‘Peripheral Heart Action’ (PHA) and ‘German Body Composition’ (GBC). On a similar note, GBC was popularised by Charles Poliquin in the s after. For those who aren’t familiar with German Body Composition Training the brain -child of world famous strength coach Charles Poliquin. German Body Comp Program. Charles Poliquin Explores His Weight-Training Program Designed to Burn Fat Without Aerobics. Kim Goss.

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Here’s how to properly get your big weights in place. Training one body part per day is outdated, and full-body workouts don’t always cut it. It also treats erectile dysfunction.

Training in this type of style not only leads to faster fat loss, but it also preserves your strength and muscles. Front Squat4 x, rest 10 germam. You may also like. Why not try the GBC system and let us know how you get on below. Back Squat 60s rest 10 reps A2. More lactate corresponds to a greater release of growth hormone, which tells your body to build muscle and burn body fat, the essence of body recomposition!

For an explanation of tempo, stay tuned for my next blog post. There are multiple methods, strategies, and intensities a person can utilize to get results.

Rope Overhead Tricep Extension 60s rest reps C2. Amazingly, creatine works better for certain muscles than it does for others. A2 Lunges 3 12 10 sec. charlse

A tried and tested method of increasing lactate, stimulating fat loss popiquin gaining muscle. That simple trick alone will help you burn fat. Your workout is fat and bloated. Pre-stretch Crunch 60s rest reps D2. This made me assess my situation and come up with a new game plan. GBC really helped me appreciate poliqiun benefits of change and has made me more open to frequently mixing up my routine to keep my body off guard and continuously progressing.


This principle increases resistance without raising the weight and somewhat anecdotally, can provide some of the most intense pumps of your life. After reading about this style of training I was re-motivated to get back in the gym with compositiion new workout plan and unbeknown to me then on the path to some of my greatest workouts ever!

In a nutshell it is a method of super-setting different body parts in a session alternating between upper and lower muscles, working in a rep range of 8 – 15 per set, for up to 9 sets per bodypart split over 3 exercises while utilizing a controlled rep-tempo 4 second negatives and 1 second positive and working extremely fast in-between sets seconds.

A plant chemical proves to be as effective in shrinking the prostate as prescription drugs, but far safer.

Utilizing German Body Training!

I modified the GBC plan from the recommended super-setting of upper and lower muscles. If you compositkon not, you might not be able to use sufficient weight or complete the prescribed repsthus affecting lactate production Doing fewer reps tha what is prescribed will not elicit enough lactate and consequently not produce enough GH.

A common problem we pooiquin when performing these types of workouts is actually resting too little. Push-pull-legs is superior for any goal. Back Squat with Heels Elevated, 4 x, rest 10 seconds.

Perform 3 sets of all exercises with a tempo. What could be more impressive and appealing that German Body Composition Training?

The Best Workout For Body Recomposition

Thirdly, my motivation for training went through the roof. Ccomposition is a difference. Short rest periods, large multi-joint movements, and combining lower and upper body exercises. This research, somewhat significantly for gym goers, was primarily concerned with hormone production and in particular, methods of modifying human growth hormone.


Most exercises have value if you do them correctly. I was embarking on my dieting cycle with the goal to shed some body fat and get in better shape. Staying lean is difficult.

The Best Workout For Body Recomposition – UP Fitness

I plan on following a more traditional heavy weight training system for weeks and when I start to feel that I’ve either reached a plateau or just a general feeling of need to change I will switch to the GBC composiition for a 4-week period. So effectively you’re losing fat from hard weight training and sensible eating. Drastically increasing the amount of calories you burn while just sitting on your computer.

My strength started to decline and my personal best lifts started to get really heavy causing me a lot of frustration. Take a look at this new science. GBC is characterized by short rest-intervals and multi-joint movements to create the most lactic acid. Secondly, simply eat more vegetables—lots more vegetables.

German Body Composition Training

My diet was going well and I was losing fat slowly dropping from to while still aiming to maintain or even increase my strength levels. Secondly, I was able to train hard on the weights without the nagging pains I was previously getting in my rotator cuffs.

Plus, as the weights increased I was getting the pains back.