Esse interesse é usualmente apresentado como um novo desenvolvimento na teoria antropológica e os seus possíveis antecedentes, como o difusionismo e a . Afora o fato de vir a confirmar que os antropólogos preferem fazer prosa sem . e nas interconexões concretas, quase como uma retomada do difusionismo. Antropología Difusionista. Diego Cubillos; 3 videos; 43 views; Last updated on Mar 31, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

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Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity. In the case of diffusionism, Ulf Hannerz difusiohismo, Arnd Schneider and Hans Hahnfor example, have stressed the shared concerns of diffusionists and globalists.

While first generation diffusionists were mostly interested in contact between different Native-American cultures, acculturation theorists privileged the cultural consequences of Westernization among Native-American cultures and later among African cultures in the New World.

Durham-London, Duke University Press. But religion and ritual continue to play an important role on the globalist agenda, as shown by the increasing number of difuskonismo of African-American religions or the growing body of literature on neo-Pentecostalism and charismatic Catholicism on the American continent and elsewhere.

Lisboa, Livros do Brasil. Princeton, Princeton University Press. The foundational mechanism of this new mode of cultural production, in the case of cultural tourism, is the replication of authenticity and the denial of cultural contact. Tucson, The University of Arizona Press.

Difusionisme (arqueologia)

The Social History of British Anthropology, Madison, The University of Wisconsin Press, Contemporary anthropology has developed a consistent difusionismmo in the study of modes of circulation of people, objects and ideas associated with current cultural globalization.

Acculturation theorists were thus able to circumvent one of the chief accusations against classical diffusionism.

As to counter-acculturation, Herskovits viewed it as a variant — based on the refusal difuxionismo external influences — of acculturation. Perspectives from Folklore Studies, History and Anthropology. The sources of these concerns were diverse. Sometimes, some of these distinct ways of living can be hybridized. Cultural and Institutional Crossings in the History of Anthropology. British Social Anthropology, Having previously done fieldwork in Surinam, Trinidad, Haiti and Dahomey, Herskovits could not but be aware of the extent to which African heritage had been transformed in the US.


Some anthropologists and historians have been actively involved in the identification of such differences within the African-American field of research e.

Digusionismo, Museums, and Heritage. Besides its liberating effects, movement — unrestricted movement — can also be a threat to the local as a site where the spatial and temporal abstractions of globalization can be resisted Comaroff and Comaroff In this sense tourism rests on a powerful paradox: Malden, MA, Blackwell Publishing, European Mythmaking in the Pacific.

The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: Current discussions on the concepts of globalization and localization Friedmanappropriation Schneider ; Hahnre-territorialization Inda and Rosaldo or friction Tsingwhile introducing new variables, such as transnationalism or the market, share the same concern towards reinterpretation already present in acculturation theory. This is an ongoing process. As the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk [] has argued, globalization is a project of homogenization of time and space driven by an ideology of unrestricted movement.

Difusionisme (arqueologia) – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Plano An outline of acculturation theory. Living in an Age of Uncertainty. Anthropology of the Modern World. Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity. As Sally Price has put it: But we have to recognize that they were not part of the agenda of acculturation theory, mainly focused on retention, acculturation, syncretism and counter-acculturation.

Advocating a holistic approach to reality, modernist anthropology was by definition indifferent to the actual interplays between cultural patterns or social structures and individual inventiveness. Meanwhile, it explores abtropologia relations between globalization as perspective and globalization as myth as opposed to globalization as objectwith a “spirit of epoch” manifested transversally in various domains, both in forms of knowledge and social practices in general.


antrpoologia As demonstrated by several authors e. The dialogue between the two anthropologists was rather ambivalent. Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity. Some contemporary globalists have fallen prey to this ideology, adopting an often uncritical stance towards the cultural condition of the globalized world. ABSTRACT Contemporary anthropology has developed a consistent interest in the study of modes of circulation of people, objects and ideas associated with current cultural globalization.

But they stress the fact that a more attentive reading of the classics shows how some of the concerns underlying post-modern re-formulations of culture were not absent from such different authors as Boas, Benedict or Sapir. Essays on Ethnographic Fieldwork. Similarly, in some of the papers he wrote in the s, Herskovits was eager to admit his initial Africanist excesses: Oxford, Oxford University Press.

I will give three examples.

Malden, MA, Blackwell Publishing, Tucson, The University of Arizona Press. Re-reading acculturation theory 1.

Contextualização da disciplina Antropologia e cultura brasileira – ENGENHARIA

Bunzl ; Bashcow ; Rosenblatt In this sense, one of the tasks that the anthropology of cultural globalization has to face is the empirical and theoretical upgrading of previous approaches to phenomena of cultural dynamics. I will basically concentrate on two authors who played an important role in the development of antrpologia theory: New York, Boni and Livreright.

One of its main aspects, as several authors have emphasized, has to do with the increasing reflexivity of culture. And we can define them both as new modes of cultural dynamics, in the sense that acculturation antropolpgia gave to this expression, or, following Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, as new modes of cultural production under the current regime of globalization.