing fast-moving subjects. The result is a much easier handheld shooting experience. Stickers wedding album Obbiettivi Ring Envelopes for photos Negative holders. By utilizing XR Extra Refractive Index glass, Tamron has achieved a compact size together with good correction of aberrations while maintaining the optimum balance of overall optical power.

This ingenious Focus Cam is designed to ensure seamless and precise positioning of all the highly sophisticated internal elements within the catqlogo and coordinate them with the convenient external zoom and focus controls that comprise the user interface.


A remarkable new level of AF speed, accuracy, smoothness and silence.

Moreover, through the active utilization of UXR Ultra-Extra Refractive Index glass, Tamron has developed even more compact designs while achieving good correction of aberrations. As a result, Tamron lenses bearing the SP designation feature impressive and innovative designs that have established an enviable reputation for excellence among those knowledgeable photographers that demand the very best. Three LD elements thoroughly correct for axial chromatic aberration, while the effective fusion of the new eBAND coating and the conventional BBAR coating drastically reduces light reflections that cause flaring and ghosting, producing picture quality that is at the top of its class.

There will also be no associated problems on photos taken in this situation.

Corrects aberrations effectively to deliver high rendering performance. SinceTamron has also issued Environmental Reports to introduce its socially responsible philosophy and practices for environmental obiwttivi. These international standards include the ISO family of standards relating to quality system management, and the ISO series for certification of environmental management systems.

Filters 82 and over Filters up to D.

This ultra-telephoto zoom lens boasts wide coverage from mm to mm. AF motor is not built-in on Nikon model. Specialized glass elements including XLD and LD elements are used to fully correct for chromatic aberration while the advanced optical design achieves even better contrast and excellent resolving performance. Di series Nikon mount lenses with built-in AF motors cannot be used with the cameras indicated at right.

Catalogo Tamron obiettivi 2014

Enhances the power of your photographic expression tamfon achieving sharp, clear picture quality. Promote environmental education 7. Ideal also for macro photography, the lens sports a minimum focusing distance of 0.

Catalogo Tamron obiettivi by willy Tamron catalogo obiettivi Tamron catalogo obiettivi Less. Medium size Stands Heavy Stands.