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DIN Electroplated coatings – Zinc coatings on iron or steel – Terms, testing and corrosion resistance (Foreign Standard) This standard only applies in . Buy DIN () Electroplated Coatings – Zinc Coatings On Iron Or Steel – Terms, Testing And Corrosion Resistance from SAI Global. Buy DIN ELECTROPLATED COATINGS – ZINC COATINGS ON IRON OR STEEL – TERMS, TESTING AND CORROSION.

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The breaking edge Figure 3 of a bright zinc plated and trivalent passivated steel sheet at 40,x magnification shows that this layer is almost exactly the same thickness as the yellow chromate in Figure 2. Corrosion resistance of combined coatings zinc coating plus chromate conversion coating forrating 10 as in dn Metallic materials, in particular iron and steel, galvanized or cadmium plated to protect them from corrosive environmental influences.


The corrosion protection of intact greenish chrome VI free chromating amounts depending on the production temperature to h in the salt spray cabinet according to DIN SS until the first occurrence of corrosion products.

Since the Chromiting is not specified as a new layer, the editors of norms and standards are now invited to evaluate the properties of this coating itself. The parts were then rinsed with water and dried in air stream. The typical Olivchromatierungsschicht is up to 1.

There were conducted series of experiments. For undated references, the latest edition of the publication referred to applies. Preferably, the layer is more than nm thick and, on zinc, has a greenish red-green iridescent colour.

In traditional chromate coatings it is just the soluble chromium VIthe washed under corrosion conditions, is rinsed over the exposed zinc layer of scratches and leads to a certain Nachchromatierung. A low pH favors the dissolution of zinc, but also provides for increased redissolution of the layer. Da die Chromitierung als neue Schicht noch nicht spezifiziert ist, sind nun die Herausgeber von Normen und Standards eingeladen, die Eigenschaften dieser Beschichtung selbst zu beurteilen.


Use of a treatment solution for forming an anti-corrosive coating layer on a metal dispersion dry film or on a surface of a micron-scaled metal particle.

Nevertheless, the layer can be colored for decorative purposes or to indicate with organic dyes. The following, however, always referred to the comparable a yellow chromate layer.

During the ongoing third attempt in a practice Electroplating were essentially drum parts, but also coated some parts in the frame method. The use of zinc and chromium VI compounds prepared chromating such. The method according to claim 19, characterized in that in one of the rinsing stages a blue chromation is performed. It is technically possible to produce layer thicknesses and chromium contents similar to an olive chromating.

In aluminum etching pretreated aluminum parts were immersed in an 5061 chromating solution: The new greenish chrome VI free chromate is accordingly 59061 on the production temperature between and nm thick, pale green in color and the natural red-green iridescent.

DIN – European Standards

In our industrial society galvanized and chromated metal surfaces are omnipresent. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text, and the titles of the publications are listed below. Chromated zinc coatings are easy to prepare, relatively inexpensive, available in several colors and change neither diameter nor shape of the coated parts significantly. Chromate coating with chromium VI compounds is problematic with regard to safety at work.

Immersion time was 60 seconds. The base metal of the zinc-plated component remains intact, while there is still continuously covered with zinc, and the mechanical functionality is maintained over longer periods of time than in the case of parts. Die Ansatzpunkte a und b sind dem Fachmann bekannt. An essential aspect of the search for alternatives besides corrosion protection and temperature resistance evaluation of the layer system from a toxicological point.

Niedax Galvanik – NIEDAX GROUP

The corrosion protection of the zinc based on dih fact that it is still less noble than iron, and therefore initially draws the corrosive attack exclusively to itself. A rating other than 10 may be agreed upon. BS Testing coated fabrics. The corrosive attack on the zinc layer in turn can be greatly retarded by applying a chromate treatment, and thus also the base metal corrosion is even further delayed than by mere zinc plating.


The method according to claim 17, characterized in that the A is dip duration of between about 15 dim seconds, in particular between about 15 and seconds, preferably about 30 seconds. Die Tauchzeit betrug 60 s. Based on the old dib, the new thick chromate III layer should Chromiting hot. Figure 3 shows the broken edge of a bright zinc plated and chromitierten steel sheet at 40,x magnification. Beschleunigung der Hinreaktion II.

Niedax Galvanik GmbH

A goal of many manufacturers is 50916 coating with a cathodic Although protective product that does not blooms so heavily under corrosion conditions and desirably has darker colored corrosion products. After coatings are tested for the times or number of cycles given in tables 1 and 2, the extent of corrosion of the basis metal shall be evaluated using the rating system specified in BS EN Corrosion protection of metals — Non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coatings on iron or steel components.

The sub-claims represent preferred embodiments of the present invention.

A concentrate according to any one of claims 7 or 8, characterized in rin the concentrate is in solid or liquid form. Tabelle 1 zeigt Charakteristik von Zink und Zinklegierungen sowie alternativen Beschichtungen.

Process for the treatment by chemical conversion of substrates of zinc or of one of its alloys, concentrate and bath used for performing this process. Hot-dip galvanized parts are chromitierbar. Beuth Verlag GmbH Berlin.

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