5e Playtest – Caves of Chaos. The party: WalkingDad – High Elf Wizard – Elephan Moonsong mudbunny – Dwarf Fighter – Slysa Daface (still to. Battle maps are an essential part of many tabletop RPGs. They can be as simple as a single room or as complex as a vast underground. Our intrepid heroes are (still) square in the middle of the hobgoblin lair in the Caves of Chaos. They are standing around the corpse of a.

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D&D Next and Classic Adventures: Organizing the (Caves of) Chaos | Alphastream

With some ogres and other wandering nasties. February 2, at We can see bits of it in things like the goblins having a relationship with the ogre. We want to keep things varied and even make things up on the fly based on the PCs. We also talked at a high level about some of chzos shortcomings of old adventures and then went through the history of The Keep on the Borderlands.

Glittering, dark eyes peer forth from beneath bushy black eyebrows, and his dark oiled beard extends almost to his waist. Third, the plot has a lot of flexibility.

Do you have player versions with Trees? I really appreciate the effort you put into this map. October 2, at 2: They might all be there if the party was nigh invulnerable when they faced the hobgoblins. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hey, great cavess maps but can we get a real printer friendly version?


Posts describing map creating tips and tricks are also welcome. September 22, at 4: February 7, at I want to thank chattydmeldritchreverieand merricb for glancing over it really quick a bit ago.


Want to add to the discussion? May 30, at 8: Hmm… I daves what buckets of awesome would look like… I bet I could Photohop something…. Play by Post Forums. So, this was another project spurred by something said on Twitter.

Thank you for your work. You can purchase pdf versions of the original B2as well as a bundle of the Basic series of adventures! February 2, at 7: February 6, at 7: At the bottom of the note actually carved on rough bark was a crude semicircular design eventually figured out as a map of the caves, with a mark where the goblin lair is found.

We can have the wedding go off or not, have different races involved or not, and alter things on the fly for fun. Download Options Please feel free to download this and use it as you wish even print it I would just ask you keep credit to me in the image, and point people to this page to download it as opposed to linking directly to an image. The original adventure was largely a dungeon delve, though it had so much potential.


For example, if they had fought kobolds and orcs, I altered my default story to be about goblins and hobgoblins.

PCs have to figure out each set of plans and modify or stop them without tipping off the entire caves to their presence.

I was sure you were standing over there a minute ago” he says, rubbing his eyes. If you use a grid, add some difficult terrain or even terrain with a special effect. For example, if someone was a diplomat, I had NPCs look to them to negotiate, giving that backstory a chance to shine.

February 8, at 8: Similar Threads Unnoficial Playtest Resource: For example, an idea to place a crude drawing of a beloved can be a bit of color. A key to playtesting is to provide a varied but true experience. Old adventures vary in the quality of their descriptions.

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