hello! Could someone please post English rules:kiss. : Mayfair Games Catan Adventures: Elasund – The First City: Toys Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry + Simple Rules +. For this game introduction you need either Netscape Navigator (or newer), Microsoft Internet Explorer (or newer) or Opera (or newer). (We also tested.

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The game comes with an abundance of thick tiles of varying size, cards, and colored ruls bits. Influence Cards come in three different colors and are drawn randomly from the stack.

Buildings cost money to place, more if an opposing building permit is on the building site, as the value of the permit is reimbursed in gold to its owner by the builder. City Gate Tiles to mark the corners are included to make this adjustment. Eventually though, with careful planning and perhaps a dollop of luck, a player will manage to pull off a last building for the victory.

To do this you do have urles have the greater total value of Permits, which is determined by adding up the numbers on the Permits. As the city is built, however, pirates from the sea are waiting to sack the city.

Walls, when built, may also allow the builder to earn gold, influence cards, or victory points. Your name will be public. Upgrade on of your placed building permits with a higher value permit from your hand. There is a lot of direct player interaction and high degree of “nastiness” that will delight many players, but be a turn-off for others.

Elasund Rules Clarifications and Corrections

Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters Articles containing German-language text. Or; Maybe this is a Eurogame for Ameritrash players! A building on the coast, and certain squares inland, are worth trade points, which may contribute to victory point scoring.


Years after fearless seafarers discovered and settled the island of Catan the population has grown significantly. A roll of “7” means that pirates attack and no resources are elassund. The competition is eager to excel and claim all of the credit! Come see why these games are popular all over the world!

English rules | Elasund: The First City | BoardGameGeek

Most buildings require both the necessary building permits and a cost in gold to build. Each turn, the player does the following actions in order. Soon you can start going after bigger projects! In Elasund, players compete and cooperate to build the premier city of Catan. You heed the call to drive the city’s growth and prosperity.

The Game Ranch – Game Reviews – Elasund

A German language expansion to Elasund is available from the author’s website, which adds several buildings to the game. Limited resources early on will limit players to a few small buildings. No more foraging alone in the wilderness on the island, in this game you’ll be competing head-to-head for the prime building spots in Catan’s first city.

While a player may get unlucky with the resource rolls, he can always skip placing a Permit and get two Gold Cards instead. Every third one allows the player to place a Victory Point Cube while the others immediately give him one or rlasund Influence Cards. Despite the thematic connection between Elasund and Settlersthe two games have completely different mechanics.

One of the interesting aspects of the pirate is that since it allows you to move the Pirate Trade Ship to the row of your choice, you might base your decision on where you would like to place a Building Permit that turn, rather than on making your fellow players pay. I definitely think we should try Elasund again. There are only a limited ryles of wall spaces and the cheaper spots tend to go quickly.


Elasund: The First City

What led us to get the game? If it is a neutral building, he places a Victory Point Cube in the designated spot on the building tile.

The church is made up of nine single square tiles that are built one-at-a-time to form a 9×9 building. Settlements have sprung up across flasund island and on the coasts, and trade between them has become indispensable. A player must be ready to tweak his strategy based on what fate deals him and I really like that feature. The player pays the cost in Gold Cards to the bank, removes and returns the Building Permits to their owners, and places the building. The player must pay the value of any removed Permits to their owners, however.

Welcome Over time this blog seeks to record my own experiences with modern board and card games, the activities of a small board game group I ran its successes and failuresand explore how games may be used as a tool more widely in society with both young and old and in a variety of settings.

This is somewhat similar to the robber in Settlers of Catan. All resources are kept hidden in the player’s hand. Permits may be placed for an amount of gold equal to its value.

Newer Post Older Post Rulles. The First City Artikelnr: This will be discussed later. The rules are excellent, in color and with an overview of the game as well as plenty of examples. Close up of the Elasund board Pirates.

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