The Adeptus Arbites are the galaxy-spanning police force .. Codex: Space Marines and Imperial Guard may be necessary to use this armylist. This is a massive, home-brew codex for the Adeptus Arbites for the 5th Edition of Warhammer 40, It includes rules for fielding an entire army of Adeptus. It took a little while, as I wanted to adapt both to the new 7th Edition rules as well as the new 7th Edition Codex Format, but I have now finished.

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This would then open up wider possibilities for vehicles.

Adeptus Arbites – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Forum Warhammer 40k 40k Army Fluff Codex: It really should have been that way from the start. A former pupil of Detective Wayne.

Started by Masked ThespianFeb 19 The harliquin special rule thing just seems pointlessly fluffy, putting Preferred enemy Harlequin, Chaos Cultists in his special rules to save space. This is something I’ve been toying with for almost 2 decades now, ever since I first saw the Heresy on Precinct 13 article in Citadel Journal 22, cemented by the 3rd Edition army list in Citadel Journal 29, and more recently reignited by the Bell of Lost Souls Arbites fan-codex. Below him are the Marshals of the Court which oversee galaxy-spanning precincts.

Armed with an Agoniser and Blaster. Only thing that stood out for me is the free stuff the combined formations give; a lot of people hate formations that give out a lot of free stuff as they can be exploited badly, the marine demi-companies being probably the worst offenders. It must have taken a lot of work to pull off and I think that alone deserves a lot of praises.

In the event of a rogue Governor or a major revolt which threatens Imperial rule, the Arbites will brutally intervene to restore order. You can either use the attachment here at DakkaDakka, or you can grab it from one of these sites: Otherwise what do you think about it???


Posted 19 February – They are meant to be Formations for normal games. Castellans of the Imperium formation may be a good route for this. Also updated Pursuit Teams to reflect this change. I’m not one of those, I love and appreciate your hard work.

Suggested Codex for Adeptus Arbites Army?

Also changed it from granting Relentless to granting Slow and Purposful, making it a bit more of a tradeoff to use. Other thing i have to look at at work, no available Codex is the possibility of including Scout bikers and including them in the Fasts Attack slots. Obviously the two free specials isn’t anywhere as bad as free Razorbacks, but it’s still 30 points of free stuff per team excluding fire supportassuming 10 man fire teams. Of course, her points cost was raised from to to compensate.

This message was edited 6 times. I accidentally left the option for a squad armed with 4 Heavy Bolters out of the 7th Ed Codex, so as pennance, I decided to give them more than just a token nod. But now they’ve gotwhich seems significantly higher than my normal guys.

Judge Joseph Spartacus and his lawgiver bolt pistol. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. The article claimed that the Arbites rules were supposed to go into the new at the time 3rd Edition rulebook, but were cut out for some reason or another.

Hope it isn’t too blatant now FNP might actually let him survive a bit. Retrieved from ” https: Actually though, he’s more an amalgamation of two characters – one being Judge Dredd – and both played by Sylvester Stallone. Not sure on the “Black Taurox” either. I’m wary of taking both in the same army because I’d have to differentiate between my “Veteran” Arbites squads and my “Tempesus Scions” Arbites squads when they are modelled with the same weapon but I can’t decide which of the two I prefer.


The Adeptus Arbites are one of the original components of the Warhammer 40, universe although undoubtedly inspired by Judge Dredd. If you see any duplicated options or things that don’t seem to make sense there, let me know. Some Patrol groups and Enforcers may use Cyber-Mastiffs to hunt down and catch criminal fugitives who attempt to escape.

However, I do agree that he is a bit underwhelming for who he is supposed to be. I believe all of the 6th Edition books have gone that way, and I know the 7th Edition Ork book has.

Kept the weapons and wargear codex legal though. See first post for downloading options.

Adeptus Arbites – PDF Free Download

And I even get potentially unlimited squads of Arbites to replace their fallen brethren from the detachment rules, which seems pretty cool. Adeptys Arbites also maintain a small fleet of patrol craft and counter-insurgency vessels, most notably among these the Punisher Class Strike Cruiser. I think the addition of the odd formation, warlord traits and objectives to bring it in line with 7th Edition is great, but one of the nice thing about 6th and 7th is their tendency to streamline things and make things that are complex, simple.

One could also use Codex: I only hope that someone at GW sees this and decides, feth it and gives you loads of money and prints it up as official rules.

Bjorn Firewalker 06 Jul At the tail end of 5th and in Sixth Edition Codex:

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