Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook is written by Charles Bukowski, edited by David Stephen Calonne, and published by City Lights. I’m finding a lot of the material in Bukowski’s “Portions from a wine-stained notebook” is quite the departure from most of the other works I have. Portions From A Wine Stained Notebook Charles Bukowski Charles Bukowski left a lot of great writing behind. He was so prolific, in fact, that.

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City Lights Italian Voices. In this story he also fucks one of the women in the ass, and then promptly sticks his dick into her cunt r Bukowski is a tough one for me. Its a good read. City Lights Open Media.

Feb 21, Maja Shinigami rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It will always be remembered as the words and stories that allowed me to step outside of myself during a rough patch of time and in so many ways helped bring me back to life.

Fucked up, male, but incredibly true. Fucked up, male, but incredibly true.

PORTIONS FROM A WINE-STAINED NOTEBOOK by Charles Bukowski , David Stephen Calonne | Kirkus Reviews

There are only so many ways you can talk about being a drunk artist from Los Angeles who claims he does not want to be successful. Portions is a substantial selection of these wide-ranging works, most of which have been unavailable since their original appearance in underground newspapers, literary journals, even porno mags.

It hums with a life that much poetry and prose lacks. Anyway some fine essays here. To ask other readers questions about Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebookplease sign up. A very well-selected collection of previously uncollected writings, some comfortingly familiar, others pleasantly surprising. Bukowski never wasted a word, and this collection should go far towards shining a light on prose in danger of being lost in the shadow of its larger-than-life author.


Bukowski, of course, was aware of his reputation, but did not allow it to get him down: I was a bum and a common laborer most of my life. Among the highlights are his first published short story, “Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip”; his last short story, “The Other”; his first and last essays; and the first installment of his famous “Notes of a Dirty Old Man” column. Words were bullets, words were sunbeams, words cracked through doom and damnation.

Quotes from the Charles Bukowski book “Portions From A Wine-Stained Notebook”

The subject matter is varied from story to story: But I had never read Bukowski and this was the perfect entrance – snips and essays and poems that took me back to the struggles of being an artist. Watch a clip from “Charles Bukowski Tapes” by Barbet Schroeder, where Bukowski takes a tour of Hollywood, pointing out his favorite spots:. Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook is essential reading for Bukowski fans, as well as a good introduction for new readers of this innovative, unconventional writer.

Public Library and read all the writers and it was hard reading; the writers used long paragraphs and pages of description, building the plot and developing character, but their characters were quite uninteresting and what the stories finally said wasn’t very much. Those new to his work will have the good fortune of discovering a writer who could break your heart, make you howl, and slap you off your bar-stool you in a single sentence. It’s as much a part of one as the liver or intestine, and just about as glamorous.

Return to Book Page. Bukowski never wasted a word, and this collection should go far towards shining a light on prose in danger of being lost in the shadow of its larger-than-life author.


Reading these stories and essays, you can hear the beating heart of the poet in every line. However, he ends up getting accolades and spending time with the very people he loathed. David Calonne has unearthed Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebookthe previously missing link in Bukowski’s oeuvre that suddenly makes everything come clear. Aug 15, Greg Strandberg rated it liked it Shelves: Bukowski is a tough one for me. Like the knowing that some of his works won’t be available to the broader audiences gave his much more freedom in expressing himself than usual.

The writing gets better the further along you get and his account of meeting Fante is my favourite short in the book. Most readers either love or detest Charles Bukowski, the poet and novelist infamous for his prodigious worldly appetites. Glave, Thomas Goodman, Melvin A.

Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook, Uncollected Stories and Essays,

He is violent and sexually manic in ways that his two American masters—William Saroyan and John Fante—are not, although his aggressive prose should be understood as the tough carapace he adopts to protect himself from violation. Maybe I can relate to his misanthropy? The book contains meditations on his familiar themes drinking, horse-racing, etc.

Sunshine Here I Am. Ginsberg sucked to the sound of himself and was overcome. Didn’t hold my interest as well as some of his poetry books and his novels. He was a damn fool. This is an excellent introduction to the prose of Charles Bukowski.