Featuring strong random IOPS performance, Dell EqualLogic PSXV is ideal for remote office mid-tier scale-out iSCSI storage consolidation. Shop The Dell EqualLogic™ PSXV storage array is designed to provide exceptional performance for your organization with up to TB of high- performance. Performance where and when you need it. The EqualLogic PSXV continues the EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly with capacity.1 With up.

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Modular Design with Enterprise Reliability EqualLogic PS Series arrays have a modular design that allows enterprises to purchase only the storage they need, when they need it—helping prevent both underutilization and over-provisioning. With a PS Series SAN, enterprises can purchase the storage capacity they need today, and plan for future storage growth knowing that when they need to expand, they can do so easily and without taking the system offline.

Alternatively you can submit a quote request by clicking on the “Get Quote” button located in the delll details section above. By eliminating complex tasks and enabling dll and flexible storage provisioning, these os4100xv dramatically reduce the costs of storage acquisition and ongoing operations. Administrators can configure separate storage pools within a single SAN to help build an efficient, flexible, easy-to-manage storage environment.

Integrate full snapshot, replication and application integration for data protection and disaster recovery.

Used Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV 2.5″ iSCSI SAN

Self-tuning controller caches are battery-backed and mirrored across controllers to help protect these components without compromising performance. Dell Data Management Services can help customers design, implement, manage and maintain storage infrastructures that satisfy data availability, retention and recovery requirements. The EqualLogic ps4100xb overview shows how each EqualLogic software module integrates with the storage systems to enable capabilities for enterprise datacenters.

Speed of Response Protection Premium Proactive Mission Critical – Pw4100xv for server and storage environments where cell unplanned downtime and reducing recovery time through priority response are a must. Patented page-based volume management enables automatic movement of data while it is in use. Because of this shared architecture, enterprises can use PS Series arrays as modular building blocks for simple SAN expansion see Figure 1. A groundbreaking, all-inclusive software model allows access to the latest product features, and enables multiple generations of Ps4100xf PS Series to work seamlessly to provide file and block access from a single, virtualized pool.

Dell’s EqualLogic storage solutions leverage both the cost advantages and management simplicity of Ethernet technology. With its unique peer storage architecture, the PS Series delivers high performance and availability in a flexible environment with low cost of ownership.

Ps4010xv pay via credit card, please call us at OR FAX your card type, card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, complete billing address including apartment number, zip code and phone number to dell at Take advantage of highly virtualized peer storage for linear performance and capacity scalability.


E-mail home functionality enables EqualLogic to rapidly respond to issues and assist administrators. Each group member is automatically configured and participates in balancing the load, distributing data, and tracking host access to data, without requiring user intervention—helping keep storage management simple, regardless of scale.

Dell EqualLogic PSXV Virtualized iSCSI SAN Array |

The EqualLogic implementation of thin provisioning provides enhanced flexibility and safety controls—with proactive, user-defined threshold alarms and controls, administrators can depend on automatic space allocation without worrying about reaching allocation limits or unexpected depletion of physical storage.

That means no downtime for increasing capacity, moving data between storage tiers, or load balancing storage, and most management tasks are handled by the array, not the administrator. This comprehensive suite of services provides flexible, personalized storage options that meet your company’s specific business needs.

Each EqualLogic array ships with a powerful set of features that help you manage, protect and optimize your data.

The PSXV is an intelligent storage array that is designed to provide rapid installation, simple management, and seamless expansion. Got an IT ps410x0v Dell Infrastructure Services Dell infrastructure services are designed to help customers automate and centrally configure, deploy, and manage their day-to-day end user computing and data center operations. The EqualLogic PS Series arrays include the following enterprise data services and software features with no additional software licensing fees: In this context, peer describes the collaboration and equal partnership of a single, simple architecture; components and arrays function as peers, working together to share resources, evenly distribute loads, and collaborate to help optimize application performance and provide comprehensive data protection.

Feature-rich software portfolio The EqualLogic PS Series arrays include innovative firmware and host software with no additional cost or software licensing fees.

They can start with a single storage array—then, when storage, performance, and network requirements grow, they can add more arrays to the group to scale the environment with more capacity, performance, and network bandwidth automatically. EqualLogic’s latest firmware release offers new benefits to your organization so your hardware can continue to meet your current needs and be ready to grow with you as the demands of the virtual era increase: Rapid installation EqualLogic PS Series arrays can be fully functional within minutes of opening the shipping box.

Peer provisioning is designed to simplify expansion while systems remain online; new arrays can be automatically added to the group and automatically connect to the SAN.

Built-in monitoring and notifications provide e-mail, syslog support, and comprehensive Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP monitoring and traps—all standard features. Dell uses standard tools, a proven methodology and expert consultants to mitigate associated risk and minimize downtime. Virtualizes SAN resources Enables peer scalability of up to 16 arrays Provides intelligent data management functionality Automatically adjusts system resources Optimizes performance Reduces human intervention EqualLogic SAN Headquarters Dell EqualLogic SAN Headquarters SAN HQ is a centralized monitoring and reporting tool delll gathers and provides in-depth information on depl, capacity and alerts across multiple groups of Ps1400xv PS arrays, helping improve performance and effective allocation of group resources.


Dell’s EqualLogic storage solutions deliver the benefits of consolidated networked storage in a self-managing, iSCSI storage area network that is affordable and easy to use, regardless of scale. These installation services help: The result is a high level of data protection and performance even during service procedures.

Peer deployment enables IT staff to potentially install, configure, and deploy most EqualLogic arrays in minutes. Here you will find new and used pricing, product comparisons, drive part numbers, capacities, network connectivity, configuration information and more. This capability helps eliminate the extensive system configuration and scripting that other systems may require for snapshot-based backups. Comprehensive system monitoring EqualLogic system monitoring capabilities are designed to provide administrators with a comprehensive view of the health and status of their SANs.

And with comprehensive Dell Data Management Services that help plan, design, implement and support an efficient data management strategy and ecosystem, you can satisfy today’s data availability, retention and recovery requirements while preparing to meet the demands of tomorrow. Grouping multiple Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays helps increase capacity and performance linearly—without increasing management complexity. All EqualLogic storage products include host integration tools to simplify operation in Microsoft Windows, Linux and VMware environments.

Self-managing, scalable storage The intelligence of peer provisioning combined with the modular design of PS Series arrays enables administrators to quickly and easily expand storage capacity without affecting data availability. Because capacity expansion in PS Series arrays is non-disruptive, administrators can add storage resources while applications remain online. Other freight and carrier services are available, please contact us at info ecsunix.

EqualLogic PS Series arrays enable administrators to perform an initial manual sync by copying primary site data to transportable media, physically shipping the media to the remote site, unloading the data, and then starting up the automatic replication.

Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV – 12 X 600gb 15k 3.5″ SAS iSCSI Storage Array

Rely on Dell to help you effectively manage your storage growth through simple and scalable service options that are right for your data, budget and business. Dell provides host integration tools for Microsoft, VMware and Linux environments, providing customers with the following benefits:.

The PS Series addresses branch office and SMB storage needs with simplified administration, rapid deployment and an affordable price, while providing a full set of enterprise-class data protection and management features, solid performance, scalability and fault-tolerance. Delp Day and expedited shipping services are available.

Exceptional ease of management EqualLogic storage is designed to provide rapid deployment, simple management and seamless expansion.