DRAFTING, PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING. Introduction: By the art of legal drafting (also commonly called the legal composition) we mean the art of. 1 DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW FINAL DRAFT OF PLEADING, DRAFTING AND CONVEYANCE AMENDMENT OF. CONTENTS DRAFTING OF PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING – General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Rules CIVIL – Plaint – Written Statements.

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Hence no levy could be made by the Respondent in this behalf form the petitioner.

Affidavit is an important document and, therefore, it should be prepared very carefully, furnishing of a false K affidavit is punishable under sections and of the Indian penal code. When the civil codes came to be drafted, the principles of pleadings were also given statutory form.

Difference between drafting pleading and conveyancing

M The appellant most respectfully sheweth that. The facts and circumstances which require the decision of the lower court o be altered and make M it erroneous should be specifically high lighted in the grounds of appeal. The body of the application should be either in the form of petition: It is a well known fact that delay in justice is one of the basic flaws of the Indian Judiciary and amendment of pleadings is a vital reason for that.

It is a camouflage to state that the allegations contained in the said grounds were such as were likely to be prejudicial to the maintenance of public order. S Therefore the names of the parties to the suit with all necessary particulars should be given. That the said road from ………. Facts of the Case: A company incorporated under the companies Act having its registered officiate………….

Pattial dated 8 Date……………. Or That Shri ………. The pleading must bear the signature or thumb impression or any other identification mark of the party concerned.

It is no answer to a suit, however, frivolous the claim, that the law confers no such right to sue. The lawyers are taking briefs of all sorts and they are extremely busy. Provided that where a party pleading is by reason of absence or for ad cause, Plfading unable to sign the pleading, it may be signed by any person duly athorized by him to same or to sue or defend on his behalf.


To say that any enactment of Parliament forms the procedure established by law is K contrary to t Constitution and is not good law. Advocate In the High Court ……….

A written statement is required to be filed by the defendant in answer to the claim made by the plaintiff in his plaintiff, which is delivered to the defendant plwading with the summons to attend at the first hearing of the suit.

Experience was a better teacher; and the changes in court procedure took place not only in the light of the past experience but also in the face of expediency. Details conveyanxing the damage caused to the property on account of the accident: The plaintiff can claim more then one relief, in the suit. Petition under Section of the companies Act for winding’ up the company The petitioner above named states as under: You are of the view that in the long run ……….


Your humble petitioner therefore begs to pray that your Lordships may be pleased to issue rule nisi to the Respondents directing ppeading to produce the petitioner before this Hon’ble Court and to justice his M detention in accordance with procedure established by law and that after hearing the parties, your Lordships may be pleased to issue a writ of habeas corpus or other appropriate writ or direction to s the petitioner at liberty.

M Absence of Plea in Written Statement: A memorandum of appeal is meant to K be a succinct statement of the grounds upon which the appellant proposes to support the appeal. Place on this …………. Is contrary to procedure established by law. It is also not necessary to state that the defendant executed the bond ‘of his cobveyancing free will, and without any force or fraud because the burden of proving any fact invalidating the bond lies erafting the defendant.

Affidavits are chargeable with stamp duty under Act.

For which favour this humble petitioner shall ever pray. Particulars of the loss and expenses: The facts admitted by any parties need not be pursued or proved. Per bus for one trip when it proceeds to cross each of the said rivers over conceyancing bridges aforementioned. In matrimonial matters custom has been recognised in certain matters such as marriage between the persons who are spind as or who area within the degrees of prohibited S relationship.


That the above suit is pending in the court of A I verify that facts mentioned dragting paras 1 and 3 i and ii are true to my knowledge and those in other paragraphs are correct on information received which is believed to be true. All such facts must, therefore, be mentioned or state. To have acted in the exercise of its jurisdiction illegally or with material irregularity. In a petition for judicial divorce on the ground of desertion, the fact that the respondent left the petitioner without his consent and without any justifiable excuse is material.

If he omits to seek a relief in the suit his subsequent suit for such relief omitted would be barred under order 2. An application for execution is generally made in a tabular form given in form NO. That Government could not declare these bridges to be ferries.

Drafting, Pleading, Conveyancing Syllabus – Lawgic

A cooperative Society registered under the Delhi drfating operative societies Act, having its office at …………. When the execution is applied for against legal representative of the deceased judgment-debtor, it cannot be against the person of the legal representative, but only against the property of the jUdgment-debtor which has come to the legal representative and has not been disposed of by him sec.

The parties come to know before hand what points the opposite party will raise at the trial, plrading thus they are a prepared to meet them and are not taken by surprise, which would certainly be the case if there were no obligatory rules of pleadings whereby the pleadiny are compelled to lay bare there cases before the opposite party prior to the commencement of the actual trial. The respondent has deserted the petitioner for a statutory period of one year and above, and hence the petitioner is entitled to divorce.