Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun has ratings and reviews. Ms. said: Emily is back in this fifth installment, which jumps right i. But Emily and Aaron quickly get in over their heads in the frigid waters of the frozen embarking on an icy and perilous journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun. King Neptune is having nightmares about something terrible that threatens his kingdom. He sends Emily and Aaron, who are both half mer-people, on a mission .

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The series never failed to surprise me with its deep adventures, interesting characters, and perfect way of tying every loose end with its conclusion. Great writing and characters. It is really interesting.

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Neptune was softer in this book, but I wish his character was developed a little more. Born inLiz grew up in the seaside town of Southport in the north west of England.

Not by a long shot. Of course, life being what it is, everything does not stay perfect. Strange storms are blowing up from the ocean, caused by the nightmares of Neptune, King of the Sea. Following the few clues they were given, Emily and Aaraon find a cave full of frozen mermaids, and they manage to free the captives. From Slave Ship to Freedom Road. In this thrilling new adventure Emily Windsnap is not also faced with an enormous task and a perilous quest to save midnibht world once more, but she is also tested to the limits with her relationship with her best friend.


It was so sweet and adorable I could scream. Books by Liz Kessler. Join 37 other followers. His instructions are more than a little vague, but the young people agree to take on the mission.

I wanted more from this and I just didn’t get it. Candlewick March 11, Language: This doesn’t faze you as slightly suspicious? This series of books is what finally motivated my 8 year old daughter to read chapter books.

Get to Know Us. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. No trivia or quizzes yet. If they can go to the land of the midnight sun and catch the falling tears, they would be able to make sense of what’s happening and help prevent a world submerged. Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun. I like the book for what it xnd, but as a Yet another great book in the Emily Windsnap series If you guys read the book, you’ll find out all of the amazing surprises yourself! Or at least mudnight of them.

I think ten more pages could’ve been added. Who would have thought that Neptune would have a twin brother? After school and university, Liz lived on a narrowboat on the canal for about ten years, after which she settled briefly in Manchester before travelling round Europe in a campervan for a year.

This was the last Emily Windsnap book I read. Will they work together to save the world and also save their relationship too? Beeston was really clueless, but he acted like he was more important than everyone, so he was pretty funny.


Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun by Liz Kessler

The hectic pace of this confused me a little, but then I frequently suffer from “fantasy amnesia”. Thankfully, later in the story she made up for her being annoying. I think this book was a good close to the series, and I think the midnivht did it justice. The art work through out the book is simply amazing, and I give this book four out of five stars! I loved this book. They windssnap funny and just perfect for year-old me.

Save Queen of Sheba. They also find other places that te King of the Sea saw in his dream: Although, I found the last two plot-twists predictable and figured them out before they happened.

It had a good plot, but was confusing at points. Julia has yet to reappear, but I thought that was the one loose end that this book could have solved.

In fact, he is determined to cause as much chaos as he can. Beneath the icy landscape, Emily and Aaron discover a strange frozen world of mer-people, including an icy Neptune. The Tail of Emily Windsnap. Along the way, they encounter twists, turns, and betrayal. The Secrets of the Wild Wood.

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