The Maximus Poems [Charles Olson, George F. Butterick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praised by his contemporaries and emulated. Dogtown, the wild, rock-strewn centre of Cape Ann, next to Gloucester, is an important place in The Maximus Poems. Praised by his contemporaries and emulated by his successors, Charles Olson ( ) was declared by William Carlos Williams to be a major poet with a.

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On the fading edge of the olso of the epic poem. The place is Gloucester, Massachusetts, or more accurately, the small town communal American life that Olson struggled to preserve. It is presented as above on a single page without any other context, the preceding pages appear to be unrelated and the following page says something brief and esoteric about meteors.

The sea was not, finally, my trade.

Retrieved 16 October — via Google Books. Homo maximus wrests his life from the underworld as the Gloucester fisherman wrests his from the sea. His transdisciplinary poetics were informed by a range of disparate and learned sources, including Mayan writing, Sumerian religionclassical mythologyAlfred North Whitehead ‘s process philosophy as exemplified by Process and Reality [] and cybernetics.

It olskn first published in and collected in his first book of poetry, In Cold Hell, in Thicket The second thing to note is that Maximus is very, very long, the University of California Press edition runs to pages and it covers a lot of ground.

However, on my first reading, this element wasn’t apparent to my small brain yet I still came away with an impression of greatness. Here, that traveller returns to the small town of Gloucester I finished reading The Maximus Poems for the second time walking through a car park. maximuw

Apr 04, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: At that point, they moved to Washington, D. Much of the early part of Maximus is concerned with the history of Gloucester and Olson makes use of archival material to trace this path of settlement and growth.

Charles Olson – Charles Olson Poems – Poem Hunter

This is how you’re choosing to sp A rare “liked it” rather than “really liked it” from me. The person, Maximus, represents Olson’s alter ego, and is named after the second-century Maximus of Tyre, as well as a fourth-century Phoenician mystic, and may also refer to Olson’s impressive stature he was six feet seven inches tall. Since adolescence I’ve felt that two of the major strengths of the Poem are compression and precision.


Feb 16, Bonnie rated it did not like it. This is a poem fromtowards the end of the sequence:. Books by Charles Olson. Olson used to write outside on a tree stump in Dogtown.

Inamximus by the example of Pound’s Cantos though Olson denied any direct relation between the two epicsOlson began writing The Maximus Poems.

Charles Olson

Olson’s influence has been cited by artists in other media, including Carolee Schneemann and James Tenney. Olson’s report of his own sense of inferioriy to these men gives some idea of the strength of the ‘hold’ that emanated from them and what they did. There are only a few contenders for the greatest long poem in English of the 20th century and Maximus is one of them, along with David Jones’ The Anathematahis In Parenthesis and Pound’s The Cantos.

The progress from the blink through the waver to the return of normality is stunning and demonstrates technique of a very high calibre indeed. Creeley has joked that Olson was referred to as “Maximus” and he was called “Minimus,” in reference to their teacher-apprentice relationship, a close friendship documented in their long, published correspondence. Upset about the increasing censorship of his news releases, Olson went to work for the Democratic National Committee as director of the Foreign Nationalities Division in May I don’t think this is a random selection from the detritus of the past, one of Olson’s primary concerns was the relationship between events and the temporal processes that objects undergo.

Dec 30, Jim Smith rated it it was amazing. Despite this, he is also eminently readable. Olson did not consider himself “a poet” or “a writer” by profession, but rather that nebulous and rare “archeologist of morning,” reminiscent of Thoreau.

Refer to ARK review Open Preview See a Problem? I finished reading The Maximus Poems for the second time walking through a car park. He described himself not so much as a poet or writer but as “an archeologist of morning. His second collection, The Distances, was published in The Maximus poems will poe,s as they do and I will read them all again in in in.


The Maximus Poems

Nov 30, Molly Brodak rated it really liked it Recommends it for: An exploration of American history in the broadest sense, Maximus is also an epic of place, situated in Massachusetts and specifically the city of Gloucester where Olson had settled.

Refresh and try again. Consequently, many postmodern groups, such as the charle of the Language School, include Olson as a primary and precedent figure. In this case there is a lament poema a way of life that has passed away but there’s also something about the moribund city still holding on to its past, to the idea, rather than memory, of these men.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Gloucester was a fishing town and Olson knew some of the last of the sea captains who had gone out through storms in winter to ply their trade, he knew of the dangers they faced and of the pride that they took in their work:.

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Sep 22, Martin Ott rated it liked it. I do find “his” idea of ‘istorin compelling one of those elegantly simple yet difficult things but a little dubious with regard to his own poetry in that it’s as ollson he is saying “find out cnarles yourself and you’ll see that I’ve been right about everything all along”. The death of Roosevelt and concomitant ascendancy of Harry Truman in April inspired Olson to dedicate himself to a literary career.

As it is, I don’t regret the voyage, but don’t want to take it again or further. I, Maximus of Gloucester, to Y Good thing I only had the edition and not the complete edition – I think my reading ship would maximhs never have left shore. Off-shore, by islands hidden His second collection, The Distanceswas published in

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