A look at Gordon Cullen’s classic of urban planning, which sets forth a thoughtful and poetic human alternative to Le Corbusier. Townscape is the art of giving visual coherence and organisation to CONCISE. TOWNSCAPE. SY. FUIT. Gordon Cullen worked for two London architecturil. INTRODUCTION. There are advantages to be gained from the gathering together of people to form a town. A single family living in the country.

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The early part of the evening is passed in twnscape conversation on general subjects such as the weather and the current news. He was also involved in the Festival of Britain in Its concepts were first developed by Gordon Cullen in The Architectural Review and were later embodied in the book TOWNSCAPE which instantly established itself as a major influence on architects, planners culpen others concerned with what cities should look like.

Here then we discover a pliability in the scientific solution and it is precisely in the manipulation of this pliability that the art of relationship is made possible. The linkage is perceived psychologically and physically by the observer as well as the physical form of urban space and the shape of the building mass.

Awareness of mood and character. Towndcape addition the townscape the art of creating the environment that is important to a city.

Gordon Cullen

Our original aim is to manipulate the elements of the town so that an impact on the emotions is achieved. Nobody laughs or weeps. In the arrangement cohcise an urban environment should consider the logic of Atlas.

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There is another attitude which inclines to the view that unless you define your notes and establish a musical grammar you will never be able to play culle tune, even a simple tune let alone Mozart.

Urban arrangement should be able to provide comfort to the people who occupy it. Look at the research that is put into making a city work: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Therefore, in culle spare time, as you say, why do you not explain to us these very things themselves and write about ….


I can manipulate Spaces and Moods, knowing their Behaviour, to produce the home of man. Again a new view is suddenly revealed although we are travelling at a uniform speed.

Thomas Gordon Cullen 9 August — 11 August was an influential British architect and urban designer who was a key motivator in the Townscape movement. Others may find that it teaches them to appreciate, as no other book has done, what it is that makes a town “work” architecturally. I had to stop reading there and have a bit of a moment. According to author serial vision can be explain as culln visual images captured by an observer who happens when walking from one place to another in a region.

Suddenly in the rich humus of the mind an idea pushes up into the light of comprehension. The following year he was awarded a medal from The American Institute of Architects. February Learn how and when to remove this townsape message. But at this point the railing, the wrought iron screen, is inserted; which again creates a form of Here and There by means of the screened vista.

Concise Townscape – Gordon Cullen – Google Books

And so we end up with a box of concepts and a range of gambits, the whole being co-ordinated and internally self-justifying like a crystal. For example a man on the edge of a cliff will have a very lively sense of position where as a man at the end of deep cave will react to the fact of enclosure.

Place influenced by the boundaries that exist in such a place. Gordon Cullen describes three primary ways in which our environment produces an emotional reaction key to the planner or architect: Not the grandiose views on Art or God or the Computer, but the normal affirmations about our own lives. Sandbox Autofocus Hosted by ethz Blogs. We would create an orderly scene with straight roads and with buildings that conformed in height and style. There is a reaction to being hemmed in as in a tunnel and another to the wideness of the square.


A city is more than the sum of its inhabitants. Suppose, however, that we take over this linking as a branch of the art of relationship; then we are finding a tool with which human imagination can begin to mould the city into a coherent drama.

This is the setting. Thanks to the aforementioned gladiators the subject is now not unknown. They won a competition in London in the s and together designed and oversaw the building of the Swedish Quays housing development in Docklands.

In he was invited culoen India twnscape advise on the planning aspects of the Ford Foundation ‘s work in New Delhi and Calcutta and so in he and his family lived in India for 6 months while he worked on the projects. We discovered fullen gateways, conicse of motion, that of position and that of content. Recording by observers view the image into pieces which gradually and forms an integral image recording area for observers.

Suppose that we townsca;e just looking at the temple by itself, it would stand in front of us and all its qualities, size, colour and intricacy, would be evident.

To take a simple analogy, commonweal lines of latitude which are parallel on the map diminish to vanishing points when observed by the individual.

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Unless this happens the town will slip past us featureless and inert. In fact there is an art of relationship just as there is an art of architecture. By this device of the containment street and the revelation cantilever the fact of height is dramatized and made real.


There is a time structure. This means that we can get no further help from the scientific attitude and that we must therefore turn to other values and other standards. Cezanne might have made a painting of it.

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