Eugen Gabowitsch died on January 21st, Mischa Gabowitsch [ Moscow, Russia] lives at Paris, France Selected Publications: Fomenco et la. Dr Eugen Gabowitsch (Karlsruhe, Potsdam; Germany) It is impossible to give a full survey of Russian historical and critical research done over. Kategorie: Chronologie: Geschrieben von eino Gabowitsch. A chronological revolution made by historical analytics. By Eugen Gabowitsch (Potsdam, Germany).

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As one Japanese scientist has said, today Indian history is like a phone book, a lot of names collected from different poems without any historical events or any correct dating. He published for radio programs and wrote essays and book reviews.

He died on September 10th, He was an excellent arabist and, as a professor, very admired in Vienna; the Emperor even accorded him a nobility degree. It was then that he suggested that there is a gap in medieval history. For sure, it is an exciting opportunity to reverse the subordinate role science plays to history, and to create completely new areas of scientific research. We are forgetting that, so our imagination of the past in a lot of cases is not quite adequate.

De veteribus regum francorum diplomatibus et arte secernendi vera a falsis Paris. Die Pfahlbauten und ihre Bewohner Akadem. In he started publishing surprising views: This model describes the whole history of the mankind as only circa years long and changes many accents in the history.

This was the begin of Fomenko-1, a critical author with an interdisciplinary habit of research, who completely destroyed the old model of the past.

Tschurilow was engineer and lived in Deggendorf Bavaria. Kalender und Mnemotechnik Likanas, Hamburg. Until his retirement he worked as a lawyer in Cologne. During four decades he was activele participating in and focussing on controversies between unconventional researchers and scholars and the mainstream academic world.

Sir Galahad [Vienna] Selected Publications: From onwards, once retired, Johnson, who had already received harsh critics after publishing some of his new ideas, wrote the result of his life-long research down in form of a book called “The Pauline Epistles”. The early Islam began as a Jewish-Christian sect and only centuries later was defined in the shape it is known today.


Zarnack studied Physics and Mathematics at the universities of Berlin and Munich writing his thesis on the wing movements of the locust. Since he was professor gabowitdch the University Bremen Germany. See our discussion here.

Evgenii (Eugen, Eino) Gabovich (Gabowitsch, Gabovits) – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Challenging the accepted Egyptian chronology, they argue for lower dates, which would instead put the end of the Late Bronze Age around B. There are no older texts, and the content allows eugeh find out the historical moment: Die Matrix der alten Geschichte.

The Sakhan population of Russia was aboutat the end of the Soviet era; today it may be about half a million.

Ina Turkish gaboaitsch declared Islam as the state religion for the first time in history. Russian mathematician specialised in probability and statistics. I know the reaction of readers of this my gaboditsch – I published a paper about this and there is a book by a professional historian who says the same; but of course nobody reads such papers and books – everybody is reading newspapers and looking at cinemas and they have a wrong model in mind that this Chinese Wall has existed for more than years.

newchronology who is who

I know that in Ukraine people are writing a long new history of the Ukrainian past. Some examples you can find follow. This mixture of people of different professions is very good for critical research of the past. Possibly members of the family can help to clear up this point of whether really he was acquainted with Morosov.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Baldauf managed to publish these findings in the second volume of his work inwhereas the first volume, about Charlemagne, was published one year later. Pfister bases his theories frequently on documents of the Swiss region where he lives. This must be due to his revolutionary thoughts about prehistory he published but were rejected by established academicians. But more important for us is the following: Die Christusmythe Diederichs, Jena. This man was working in the usual manner of historians, just comparing names and numbers: Only in the 19th century did any scientists start to collect Sakhan folklore and Sakha literature started to develop.


All memorials are remembering the catatsrophically extincted humans. In the exact length will be announced. As co-founder of the Berlin History Meetings he focusses his research since on chronology. Wann lebten die Pharaonen? Now of course, the situation with the Great Wall gabowjtsch China is quite different – over the last 50 and more years the Chinese Communists constructed this wall and now they proclaim that it is even older than the oldest of early estimates.

Eugeh us remember at any time: After my article was published, of course many people tried to find old pictures and photographs of the Great Chinese Wall.

In the best case we can demonstrate that the history is an incorrect model of the past and to try to understand how different they are: As a rule, the text has not been revised by the authors themselves and to appear on this list does not mean that the author supports or even knows about the ideas explained at CronoLogo.

To finish my short and not complete enough consideration of the Russian chronological revolution, let me say some words about Fomenko-1 and Fomenko-2 this is my division into periods of the activity of this most productive and prominent Russian writer in the field of historical analytics below.

Ulrich Voigt is a gabowitsh for higher education, now in retirement, in Hamburg, who taught History and Mathematics. Die veraltete Vorzeit