This page provides Java code examples for vor. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. This page provides Java code examples for vor. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. PrintStatus status = new PrintStatus();. /*Create the DocFlavor for GIF */. DocFlavor flavor = ;. /* Create an attribute set comprising.

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By this coincidence that particular case may work without specifying the encoding of platform data. The charset for text types is a commonly useful example.

Mime types may include parameters which are usually optional. Also note that this dodflavor different than the behaviour of the Java runtime when interpreting a stream of bytes as text data.

Using the Java Print Services APIs on the iSeries System

This also means you should not use a URL print data flavor to print a document stored in a local file that is not available at a URL accessible independently of the client. Every instance of the Java virtual machine has a default flr encoding determined during virtual-machine startup and typically depends upon the locale and charset being used by the underlying operating system.

I have to set the value of docflavor to print the. Tor the representation class is a URL, the print service itself accesses and downloads the document directly from its URL address, without involving the client. Specifically, the following doc flavors are recommended to be supported: Character array char[] — The print data consists of the Unicde characters in the array.

This means you should not use a URL print data flavor to print a document at a restricted URL that the client can see but the printer cannot see. Determines if this doc fo object is equal to the given object. DocFlavor does, and can be used in services which need this. Also see the documentation redistribution policy. DataFlavor does not guarantee that equivalent data flavors will have the same serialized representation.


The printer calls methods in that interface to obtain the pages to be printed, one by one. In addition to these attributes, some iSeries system-specific attributes will be implemented for all DocFlavors:.

True if this doc flavor object equals objfalse otherwise. DataFlavor includes a human presentable name as part of the serialized representation.

_STREAM (Java Platform SE 7 )

Specifically, the following doc flavor is recommended to be supported: Reader — The print data consists of the Unicode characters read from the stream up to the end-of-stream.

In other words, if an application specifies an AttributeSet object on a call to the lookupPrintService method, the method will return only instances docfalvor print services that support the specified attributes. Ken Dittrich is a senior software engineer with IBM. This convenience method will return the value of the specified parameter if one was specified in the mime type for this flavor. A Doc object also lets the DocPrintJob obtain an instance of the doc flavor’s representation class, from which the DocPrintJob then obtains the actual print data.

The preferred form is the official IANA primary name for an encoding. A CharSet which corresponds to this and is suitable for use in a mime-type gor a DocFlavor can be obtained from DocFlavor. It only prints the jpeg format file.

Plain text print data provided through a byte stream. Each parameter value is enclosed in quotes. InputStream — The print data consists of the bytes read from the stream up to the end-of-stream.


Post as a guest Name. Customizing Business Communications Flow. Thus, if two doc flavor objects’ MIME types are the same except for comments, they are considered equal.

The parameters are arranged in ascending order of parameter name. I have written code to run the printer programatically in Java. MIME type string based on the canonical form. Reader as the print data representation class. Client Formatted Print Data There are two broad categories of print data, client formatted print data and service formatted print data. Read The Current Issue: After an application locates a print service that dcflavor handle a specific document data format and the desired attributes, it creates a print job from the selected print service using the createPrintJob method of the print-service object.

For fpr formatted print data, the print data representation class is typically one of the following although other representation classes are permitted.

The given MIME type is converted into canonical form and stored internally. Class DocFlavor’s serialized representation also contains the fully-qualified class name of the representation class a String objectrather than the representation class itself a Class object.

Specifying Document Types

The value returned from method is valid only for the VM which returns it, for use in a DocFlavor. Fro doc flavor’s MIME type is one of the standard media types telling how to interpret the sequence of characters or bytes.

It would be nice to see the same output on Linux.