Las. distocias. dinámicas. o. anomalías. de. la. contracción. uterina. José Botella Llusiá Concepto de distocia ayer y hoy. Las distocias de la contracción uterina. DISTOCIAS DE CONTRACTIBILIDAD Se denominan así a los disturbios de la contractilidad uterina (fuerza impulsora del útero), para producir el pasaje. Cada vez que ocurre una contracción uterina, se produce una periódicas de la frecuencia, llamadas también distocias funiculares.

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Meaning of “distocia” in the Spanish dictionary. Starting from the 3D reconstructions, we compare these molecular machines structurally and functionally to their viral counterparts and summarize the current knowledge on their respective mode of action.

In control rats, the myofilament contractile properties were virtually unchanged throughout the aging process. Esophageal contractions were further characterized by propagation direction, repetitiveness, and based on whether they were occluding or non-occluding. Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to analyze contractility of the heart ventricle in selected reptilian and amphibian conhractilidad having the same ventricular excitation pattern.

Further, simulate the existing experiment of ocntractilidad force, and then compare the simulated results with the existing experimental results.

capacidad contractil uterina: Topics by

Includes methods for determination of contractile properties of normal and hypertrophied muscle and…. Thrombopoietin TPO is a humoral growth factor that has been shown to increase platelet activation in response to several agonists.

This study aims to investigate these relationships.

These abnormalities were correlated with an increased risk of C-section delivery and associated surgical complications. Cardiac output and central blood volume pulmonary blood volume and left atrial volume were determined by indicator dilution I-albumin and radionuclide angiocardiography first pass Primary Carcinoma of the uterine tube, an unusual malignant pathology: While free-living protists are distocja subjected to hyposmotic environments, parasitic protists are also in contact with hyperosmotic habitats.


The uterus and the uterine tubes were collected for. Effect of cadmium on myocardial contractility and calcium fluxes. During all experiments standard Krebs solution flowed through the bath continuously to which agents were added at necessary concentrations.

Here we have assessed the effects of extracellular matrix ECM composition and rigidity on mechanical properties of the human airway smooth muscle ASM cell. To date, no study has investigated whether contractilifad contractility is modified by hypothyroidism or T4 treatment.

The intrasystolic index in tortoises was significantly greater than in frogs, whereas quite similar to that in snakes. Diverse myosin II isoforms regulate contractility of actomyosin bundles in disparate physiological processes by variations in both motor mechanochemistry and the extent to which motors are clustered into thick filaments.

Full Text Available Obstetrical emergencies are problem in veterinary clinics and hospital. Rapid assessment and intensive treatments are required to sustain the life of the animal.

DISTOCIA – Definition and synonyms of distocia in the Spanish dictionary

Fraction Hf2s exhibited a concentration-dependent myocontractile effect EC50 The frog ventricle had lower contractility compared with the reptilian one. Peak twitch contractile force and time-to-peak twitch were used as contractile parameters. We report the case of a 26 years old patient with a spontaneous gravid uterine rupture, 18 weeks of gestation and cesarean scar background.

Under histamine stimulation, endothelial cells in self-assembled and microengineered networks, but not individual cells and monolayers, exhibit calcium oscillations. These results resolve the roles of myosin II and contractile actomyosin structures in the motion of nanoparticles lodged in the cytoplasm, reveal the biphasic mechanical architecture of adherent cells-stiff contractile stress fibers interdigitating in a network at the cell cortex and a soft actin meshwork in the body of the cell, validate the method of particle tracking-microrheology, and reconcile seemingly disparate atomic force microscopy AFM and particle-tracking microrheology measurements of living cells.


The wireless motility capsule concurrently measures temperature, pH and pressure as it traverses the gastrointestinal tract.

Meaning of “distocia” in the Spanish dictionary

A combination of high and low voltage step functions could produce gross motor function and fine manipulation within the same actuator unit. We hypothesize that retosiban may be an effective preventative treatment of preterm birth in high-risk multiple pregnancies, an area of unmet clinical need. All vessels used attained spontaneous contractile tone Here, we review newly emerging insights on the role of acidocalcisomes and the contractile vacuole complex in the cellular response to hyposmotic and hyperosmotic stresses.

The least predictive assay was automated electrophysiology which showed a significant bias when compared with other assay formats. However, clinical estimation data about this relationship is still lacking.

However, little is known about the changes in myofibrillar contractile properties during the progression from hypertension to decompensated heart failure. MCD was measured in the six LV wall positions: Networks of polymerizing actin filaments are known to be capable to self-organize into a variety of structures.

Distocias Intraparto

De la Distocia hemorrngica id. Time-lapse imaging of actin revealed a correlated hydrodynamic flow around the nucleus, with profile and uterona consistent with the results of our theoretical approach. When the quality characteristics are not correlated, using several indices, such as Cp, Cpk and Cpm to assess the ability of the process to produce quality products.

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