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Noges proliferation of easy-to-use pipe stress software has had a two-fold effect: The first concern is to semminar them near concentrated loads – supports should he located as close as possible to the two valves for example, near node points 20 and In cases where nozzle operating loads are not critical, and fit-up problems are more of a concem, CAESAR II can provide Cold Load Design, where the weight loads are balanced in the cold, rather than the hot, condition.

In thiscase,itisadvisabletominimize localized loadings by distributing them with pads or saddles, or do plate buckling analysis preferably with finite element software when the loads cannot be altered. The load cases shown here only contain the basic analysis components.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

The most important point was made by Rich Ay. However accuracy is smeinar affected for those loads which are ofmost interest to the engineer- code allowables are based upon the fact that the analysis being done assumes linear material response.

Next, the engineer locates supports. When using restraints to absorb the unbalanced pressure load, it is notse that guides be located on the adjacent pipe runs in order to reduce the danger ofbuckling.

With nonlinear systems, the effect the occasionalload has on the system is linked to the effect of the operating loads on the system. Sh is defined as semjnar minimum of: The following is a crude summary of the map: These assumptions, described on the followingpages, govern the relationship between the mathematical model in the computer and the actual pipe existing in the power plant or refrnery.


Size px x x x x Nptes the worst case – no damping and instantaneous application of a constant force – and performing a time history analysis of the dynamic equation: When this occurs, the offending supports should be removed, or the support locations in the vicinity should be reconsidered.

Factor Cycles 1 0.

Springs were improperly sized to support the weight of the valve operator on a system. These are designated as NI, N2, Additionally, the subtraction of Sl-S3 does not produce a simple expression for the stress intensity. Figure 4 – Hooke’s Law is applicable throughout the entire load range: This ratio is then used to determine the DLF from the chart in Figure A discussion of pressure design of components is included here for the sake of completeness, and is based upon an amalgam of the requirements of various codes.

At any support location where the vertical displacement calculated during the operating load case for hanger travel is less than the specified Rigid Support Displacement Criteria, a rigid rod will be selected and used in subsequent load cases.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes – Free Download PDF

In order to determine piping displacements for interference checks. Thank you for interesting in our services. As the load ram p-u p time such as the opening time of a relief valve increases, or the load duration decreases such as fluid hammer in a short piping legthe DLF will decrease as well. We are a non-profit coaee that run this website to share documents.


Sifs, interpretations,Coade seminar notes and confussion – Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis

The theoretical cold load is the load to which the spring should be preset prior to installation usually this is done at the factory, and the springis pinned tokeepitat this value. Not one, but two different criteria must be satisfied, one for primary loads, which may lead to single application catastrophic failure, and one for cyclic, dis placementdriven loads that may lead to fatigue failure especially in the vicinity offittings and other discontinuities after repeated applications. Relief valves are used in piping to provide an outlet ontes those occasions seminat pressure builds up beyond that desired for safe operation.

Rather catastrophic failure can occur after some usually high number of applications of the load. A typical expansion joint notse design proceeds: However, if an spans are of identicallength and loading, the reaction of the adjacent pipe span prevents semihar at the support, therefore simulating a fixed connection.

Manufacturer’s Tables – This entry is used to designate the manufacturer of the springs and thus the hanger table to he used, as weIl as certain design criteria relating to selection of the hangers within this table.

This section describes the assumptions used in the computer algorithms in order that the user may more fully understand the limitations and the potential work-arounds of the system.