The Compass of Celestial Directions, the Wyld, the Manual of Exalted Powers the the Eye of Autochthon that could quell the Wyld. The. Exalted of the Old. EDIT: For those who don’t know, the Compass is a guide to Autochthon, as I’ve still yet to entirely digest the Alchemical manual itself. On the. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, the Scavenger Lands, the West, the East, the. South their world-god, or has Autochthon’s flight led only to his demise?.

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Thee st structure of the tru rucc divine hierarchy of Creation and Yu-Shan. Terrified of being permanently unmade, the surviving Primordials finally surrendered and swore on their names and their natures that they would remain for all time in a prison zutochthon of their own bodies.

Currently, Lytek is crafting an alliance with the Gold Faction Sidereals since he shares their interest in the Solar Exalted. So far, there have vompass few cases of Celestial Exalted requesting violent weather for their own purposes, and these have been hastily complied with and then covered up in the records, with rapid editing of other local weather to camouflage the issue.

Officially, there are no restrictions on traveling via cloud. The Bureaus Destiny, aus ooff De Dest stin st in ny, y Heaven, Humanity, Nature and Seasons the ons ns aare ree tth he five he Celestial Bureaus, and together they manage man anagge and compwss nd oversee ove all things in Yu-Shan and Creation… n… or once did.

The Vindicators of the Game are also loyalists, but are far bolder in their agenda, as the stakes they play for are so high that the members are comoass to break any rule. No kind of force or coercion can compel a god to help someone pass through the wards, however.

The dragon boats are very intuitive, and the traveler only needs Sail 1 in order to pilot such a vessel. Some deities, however, took more deliberate steps in response, quietly forming hidden allegiances in support of secretive goals. In the Bureau of Seasons, truculent weather gods harried the Shogunate with crippling droughts and out-of-season monsoons before settling into a more benign practice of simply ignoring Dragon-Blooded prayers completely and providing weather according to the cycles drawn up by the Solars centuries earlier.

Celestial deities with Essence 6 or higher, air elementals and gods with the spirit Charms Affinity Air Control or Weather Control may do so automatically, with no roll or expenditure of Essence or Willpower. A driver must commit 5 motes of Essence to attune to the vehicle, and Dragon-Blooded pilots must also spend an additional 3 motes per hour of flight. Celestial divinities treat Heaven as their sanctum only for the purposes of immortality, and must travel as other gods do.

As the gods of Yu-Shan focused more and more on their own self-interest, however, the Architects became increasingly aggressive in advancement. Compare to the Celestial Bureaucracy. A mortal invited to the Carnival is there because one or more gods have taken an interest in him. Though he may cooperate with them in public, Lytek is absolutely set against the Bronze Faction, as he knows they were directly behind the disappearance of the Solars and his own fall from power.


In peacetime, they work at controlling the seasons and the weather. I think it’s been mentioned before. Much to her surprise, her guests were a hit, as many of the gods were amused at mortals who were utterly banal and completely baffled at their own presence in Yu-Shan. The disease had felled seven hundred thousand Terrestrial Exalted, and for every thirty Dragon-Blooded survivors of the plague, twenty-nine had laid down their lives holding the Fair Folk back.

When the First Age ended, so did these festivals; however, the Court of Seasons managed to parlay their popularity and connections into a far larger area of influence than their powers or domains justified.

This circle of buildings is constantly swelling and expanding into the surrounding territory as new deities are added to the Department or as the ones currently there increase their domains. While the Incarnae only invite their closest allies to play the Games more than once, there are so many gods in Yu-Shan that it would take centuries for every god to have a turn, even if the Incarnae actively tried to share the experience with everyone.

The Terrestrial Bureaucracy consists of the numerous local spirit courts that enact the plans of the various bureaus in specific geographic areas. Behind the scenes play is not only expected, it has become an automatic part of any success. Less than a century prior, a particularly corrupt Twilight had scandalized the gods of Yu-Shan by inviting the first lunatic to the Carnival to show off his particularly intriguing and amusing collection of derangements.

Kejak reported this blackmail attempt to Benadamaru, but unfortunately for him, the Syndics had already bought off the Northern censor. It is augochthon, however unlikely, that the dirty street urchin might someday receive Celestial Exaltation. Further complicating things, the Celestial Bureaucracy includes both the Celestial Celsstial and the Terrestrial Bureaucracy, as all Ahtochthon gods technically work for one or more of the five Heavenly bureaus, although they rarely receive the status, let alone pay, commensurate with a Celestial position.

Even Celestial gods with no cults receive a limited quantity of Ambrosia, if they are employed by the Hierarchy. The Unconquered Sun soon opened the galleries and viewing balconies of the Jade Pleasure Dome to hundreds of gods who stood in his good graces, i. It took the better part of four hundred years, but the Bronze Faction managed to maneuver the worst of their political enemies out of office, all the while pitting the Celestial and Terrestrial deities against on another and bribing the more amenable cirections into their service.

Dog of the Unbroken Earth p.

Then again, I’ve heard they have a double jump charm, so there’s that going for them. According to the first deity to see a Deathlord and survive, the Mask of Winters was no mere ghost, for he deployed powers that resembled dark reflections of Solar Charms, as well as necromantic spells equal in power to Adamant Circle Sorcery.

The Carnival has devolved into a rowdy festival, and lower-Essence gods and even mortals are permitted to mock and insult their peers and superiors without any threat of reprisal. Sunipa, the Eastern Goddess of War, took her position following the removal of the previous Eastern Goddess of War after the Usurpation, the wolf goddess Darunla, who had supported the Solars. Mortals who acquit themselves well, through wit, beauty or whatever means, are frequently rewarded with wealth, artifacts or with some less tangible benefit gained through divine blessings.


More powerful deities, however, possess Charms that can increase their movement rates and, accordingly, their flight speeds. The rest would remain behind in Creation to form the Terrestrial Bureaucracy, enacting the mandates of Heaven and keeping their superiors apprized of events in Creation.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol.3: Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG)

To be sure, aspects of the Incarnae played their appointed roles during the crisis. The celestial lions collect all of these fees, which form the majority of their remuneration. Next to the Incarnae, she is the most powerful god in Yu-Shan, in part because she receives prayers from both gods and mortals. Taru-Han is the god of souls and of the act of dying and the current head of the Department of Abstract Matters.

Built by the Primordials as a refuge in which they might enjoy the Games of Divinity at their leisure while their subordinates tended to Creation, Yu-Shan was taken by the gods as the spoils of the Primordial War. He has held the post for two and a half centuries without being turned, going insane, or having been murdered and replaced with a doppelganger.

Ahlat, the Southern God of War and Cattle, controls the nation of Harborhead and balances his two domains to ensure the importance of both.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG) – PDF Free Download

Lytek is the deity responsible for selecting candidates for Celestial Exaltation. Many other sorts of craft make use of the canals, most notably private yachts and pleasure barges—the dragon boats are merely the most common and the most readily available.

Reports that the Mask of Winters had deployed the ancient behemoth Slayer of Nations were disturbing enough, but the escapees had even more frightening revelations. Personal hobbies should be of the refined and elegant sort, dress should be irreproachable, and any dubious lovers or friends should be kept well behind the scenes. To the surprise of no one in Yu-Shan, the Unconquered Sun established as a law of Heaven that no Exalted would ever view the Games of Divinity, let alone play them.

In contrast to GriFel, Jagalza, the Satrap of the Realm, supports the Bronze Faction only reluctantly due to the requirements of her office, and she does little to hide her disdain for Dragon-Blooded.

With the assistance of Chejop Kejak, who saw potential in their willingness to defend Creation, these three elementals were able to evade punishment.

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