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There’s even one in a van outside the bar; all he has to do is tie it up at a given location. A fast read, typical noir, feels a bit dated and at times contrived, but not bad, like watching an old movie. If you like mysteries—particular the ones which have the bizarre, hallucinatory qualities of a good 40’s film noiryou should give The Deadly Percheron a try.

The Deadly Percheron by John Franklin Bardin

Still, he is a changed man when he comes out. Bardin never suggests otherwise. John Franklin Bardin wrote several books, but there was a productive period starting in with The Deadly Percheron reaching publication, followed by The Last of Philip Banter and Devil Take the Blue-Tailed Fly k where he had more like a tiger by the tail.

Mar 16, Bill Hsu rated it it was ok. Want to Read saving…. It begins with a psychiatrist who is visited by a young man wearing a flower in his hair; the young man is doing this because a leprechaun has paid him to do so.

Aug 20, Brent Hayward rated it liked it. The plot of this novel becomes more and more complex as Matthews researches his recent past, trying to reassemble the missing pieces caused by his amnesia. To be frank, however, I think that Bardin wrote a page novella and then duplicated passages to give himself 38 more, rather than actually finishing the book.

Highly recommended for noi This is an incredible novel and one I wouldn’t have heard of but for the Pocket Essentials book on Noir Fiction. Sure Blunt is the brunt of a hoax, Dr. Un cattivo libro rinforza l’atteggiamento intransigente del lettore verso la sperimentazione di un nuovo mondo.


This is the sixth book printed under the Millipede book imprint. Now, he is considered by many to be one of the most important American noir writers.

While there are clues throughout the story I didn’t guess the murderer. But he swears he isn’t the killer. It has one of the most bizarre and intriguing plots in crime fiction, in which the hero experiences the most extreme identity crisis imaginable.

El percheron mortal / The Deadly Percheron : John Franklin Bardin :

And this is the key to the book’s reevaluation: Para todos aquellos lectores amantes de la novela negra. It’s hard to make out what’s real, what’s authentic, towards the end of this book, and that confusion is clearly deliberate and made somewhat teasingly over-the-top by the fun house setting.

This is not something that happens on a regular basis in Sometimes it’s wearing flowers in his hair, sometimes it’s giving away quarters. But where else are you going to find semi-amnesic victims of chemical torture leading double lives, high-society trust fund man-children with hibiscuses in their hair and Broadway-babes on their arms, all topped off with a leprechaun criminal syndicate possibly pulling the strings?

And like any good mystery you don’t find out until the last page. There are no white rabbits in the book but it turned out to be quite a find all the same. This was apparently Bardin’s first novel and it has some typical first book issues a dragging mid-section, awkward transitions, occasional info-dumping, and difficulty tying up loose ends but it also establishes what would appear to be the writer’s primary and very personal interest in identity and personality and the ways we negotiate and integrate our multiple social selves in the world when either our outside surroundings or our inner resources break down.

Eventually, he’s released and gets a job working in a cafeteria in Coney Island. A leprechaun, not the three inch tall Irish variety, but the American 3 foot tall variety, pays him to wear a different flower in his hair every day.


The reader is given the sequence of events almost in reverse order.

El percheron mortal / The Deadly Percheron

Certain plot mrtal are wrapped up or discarded with superficial ease, but it’s difficult not to see this as part and parcel of the narrator’s own curious glibness, disinterest, and detachment from his former life. I came to this in an unusual way. Bardin overcomplicates the plot, which will stretch the believability of many readers, but his writing style is fresh, muscular, and gritty.

The following morning, Dr.

The Deadly Percheron

However, there’s still more than enough great stuff here to make it well worth reading. Her hair was long, loose, in lovely disarray.

Bardin was born in to an affluent family. Unfortunately, I can’t give it 5 stars because Bardin fudges the ending with clumsy perchegon and it all gets a bit silly. George Matthews is an established psychiatrist in New York City.

But on the way to the subway, he is struck from behind and passes out. Next, he tells Blunt about the next job: May 05, Ana rated it liked it Shelves: For most of the novel I was unsure as to whether George Matthews or John Brown was an entirely reliable narrator, but that was fully resolved in the end. Matthews accompanies him to a bar one night to meet one of the little men.

This was because his short cropped hair was gray streaked with white and his jaw, that showed the remains of strength, trembled spasmodically.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In the real world.

Published December 1st by Millipede Press first published May 13, Dergrossest rated it really liked it.