AMPS, 60 VOLTS. DPAK CASE. DESCRIPTION: The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR. CSHDC is a Silicon Schottky Rectifier designed for surface mount. CSHDC Schottky Rectifier Dual, Common Cathode Amps, 60v CSHD6- 60C SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL, COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS . CSHDC datasheet, CSHDC circuit, CSHDC data sheet: CENTRAL – SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER DUAL,COMMON CATHODE AMPS, 60 VOLTS.

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Due to these variables, power dissipation is M listed below as a range. Os pulse Peak Forward Surge Current 1. Manufactured in a dshd6-60 surface mount package, designed for applications requiring a low operating current, low leakage, a i knee and tight real estate situations. Marking Code is C3A. The biggest collection of movie, music and game torrents on TorrentsLand. Bar codes are type 3-of-9 Code 39 Symbology.

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With a value of 8. Marking code is AAD.

S PF All dimensions in inches mm. Central Silicon Controlled Rectifiers 0.

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Normally, this is accomplished through a special diffusion of a standard process. Page 2 full text in PDF Download. For Uni-directional devices, please refer to the 1 SMB5. These devices offer an alternative for using two individual SOT devices, saving board space because both cases are the same size. Resistividad La resistividad elctrica de los materiales. These devices are manufactured in the cost effective SOD double plug case cshf6-60 provides many benefits to the user including space savings and improved thermal characteritcs.


I Code is C High speed Download kps; Files List. It is important that the design engineer consider all the factors infl dissipation for each application. SE Exact mechanical cshd-60, slight electncal differences. Improved technology now allows us to raise the maximum cxhd6-60 offered from 60 Volts to Volts.

In this case, Central’s part num- ber is the same cwhd6-60 the industry part number. High Voltage Switching Diodes in SOT case These new devices complement Central’s previous offering by expanding the configurations available to include common cathode previously limited to single chip and two chips in series versions. Cshd6- 60c schottky rectifier dual, common cathode 6. Finally, a package that is just right for designs where a DPAK is borderline.

For more information about Central Semiconductor Corp. We define Excellence as surpassing our customers’ expectations. Continued 24 mm D 2 PAK Marking Code is C2L. For cshd6-6 voltage devices, see Cshd-660 4 series. Both series are ideal for portable and hand-held applications such as modems, cell phones and pagers, where board space is at a premium. Higher voltage devices are available on special order.


Marking Code is S2. These devices are available in a wide variety of packages.

SM Exact electrical equiv alent, slight mechanical differences. Marking Code is 5CC.


Marking Code is C1X. These devices are manufactured in the cost effective SOD double plug case which provides many benefits to the user including space savings and improved thermal characteristics. T he industry’s standard lead frames for Small Signal Transistors utilize silver plating in the die attach area.

Midrange dissipation levels cshd6-0 for traditional glass-epoxy PC boards FR-4 material.

Cshd6 60 c pdf download

Research full Central Semiconductor product data, download datasheets and buy your Central Semiconductor electronic components and parts now with Electronics Datasheets. These devices were previously only available in the SOT case.

Marking Code is C1J.

Marking code is C3B. OA Per Diode 1. Marking code is P2D. Marking code is A Marking code is C7H. Marking Code is C2F.